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    Astrology Signs and Bad Habits

    By J Michael Brown

    Can your astrological signs be an indicator of bad habits to which you will fall victim? While determining a person's astrological sign is a complex matter, so is the occurrence of the bad habits, which may plague an individual.

    Astrologists take many details into consider when discussing a person's astrological sign. Your birth date is just one detail about your astrological sign. However, it is amusing to play with the astrological signs and use general rules to determine the astrological signs as indicators of bad habits.

    Capricorns, as a rule, tend to be unrelenting hard workers. And so, astrologically speaking, Capricorns are prone to be thought of as workaholics. Capricorns are ambitious about getting the job done. It doesn't matter how long it takes for a Capricorn to do it, their astrological sign is an indicator that they will get the job done.

    In fact, they may continue to work after the job is done, and take up another task instead of leaving for home to relax at the end of their workday. One solution to curb the bad habit is to keep an awareness journal.

    Aquarians tend to be independent people. Being independent is usually a good trait. But Aquarians have a propensity to shut people out of their lives. But Aquarians like to be innovative. So close relationships, which involve a creative aspect, are attractive to Aquarians.

    People born with the Pisces sign may have a tendency toward alcoholism as a major bad habit. The normal treatments for alcoholism will be applicable to them, just like any other alcoholic. Bad habits like alcoholism are difficult for anyone to surmount.

    Those born under the astrological sign of Aries, the ram, may have a proclivity for selfishness. The best cure for selfishness is to pay attention to another living being. Selfishness is a fairly innocuous bad habit.

    Folks born under the astrological sign of Taurus, the bull, tend to thrive on clutter. Give the Taurus a little direction about getting organized and they typically comply. Disorganization is a fairly harmless bad habit.

    The Gemini may tend to be aloof, and so you may discover that you are talking to the air occasionally. The Gemini may have a bad habit of inattention to others to whom they are talking. But, if you ignore them they may plead with you to pay more attention to them.

    Cancer may be an indicator that they could easily become addicted to sugar. But the Cancer person can be aided simply by substituting healthy sweets, such as dried fruits, for processed sugar. People born under the astrological sign of Cancer may have bad habits that are the basis for oral gratification. So a person with the sign of Cancer may also have a tendency to smoke cigarettes.

    Leos may have a penchant to boast. The Leo may continue to brag about themselves until the Leo learns a different and more acceptable behavior. The Leo can accomplish it simply by concentrating on the practice of the attributes of other people.

    Virgos may have habits, which can be viewed as either positive or negative. Your point of view could determine whether or not you believe the actions are bad or good. Virgos may be attracted to faultlessness. For the Virgo, there may be nothing that is good enough for them. But if you encourage the Virgo to have some fun, they might reduce their criticisms.

    Libras love pretty things. The Libra would love to spend their time going to fine arts museums, walking in a garden or strolling on a sandy shoreline. Nevertheless, many Libras are inclined to another extreme. They may have a inclination to shop too much in order to gratify their urge to be close beautiful items. It could develop into a costly bad habit for the Libra.

    People born under the astrological sign of Scorpio may develop the bad habit of becoming very angry. Then the Scorpio may hold onto their anger for a long period of time. If the Scorpio can find a way to relax, like receiving a massage, it may reduce angry episodes.

    Individuals born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius may have a bad habit of being overzealous when it comes to honesty. Sagittarians need to learn a little tact and compassion.

    These preceding descriptions may not be applicable to you; and even a more detailed analysis of your astrological sign may not reveal anything more telling. You may know what bad habits are, in many cases.

    You need to eradicate bad habits if you want to have first-class relationships. There is an easy way you can do it. There are proven methods that you can easily apply each day, which can help you eradicate of bad habits.

    Napoleon Hill assembled a simple formula for conditioning your mind in a book, Think and Grow Rich, which was published in 1937. Hill referred to a routine that brings about success that he called the "Philosophy of Achievement". Freedom, harmony, democracy, and capitalism are all important contributing elements, which he believed was necessary for it to work.

    Napoleon Hill wrote a letter to Charles Haanel in 1919, which thanked him for The Master Key System. Hill stated, "My present success and the success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master-Key System."

    Being raised in an orphanage and years of mental abuse undoubtedly can result in many hardships. Take J.Michael Brown for example. But he found an uncomplicated way to peace and success by applying 3 simple methods of self-improvement.

    Brown went from eating out of dumpsters behind fast-food restaurants and wearing rags; to earning a Master of Arts degree and he became a successful salesman. He has thoroughly researched the 3 proven methods, which are supported by works of Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, Oprah Winfrey, and others.

    J.Michael plans to write a dissertation, which will include the methodology that is explained in his book, in pursuit of a Ph.D. The book, Peace & Success with 3 Proven Methods clarifies and simplifies the 3 proven methods, which can help you: Lose weight * Sleep at nighttime * Quit bad habits * Be popular * And much, much more.

    You can employ the techniques while you are in your shorts and reclining in an armchair; or while lying on your bed.

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