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    The ARIES Page

    Aries Astrological Compatibility

    By Dr. Louis Turi

    Website: www.DrTuri.com

    Remember the natal or hidden dragon, moon, rising and numerous aspects will play a major contribution to the success or failure of any and all relationships. Meantime with Cosmic Consciousness the will can be applied successfully to control all aspects of your relationship and make it very successful.


    Fire and fire is always a challenge as both of you intend to dominate the relationship; a hot situation where shouting matches will color your relationships but neither of you is willing to back down. The Aries female talks too much, generally because females need to express their feelings more than males and this could bring more sparks. Be ready for serious competition in all areas of your life and a lot of firecrackers. With time, the disputes and intense disagreements take away the feelings of love, and the fire of passion dies in disharmony. The main battles will involve finances as both of you want total control. Meantime, great sex is assured when you manage to make up. But too many of these circumstances hurt the ego, shaping the need for independence and ultimately a break up. Tons of patience can alleviate certain situations and the two of you become full of fun and less destructive.


    Money becomes the highly motivated topic with bulls, and these earthy guys are highly sensual in the privacy of their bedroom. But Aries may become exasperated by the possessiveness and criticism of his security-oriented partner. Taurus loves food and home, while Aries is more into health and outdoors exercises. Aries is spontaneous and needs constant challenges that in time will demand total freedom. Taurus is controlling and will become suspicious and doesn't trust Aries too far from his sight. Taurus is keen at building business and wealth but Aries is a master manipulator with money and loves spending it. If both are advanced, with patience, Aries will come to acknowledge and appreciate Taurus's reliability and loyalty. Earth and fire do not match too well as a rule but with tolerance this duo can do well in business.


    You can be sure this duo won't get bored for long because both of you love to travel, love action and love to talk a lot. Fire and air share a special compatibility, as Gemini is as impatient and eager to try new things as Aries is. This couple can also end up breaking bones in one of their numerous adventures. Gemini is smart enough to challenge and make a case, but Aries needs to lead and the battle of ego and wit will always take place. Gemini is not exactly steady and needs career guidance and will benefit from Aries stamina and direction. Both brainpowers compete well because Aries is self-motivated and quick while Gemini is multi-talented and creative. Aries is prone to lead sexually and Gemini enjoys anything new; these variations will keep you both well stimulated. Air and fire do well and action will play a major part in building and maintaining this relationship.


    Cancer is wondering and fascinated at the same time with Aries agile mind and playful jokes. But Cancer is very critically security oriented and aware of Aries' temper. Water and fire don't match too well and the sexual attraction disappears gradually in the face of many temperamental differences. Aries jumps too fast from one deal to the other without listening to a more cautious Cancer. Aries can't be bothered too long with his is moody and wary partner. Cancer needs tons of reassurance and strives for love and his family; Aries wants to explore and can't stand being tied down for long. Aries tends to talk too much and quiet Cancer is much too vulnerable emotionally to be challenged constantly. The more impatient and assertive Aries is, the more emotional and self-protective Cancer will become. Aries is fast, open and direct, while Cancer is shy and private and there's too much difference and too little compatibility to work with. The elements are much too challenging, to say the least, and will add more stress in this difficult relationship.


    Fire and fire is always very hot and can go either way. Both signs have big egos and both like to lead and this could become a serious problem in the long run. Assertive Aries won't take second place and proud Leo needs constant approval or will lose interest. Leo wants justice and commitment and will use legality in any deals while Aries mental agility stimulate Leo's power. They attract each other and they can be happy together by compromising and sharing both power and responsibility. The problem may arise with Mr. Ego and Mrs. Pride being very busy which can force them apart but make this a beneficial situation for both. Leo wants children, Aries wants business first and will not like being tied down too early. These two can enjoy a real sexual match, as both are fiery and very romantic. Aries needs a strong partnership and Leo loves to show off and travel in grand style; both are optimistic and open to experiences. With patience, "savoir faire" and a good dose of diplomacy, this relationship can work without serious ego battles.


    Aries is of fire, Virgo is earth and these two elements are not exactly compatible. Aries is child-like, fast and bold and could fascinate the detective mind of a more reserved Virgo. Fire and earth could prove to be a disaster without cosmic consciousness to understand each other. Both are different in so many ways and with time will affect what should happen in the bedroom. Aries' mind is full of jokes, spontaneous and direct, while Virgo is cautious, critical, selective and investigative at all levels. Sexuality is less important than money-making schemes in this duo and both will find out soon enough. Aries is impatient, self-centered and full of exciting new plans and ideas and insists on leading the relationship. Virgo is critical and fussy and likes things to be done in order and in the right way. Virgo disapproves of Aries' reckless spending and Aries thinks Virgo is tight, cold and fault-finding. Virgo is adept in sarcasm and will hurt Aries' drive by pointing out his many mistakes. They can do well in sales, general communications, journalism and build a fortune, but at the end they will make more wars than love.


