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    How to Astral Travel

    By Paul O. Thurman

    Who Astral Travels?

    Whether they realize it or not, everyone in the world astral travels. The only difference between the mystic and common traveler is that of control. The mystic can choose both when he will enter the astral planes and his actions once he's there. A common traveler will enter them only through the gates of his dreams and can only watch helplessly as the dream unfolds.

    What is the Astral Plane?

    The astral plane is simply the spiritual parallel world that our inner selves travel in order to get away from the limitations of our physical bodies. Some would call it "The world of dreams." Tragically, although everyone goes to this place every single day, only a few understand that it's a world to explore, learn life-changing lessons in, and create things that will manifest in this world. It was on this plane that Albert Einstein rode lightning bolts and discovered his amazing formulas.

    How Do I Astral Travel?

    To knowingly enter the astral realm is quite simple. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Find a place free of noise and distractions

    2. Sit or lie down in the position that is the most comfortable for you (I would strongly suggest sitting over lying down simply because it's very easy to fall asleep in this position once you're fully relaxed).

    3. Begin to deep breathe- with each breath in, picture a serenity coming in, and with each breath out picture darkness and negativity exiting your body and mind.

    4. Once you feel calm and peaceful begin to concentrate on each part of your body starting with your toes. Breathe deep and concentrate on each part until it is fully relaxed.

    5. Now that you have obtained this state, visualize an energy door directly in front of you and yourself walking through it. Welcome to the astral planes!

    The Warnings:

    - Never assume that all of the inhabitants of the Astral realm are friendly; many of the different inhabitants will be willing to help, but others will be ambivalent or plain hostile. Protect yourself on the astral plane by imagining defense weapons or by popping to a different location. If neither approach stops the attack pop, back into your body and travel again later.

    - Never leave your body unprotected while you are away. Prior to entering the astral door look back at your sleeping body and visualize a white light of protection around it.

    - Remember that whatever you decide to do will have lasting effects on you as well as everyone else in the world. So, if you choose not to do something of benefit at least choose not to do something that will be harmful.

    About the Author - Paul is a practicing wizard of 22 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience, mystical skills, and healing abilities with all he meets.

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