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    Aromatherapy for Fear of the Unknown

    By Francoise Rapp

    We fluctuate between two extremes in our daily lives-the known and the unknown. The known is our comfort zone, a path where we are contented, and yet confined. When we operate in the known, we anticipate, plan, control, and limit ourselves by creating boundaries.

    The unknown, while more vague and daunting, allows us to deeply believe in ourselves and the wonders of life, trusting, living in the moment, so we feel amazingly free.

    These extremes should be interwoven, allowing us to live in harmony with others and ourselves. If we choose to live only by following the path of the known, we then limit our life achievements and welcome boredom. Everything is neatly prepared and scheduled, and we fall into a routine that chains us to limitations and a certain imprisonment.

    On the contrary, if we follow only the path of the unknown, then inner turmoil will appear. We live without many of the boundaries necessary for us to stay focused, keeping us filled with illusion or false grandeur, frustration and disappointment.

    By living your life with a more balanced blend of these two poles, we open our hearts to growth by letting go, trusting in our true nature and connectedness with the Universe.

    If your daily life is filled with gaps of uncertainty, surrender by living in the present, opening yourself to trust. Then the magic of life will surround you, surprising you with its beautiful wonders. Stop living your life on a well-organized agenda. Leave room for surprises, surrender to the magic of life and trust its inherent goodness.

    Aromatherapy Blend for Surrender & Trust
    Pour the following oil essences into a 10-ml bottle, and then add vegetable oil to fill.

    -1 drop Rose
    -2 drops Roman Chamomile
    -8 drops Sandalwood
    -5 drops Lemon

    Massage the solar plexus (3rd chakra), and the third eye (between the eyebrows). Pour up to 15 drops of the aromatic blend into the bathtub and soak for at least 15 minutes. Pour 3 drops into the palm of your hands and inhale deeply during the day when needed.

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