    Aries and Libra attract each other and provide what the other may lack in temperament or drive. Aries' spirit set in motion stimulates Libra's expansive, knowledgeable mind and sexual drive. They do communicate well and enjoy each other's wit until ego battles set in. Libra is very sensitive to Aries' comments and at times needs peace and harmony -- something Aries can't really provide naturally. Both signs are masters at social life and very comical, but both are restless in their own ways. In time, Aries will drive Libra insane and stir brutality and/or abuse, especially if drugs and alcohol are abused. Libra may look for someone more peaceful, more religious, and less demanding, while Aries needs someone more adventurous and less righteous. Endowed with good minds, both will soon realize they should only be friends that enjoy traveling together. Libra is naturally aggressive facing the world and Aries' naturally assertive nature can bring serious conflicts in the long run.


    Sensuality can be the main attraction between these two signs but fire and water don't match too well. Both are physical, energetic and passionate in all areas of life but Scorpio wants total power and total control in any and all relationships. Scorpio's intuitive mind quickly observes the Aries' wit and will find a way to use it at its advantage. Scorpio is observant and quiet and will demand silence or demand to get to the point. Both signs possess a forceful personality and want to control the other, especially where money is concerned. Ultimately Scorpio's drive for total control and legendary jealousy may prove to be too much for independent Aries. Aries' need for challenges and freedom make Scorpio feel insecure and brings out Scorpio's cruel sarcasm to the table. Aries won't take any direction and Scorpio will never accept it. This relationship will be loaded with shout outs and possibly violence. Only super diplomacy and full cosmic consciousness can save this couple from disaster.


    Sagittarius' happy go lucky and wonderful temperament matches Aries needs and both fire signs stimulate each other's drive. They are both spontaneous people who love jokes and entertain others while enjoying all that life has to offer. On a negative side, Aries and Sagittarius can be impulsive and brutally honest with words. Fire signs are outspoken and can be argumentative when challenged to the point of roasting each other. Aries' aggressive sexual tactic is not always to the liking of Sagittarius' emotional style. Sagittarius is very cautious, even insecure with money, while Aries is very manipulative and this could bring conflict in business. On a more positive side, both have wonderful senses of humor and enjoy each other's companionship. Sagittarius wants to learn languages and strive for traveling foreign lands, while Aries is a master communicator. Providing they play honest in their business and financial endeavors, this duo can be a really good match enjoying far away adventures. The stars do support and promote this duo especially if spiritual studies are part of the plans.


    Capricorn is cautious, steady and unadventurous, while Aries' taste for challenges and innovation may not please his more conservative partner. Aries fire makes him impatient, turbulent, and reckless; Capricorn earth sign is much more planned, mature and practical. Capricorn can be an emotional or religious dreamer but needs also to build. Aries' unsophisticated direct approach could offend a more reserved, snobby Capricorn. Serious problems could arise with the spending extravagance of Aries and bring sure conflicts with security oriented Capricorn. Aries' deep-seated passionate sexual nature meets its match in Capricorn's fiery response but just for a while. Capricorn needs longevity while Aries needs stimulation. With time Capricorn's concentration and endurance will win Aries' admiration and respect. These two can accomplish so much career-wise while adjustments will be needed on the private sector. This is a powerful duo where production and action can only add to this business relationship.


    Air and Fire meet again and this duo can do extremely well once trust is established. Both signs are energetic and motivated and both enjoy traveling and are equally excited for sexual escapade. They're well suited temperamentally to compete and stimulate each other drastically. Aquarius is a natural mental leader and will offer direction to the turbulent often-undisciplined non-listening Aries' agile mind. Both are very smart and self-reliant and could talk for hours about anything under the stars. Like Aries, Aquarius needs changes and sexual stimulation, while Aries' passion is intense and long lasting. Once in love, Aries becomes very romantic and finds the Aquarian volatility exciting but as a rule never feels totally safe at the beginning of the relationship. With patience and understanding from both sides, this fire and air relationship could evolve into something magical in the long run. As a rule, Aquarius attracts original, beautiful, artistic partners that make them proud, while Aries finds the balance and harmony needed to feel secure in a relationship.


    Fire and water always mean serious differences in character and expectations. Aries' happy mental disposition will help keep Pisces' mind away from the past and steer the fish's creativity. Aries will enjoy the creative aptitude of Pisces and deeply enjoy his seductive and mysterious sensuality. The daring competitive Aries combined with Pisces' intuitions and artistic talent add up and lead shy Pisces to action. Personality differences may be challenging to each other but with time both can benefit from a rewarding, busy career. Aries is self-confident and spirited; Pisces is rather timid and can only enjoy the leading power of a fire sign. Aries is born a leader by nature while Pisces needs direction and someone to lean on. With respect and "savoir faire" this union can go a long way but will require lots of tact on Aries' part. If Pisces sensitivity is properly channeled into creativity there is a long way and great rewards in store for both of them. Pisces must learn not to take Aries' temper and words personally and build a thicker armor against destructive emotions.

    Bio: Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Louis Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by Nostradamus' methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer's rare method. He grew up speaking the same now disappearing dialect. His notoriety sky-rocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus' rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology. Dr. Turi's most popular books are: Beyond the Secret , I Know All about You: The True Power of Astropsychology , The Power of the Dragon , And God Created The Stars .

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