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Reiki Healing Music

As a Reiki practitioner, this is the only CD I use because it's so powerful and I love the sounds. Sometimes I think my clients don't even need me; they say they start feeling better shortly after the music starts. And the ambiance in the room seems to change dramatically.

After four years, I'm still not tired of listening to Healing Harmony and play the CD for myself and my birds. It really does feel magical with or without actively using Reiki. ~ Tara


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New Age and Healing Music

Angel Music

Angelic Harp Music by Peter Sterling: Peter went from being a ski instructor to hearing music from the angels. Only the harp resonated with him as a medium to reproduce the music he was hearing. His music is magical; his work helps us raise our vibrations in the most gentle ways. Peter was featured on in August 2012.

Peter's angelic harp music is available here through Amazon. In order of popularity:

  • Patterns of Reflection
  • Angels Gift
  • Shadow Mist & Light
  • Circles of Light (Inspired by the Crop Circles)
  • Harp Magic 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Harp Magic
  • Sands of Time

    New Age Best Sellers

    Seven Lives Many Faces (2 CDs) - Enigma
    And Winter Came... - Enya
    New Dawn - Libera
    Heart Full of Soul - Krishna Das
    The Scent of Light - Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra
    Unspoken - Jim Brickman
    Beyond - William Joseph
    Secret Voyage - Blackmore's Night
    Hardcastle 5 - Paul Hardcastle

    Celtic Woman A PBS favorite, also a best seller. You can now buy both volumes through Amazon.

    Book of Secrets (Bonus Dvd) ~ Loreena McKennitt
    If you like Enya, Clannad, and Marie Brennan, you'll love the Celtic vocals, the spiritual lyrics and the tranquil music of Loreena McKennitt.

    Niya Yesh ~ Axiom of Choice
    Axiom of Choice took their name from the mathematical principle of free choice, and that's exactly what this world-music chamber ensemble accomplishes on "Niya Yesh."

    Paradise ~ Tingstad and Rumbel
    Guitarist Eric Tingstad and oboist Nancy Rumbel have been a duo for decades. They're best known for their languid, Paul Winteresque melodies, and their new album, "Paradise," is no exception.

    Midnight Moon ~ Steve Roach
    Keyboardist Steve Roach picked up the guitar and recorded the stunning "Midnight Moon," a sparse CD with dark tones and expansive ambient colors. Roach bends textures while layering tonalities to create serene, slow-moving soundscapes.

    A Day Without Rain ~ Enya
    Five years have passed since Enya's last album of original material, but her new collection, "A Day Without Rain," confirms the wait was well worth it. With her graceful, downy synth and delicate breathy voice, the Celtic artist takes you away to the windy moors of Ireland with an ethereal selection of hymnlike songs that prove her reign as a New Age goddess isn't over yet.

    Mirage of the East ~ Sorma
    Japanese visual and electronics artists, self-named Sorma, mixed the sounds of Bali, India, and Mongolia into a techno landscape for the unique "Mirage of the East." Trip-hop grooves float into sensuous beats as Japanese shakuhachi flute flies into sitar, harp, and enticing vocal chant for a mystical journey into Eastern Asia.

    The Room ~ Harold Budd
    With "The Room," ambient master Harold Budd proves he can still create the same sort of low-key, intimate music that brought him recognition in the mid-1980s. On this album, Budd and his synth, organ, and piano, create a dark, contemplative atmosphere that helps the aching mind unwind as on a solitary rainy day.

    Musical Massage: Resonance ~ Jorge Alfano
    There's profound beauty in vibrating sounds and this is what the collection "Resonance" is all about. Using bells, digeridoo, and other exotic instruments, Jorge Alfano highlighted the "is-ness" of music, letting instruments ring and resonate with deep, brilliant sound just as they were designed to do.

    Screen Behind the Mirror ~ Enigma

    Dawn of a New Century ~ Secret Garden

    Nouveau Flamenco 1980-2000 Special ~ Ottmar Liebert

    Closer - Josh Groban.

    Women of Spirit ~ Putumayo Presents (Series)

    Destiny ~ Jim Brickman

    Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya ~ Enya

    Songs From a Secret Garden ~ Secret Garden

    Sacred Spirit: Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans ~ Sacred Spirits.

    Meditation For A Good Night's Sleep ~ John Daniels.

    The Yearning: Romances For Alto Flute ~ Michael Hoppe, Tim Wheater.

    Inside Monument Valley ~ Paul Horn, R. Carlos Nakai.

    Body Electric ~ Vir Unis, Steve Roach.

    Heaven or Las Vegas ~ The Cocteau Twins.

    Sounds Of Nature: Ocean Waves ~ Sounds Of Nature Series

    Songs Of Sanctuary ~ Adiemus

    Watermark ~ Enya

    Celtic Solstice ~ Paul Winter.

    Torched ~ Michael Hedges.

    Picture This ~ Jim Brickman

    Senagal Moon ~ Serah

    Pure Moods II ~ Yanni, et al

    Pure Moods ~ Various Artists

    A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi ~ Various Artists

    White Stones ~ Secret Garden

    Visions of Love ~ Jim Brickman

    The Celts ~ Enya

    Shepherd Moons ~ Enya

    One World ~ John Tesh

    December ~ George Winston

    The Memory Of Trees ~ Enya

    Conversations With God: A Windham Hill Collection, Disc 1 ~ Various Artists

    Sounds Of Nature: Walk At The Beach ~ Sounds Of Nature Series

    Devotion: The Best Of Yanni ~ Yanni

    All The Seasons Of George Winston: Piano Solos ~ George Winston

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  • Healing Mantras and Chants

    Om Tara: Mantras from Tibet by Sarva-Antah.

    Music for Sound Healing by Steven Halpern.

    Crystal Bowl Healing by Steven Halpern.

    The Lost Chord by Jonathan Goldman.

    Chakra Chants by Jonathan Goldman.

    Dolphin Dreams by Jonathan Goldman.

    Mozart for Healing

    These are compilations of Mozart's most healing music, based on Don Campbell's fascinating book, The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit.

    Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 1, Strengthen the Mind

    Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 2, Heal the Body

    Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 3, Unlock the Creative Spirit

    Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 4, Focus & Clarity

    Music For The Mozart Effect, Volume 5, Relax & Unwind

    The Mozart Effect Music for Children, Volume 1: Tune Up Your Mind