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Full Spectrum 500 mg CBD Oil for Pets
With MCT Oil

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    Resources for Natural Pet Foods

    Foods Your Dog SHOULD NOT Eat

    (According to the ASPCA)
    - Artificial sweeteners, especially xylitol.
    - Grapes and raisins
    - Chocolate
    - Cocoa Mulch using in landscaping
    - Fatty foods
    - Nuts
    - Onion
    - Potatoes
    - Turkey (linked to pancreatis)
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Avocado
    - Coffee
    - Moldy or rancid food
    - Salt
    - Yeast dough
    - Garlic

    ASPCA Poison Control: 888-426-4435

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    Foods Your Cat SHOULD NOT Eat

    - Grapes and raisins (kidney damage)
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Baby food (may include onion powder)
    - Bones
    - Canned tuna
    - Chocolate
    - Coffee
    - Tea
    - Citrus oil
    - Dog food
    - Meat fat
    - Liver
    - Macadamia nuts
    - Marijuana
    - Dairy products, including milk
    - Spoiled or rancid food
    - Mushrooms
    - Onions (in any form)
    - Garlic (in any form)
    - Persimmons
    - Potato
    - Tomato leaves
    - Raw eggs
    - Raw fish
    - Salt
    - Sugar
    - Table scraps
    - Tobacco
    - Yeast dough

    ASPCA Poison Control: 888-426-4435

    Support Pet Food Brands That Do Not Test on Animals

    A Few Places Online to Buy Natural Pet Food

    Helpful Books at Amazon


    Animal Wellness Magazine

    Whole Dog Journal

    The CatWatch Newsletter

    PETA has contacted hundreds of companion-animal food companies, asking if they conduct laboratory tests on animals. PETA has compiled a list of which companies do and do not perform lab tests on animals.

    This important note at the PETA website: If you have been feeding your companion animals commercial pet foods, you may be jeopardizing their health. Supermarket pet foods are often composed of ground-up parts of animals deemed by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors unfit for human consumption.

    The flesh of animals who fall into one of the categories of the four D's - dead, dying, diseased, or disabled - is what often goes into pet food. Many of these animals have died of infections and other diseases.

    In all but a few states, it is legal to remove unusable parts from chickens and sell them to pet food manufacturers. Most pet foods contain the same hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in commercial meat products for humans. If you are concerned about your companion animals' health and about the cruelty of the meat industry, now is the time to stop buying meat-based commercial pet food.

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