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    By Michael Katz

    Aquamarine opens your awareness to the inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. It brings deep relaxation and liquidity to your mind and body while heightening your awareness of truth at every level of existence.


    Aquamarine opens your consciousness to the inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Its energy illuminates the hidden causes of your physical and emotional conditions so that you may better master their lessons. Aquamarine's light blue color deeply relaxes your body and mind and helps you let go of your resistance to the truth within. As a source of spiritual nourishment, it imparts youthful energy and brightens your aura as it brings liquidity to all aspects of your being.

    Aquamarine is able to heighten your awareness of the truth at every level of existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It also opens your awareness to the ways in which the realities or truths on these levels seemingly conflict with one another.

    Just having Aquamarine in your aura will begin to open your awareness on all levels. To understand how Aquamarine does this, you can compare yourself to a mansion with several floors and many rooms. The floors of the mansion are like your inner levels, and each floor contains many rooms. Aquamarine works to open more and more doors in the rooms of this mansion. When the doors to these rooms open, Aquamarine's energy turns on the lights within them. By shining its energy on all of your inner aspects, Aquamarine increases your awareness in more and more areas. As a result, you become aware of things hiding in the shadows and recesses of your emotions, memory, and mind. You also gain greater insight and a fuller comprehension of who you are and what your potential is.

    Everyone reacts differently to Aquamarine because everyone accepts truth in different ways and to different degrees. Indeed, because it opens the awareness so powerfully, some people feel uncomfortable when they first wear Aquamarine; at first, the truth revealed may be too much for the mind to accept. If you're not quite ready to accept a certain truth about yourself, you may resist facing it, and, as a result, you may become uncomfortable or cranky. If this happens, you can regulate how much truth you see by adjusting how often you wear the Aquamarine.

    After wearing Aquamarine for some time, you will begin to relax. This relaxation occurs partly because of the energy of Aquamarine's color. The deeper the blue color of the Aquamarine, the stronger this relaxing influence will be. Aquamarine's blue color helps you let go of your resistance. When you relax, you can accept the truth more easily because it can flow more easily into your conscious awareness. As you become more comfortable with increased inner awareness, this period of resistance, fidgeting, and crankiness will pass.

    Aquamarine can ease any overwhelming physical or emotional pain, especially the pain of grief. This is, in part, a result of Aquamarine's brightening of the aura. Because you view the world through your aura, when it is made brighter, your outlook is brightened as well.

    As your awareness grows and you gain a greater understanding of yourself, several things will start to happen. Opportunities on all levels of life will present themselves. You will start to understand life better, and this will allow you to work in greater harmony with your true self and with all of life. When you wear Aquamarine, it will show you only enough about yourself to spur your growth to the next level of awareness. When you awaken to the next level, it will show you more; and when you grow and reach yet a higher level, it will show you more again. Aquamarine will continue this cycle for as long as you wear it. The amount of truth it can reveal at each stage is limited only by the depth of its true color. Therefore, the deeper and brighter the Aquamarine's natural color, the more it can give.

    Aquamarine is most beneficial to those who are on a path of awakening. It helps those who want to know more about themselves, their destiny, and their potential. It is especially helpful for those who have reached apparent plateaus in their spiritual unfoldment, for it can awaken them to new vistas and help them grow to ever-higher levels.


    A pregnant woman can place Aquamarine on the uppermost portion of her belly to help her become more aware of and possibly come into conscious contact with the Soul of her unborn child. If she sleeps with the Aquamarine over her uterus, she may even dream of previous lifetimes they have shared.


    It is Aquamarine's mission to help people evolve and unfold. In the physical world, this sometimes means helping someone complete certain cycles within a physical body. This does not mean that Aquamarine hastens physical death. Yet, when death comes near, Aquamarine can lighten the load, shine the way, and make the experience calmer and less fearful. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts you can give to a dying person is an Aquamarine necklace. It will help ease the transition.


    The most effective and economical way to use therapeutic Aquamarine is in the form of rounded chips rather than spheres. Quality and mass being equal, Aquamarine chips and spheres radiate energies of equal intensity, but chips project their energy more actively and initiate change more forcefully. The effect of Aquamarine chips is similar to that of rough ocean waves pounding a cliff: the waves gradually wear the cliff away. In comparison, Aquamarine spheres act like gentle rain: eventually the rain erodes the rock but not nearly as quickly as the rough waves do.


    The characteristics of therapeutic Aquamarine vary more than those of most other gemstones. Even the finest Aquamarine necklaces vary in mass, clarity, hue, and depth of color.

