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    Ashtar Command Connections Feb. 2006

    From (c) Susan Leland 2006 and Ashtar Connections

    Cloudships and Mt.Rainier, Washington State, USA

    "Well good evening! You know that during that meditation you glowed with halos of Light. Now, that might take some explanation. Now we know that you are still in human body, and you have not reached the Light Body status yet, but you're glowing so much that you're radiating out, and you're connecting.

    "The Lights that you are, the Light that you share so beautifully, the Light, the Light of Love that projects forth from each of you as individuals, and from your energy fields, actually connects. It's like, reach out and touch each other. That is what you're doing when you do this. Now this brings up a whole topic for you to consider, and you have the capabilities, all of you, to do this at any time that you choose.

    "You know we are so fond of saying, because we truly mean it, that we in the Ashtar Command, and the beloved Angels, and all of those from the realms that you call Heaven, and the Masters, the Teachers, and all of the ones that come from what you call the higher dimensions to join with you in this sacred celebration of who we all are, we are so fond of saying, 'Call upon us at any time.' Join with us,' because we are here in service to facilitate this grand Ascension, which your planet is doing. And this is Truth. But, consider one other element for just a moment. Consider, the joining, the joining with all of you, and beyond, those who may not be joining in on this call, but who are on missions of the Ashtar Command, and are all the Light Workers.

    "But we suggest that you call upon the Ashtar Command as a whole, and if you envision that as not only, those of us who do not occupy the physical bodies, but those who do. Now who are these ones? Well, chances are you know one or two, and particularly, have any of you developed a new acquaintanceship, or friendship, or perhaps even a deeper relationship, a partnership of some kind, with someone who you were just drawn to, almost like a magnet drawing you, and they were drawn to you just the same.

    "Well it's about time, because time is fast disappearing from your dimension, and so time as you know it, is compressing, but it is also about to be a no-thing. Oh, we don't mean in this specific day, or tomorrow, but very soon, because as you ascend, as you know, you will be going into higher dimensional regions, where there is no such thing as time.

    "It's all there, all in the now, past, present, future, as you call it. It's all one. There is no time. So, with the time on your planet moving in that direction, is it not appropriate that you should be finding each other. Indeed, it is exactly as you have planned. Make no doubt about it. It is according to the plans that you made as individuals, yes, planned for your own life's walk, but you planned together."

    "Oh many conversations took place, such as, "Well I will go into the body of the female who is born on this particular day, and this particular place, and you can go into the body of the male, and perhaps we can meet in a restaurant, or in a crowded place." "I know, why don't you bump into me, and we'll go from there."

    "Now those seem to be happenstance meetings, and there are others that are, oh for instance the result of researching on your internet, and getting into a group of like minded people, and finding out that you live across town from each other. All of these things are happening, and they are joyful, glad happenings, but coincidences, no; not if the individual seems to be attracted to you, and you to that one.

    "It is more likely that you are finding these individuals now, these humans, who are so beautifully serving in whatever capacity they have chosen. It is more likely that you are finding them now, than that all of the members of your physical family are suddenly awakening to this same information, and recognition, and high vibrations that you have, that you carry, and that you are.

    "Now this is not to say that there is not Love among the physical family. There is, and it can be very deep, and very beautiful, and very loving. And it matters not what the particular relationship is. You may indeed find that your twin, or your grandchild, or someone in the family, has the same, shall we say, vibrations as you.

    "You're on the same wavelength, literally, that's Quantum Physics. We won't go deeply into Quantum Physics, but understand that you're energy, we're all energy. That's how we connect so beautifully. And when we connect in the high energies of, Love, and Joy, and Peace, and Truth, the real Truth, that is how we connect with each other, and that is how we get to know each other so quickly, and so well, because you see...

    "This is a re-connection. This is connecting with those with whom you have been in service, and we will say for a long time, as you know time. We in the Ashtar Command have had many, many adventures. Our ships are numerous to say the least. And there are many of us on most of the ships. Some of them are not, well controlled by the other ships.

    "They have different missions, such as monitoring weather in different places in the Galaxy, and so on. They simply gather and send information. They have computers that are quite sophisticated. They have computers actually that can interact with living ones. The computers do not have to be actually hooked to other computers. They can communicate the information back telepathically.

    Can you imagine that? Oh it's wondrous. Oh yes, and you're all very conversant in the use of these computers. Although, each member of the Command currently serving in human body, while it may seem as though we are multi-tasking, we each have one particular area of specialization. Now this is not to say that you do not play, that is a good word is it not, in the other areas. It is simply that you have a specialization, a field. Some of you already know.

    "How many of you out there are on a path of facilitation of healing? That is a very, very big field. Because, what do we mean by healing anyway? Well, we are looking way beyond the physical body. Although of course, that is very important, because as you know, when we speak of Ascension, we're talking about taking the body with you. That's a bigee, and that's a first on your planet.

    "So, that is a huge concept, and it makes sense does it not? Does it not make sense, we emphasize, that we want your body to be happy during the ascension process. Now why do we say that? What do you mean by, you want your body to be happy? Well you know there are a lot of unhappy bodies out there...

    "Because you see it's a huge population, because everybody wanted ringside seats, as it were, for this event. In fact, they all wanted to be on the stage, and be participants. And this is fabulous to have such a grand number of Lights in human bodies. But what we're emphasizing here in a probably not very delicate way is, 'Get your bodies up to snuff.'

    "You have many, many tools that are available to you, and many, many facilitators. Do you know who the best one is? You... because it is you, and your intent that determines the state of wellness of your entire being. We're speaking of physical right now, but don't limit yourselves to that beloved ones, because there is so much more to you than what you see in the mirror.

    "And may I make a suggestion to you that you check in with yourself. You know, go down into your heart, that's your new thinking center, and check in, and with love and reverence and gratitude for your beloved body, which has brought you this far, start shaping intent for how you want your body to be.

    "Did you know you that can intervene with your own biology, that is, what you call your genetics, your DNA, and you can actually, by forming new processes of thought, attitude, and emotion about your body, you can, with process and dedication, derail something or other that you would prefer to not experience that might be there somewhere in your genetics?

    We're suggesting that you substitute discouraging or depressing thoughts about your being, and your wellness, with what you call positive thoughts, happy thoughts, joyful thoughts. See yourselves skipping, where now it may be painful to even walk a step. See that for yourselves.

    "That intent will only magnify whatever else you do to facilitate, whether it is you, yourself, or some herbs, or whether you go to a practitioner of some sort. Makes no difference if your attitude, if your entire being knows that your body is healed, then so it is. You're going to get to a place where you don't need healing. So what is the next step? Well it's to help heal others."

    www.ashtarontheroad.com (c) Susan Leland 2006-2014.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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