    Aquamarine occurs in a wide range of color from green to blue, and nearly all Aquamarine is a mixture of both colors. All characteristics being equal, the green aspect focuses primarily on the physical body, while the blue aspect works on both the physical body and inner aspects. The more the blue dominates in the blue-green mix, the more the Aquamarine will focus on the mind. Because the mind has such a powerful influence on the body, the deeper the blue, the more effective the Aquamarine will be. Aquamarine color also ranges in intensity from deep and rich to colorless. The depth of Aquamarine's color determines how deeply its energy can penetrate and affect the aura and body.

    Aquamarine clarity spans a continuum from flawless to opaque, with all degrees of cloudiness and flaws in between. Opaque and even moderately cloudy Aquamarine are not therapeutic. Slightly cloudy Aquamarine can be therapeutic if it displays a radiant brightness and good color. Although slightly cloudy Aquamarine takes much longer to produce effects than clear Aquamarine, it may be preferable for people who need a more moderate pace of change. The energy of clear or nearly flawless Aquamarine moves rapidly into the aura and body, where it quickly begins to open awareness and reveal truths.

    Each therapeutic Aquamarine necklace should have a consistent degree of clarity throughout and a uniform, clearly definable color. It might seem that by stringing together blue, blue-green, and green Aquamarine, one could enjoy the benefits of all three. On the contrary, such a combination would confuse the body. Each shade of Aquamarine color has a particular energetic character, or personality. The more uniform the color of an Aquamarine necklace, the more clearly defined its personality and the more focused and strong its therapeutic effects will be.

    Aquamarine's color is often enhanced through heat, dye, or irradiation. Although heat treatment does not inhibit Aquamarine's energy, it also doesn't strengthen it. Despite its improved appearance, the heated Aquamarine will continue to project its original, probably rather low quality of energy.

    Dye, on the other hand, renders Aquamarine therapeutically useless. Low-quality Aquamarine chips, in particular, are often dyed blue. The dye artificially deepens the gemstones' color but blocks the Aquamarine from radiating its healing energy into the aura and body.

    Irradiation of Aquamarine results in the death of the crystal. It destroys the life energy of the gemstone and replaces it with an extremely disharmonious energy.

    If irradiated Aquamarine is worn, this disharmony will be projected into the aura. The destructive emanations of irradiated Aquamarine will first affect the mind. They will disrupt mental processes, distort one's view of reality, and gradually wreak havoc on the mind's harmony; eventually they will distort the emotions as well.


    Through the use of a special technique, drinking water can be infused with the vitalizing energy of an Aquamarine necklace. The resulting Aquamarine Water helps reverse the aging process and treats any ailment associated with hardening, crystallization, or inflammation.

    Modern physics teaches us that atomic particles switch constantly between states of matter and energy. When the atomic particles that comprise your body are in an energy state, your body is able to accept more life energy. This energy nourishes and invigorates your cells, allowing your body to maintain, evolve, and repair itself. Yet, as the body ages, its atoms naturally spend more and more time in the matter state. In the matter state, cells gradually deteriorate and age. Therefore, the secret to youth is keeping your atoms in an energy state more often than a matter state.

    Drinking Aquamarine Water encourages your atoms, and thus your cells, to enter and remain in the energy state. In this state, a cell more easily perceives its "blueprint," or energetic picture of its ideal condition. As a result, the cells permeated by Aquamarine Water naturally let go of the elements that contribute to aging and poor health. The Aquamarine energy also rejuvenates these cells as it dissolves the harmful crystals associated with hardening and inflammation. As your body's water is gradually replaced with Aquamarine Water, Aquamarine's energy revitalizes and renews your entire body.

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    This technique uses Aquamarine energy to calm the body's energy flows and relax the entire body. An Aquamarine necklace is formed into a small circle and placed first in the left palm and then around the navel.

    This therapy prepares a localized area for another life-giving treatment by helping the area's cells release negative energies and become more receptive to positive change. This therapy can also be used to temporarily relieve pain in a localized area of the body. In both cases, an Aquamarine necklace is formed into a circle and placed on the ailing area.

    This technique focuses Aquamarine's healing energies on the emotional or karmic issues of one's choice. After a brief period of contemplation, an Aquamarine necklace is worn around the neck during sleep. Unwanted emotional and karmic energies are released in the sleep state, thereby circumventing the discomfort of experiencing these releases while you are awake.

    An Aquamarine necklace is placed on the body overnight to discover the karmic causes of an illness or other physical condition. Dreams and insights are recorded in the morning and throughout the day.

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