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    Which Sign Is Most Likely To Have A Criminal Arrest Record?

    By Jessica Ruane

    A person's zodiac sign can reveal hidden details about their character, temperament, and even values. Many readers and psychics use astrological signs as a way to assess - and even predict - behavior and thought patterns. Some astrologers (and even police departments) have turned to analyzing a person's sun sign to shed some light on who's most likely to be arrested at some point. Some public record search services like Instant Checkmate have even started to combine criminal records with horoscope information in their reports.

    When reflecting on the connection between an astrological signs and criminality, it's easy to automatically assume that an impulsive fire sign like Aries or Leo would be the most likely sign to get arrested - and you'd be absolutely right. In a study done by the Chatham-Kent Police Department, out of 1,986 arrestees, 203 of them were Aries - by far the most frequently represented sign in the pool of participants.

    Aries Comes Charging In As Most Likely To Be A Criminal

    Astrology Arrest Record Chart

    Based on the Chatham-Kent Police Department's research, the ram leads the astrological pack as the most arrested criminal. I suppose these hot-tempered fire signs have a tendency to snap and commit crimes of passion more often than their cooler astrological counterparts.

    While Aries people are often described as independent, generous, and optimistic, they can also be extremely childish and moody if things don't go their way. These signs have a tendency to be impulsive, impatient, and short-tempered. I wouldn't be surprised to see an Aries break the law to get his way.

    National Post astrologer, Georgia Nicols, weighs in on why Aries made it to the top of the list. She says, "Aries is the sign of the warrior. Aries rules the military. Aries jump in headfirst, and love adventure." I suppose sometimes that warrior-spirit gets the battering ram in hot water with police officers.

    Airy Libra Comes In At Number Two

    Surprisingly, the second most common sign among folks who were arrested is Libra. While we normally think of this balanced sign as being diplomatic and graceful, this breezy air sign can also be superficial, vain, and self-centered. If a Libra can't afford the desired high-end shampoo or the uber-expensive Mac makeup, I can easily see this sign shoplifting the luxury items she wants in the name of beauty.

    What Sign Is LEAST Likely To Be Arrested?

    The surprises continue to emerge from the Chatham-Kent Police Department. Believe it or not, the least likely sign to be arrested is fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. Unlike the emotional baby of the zodiac, Aries, Sagittarius people are calm and independant. When asked what Georgia Nicols thought about this sign's squeaky clean arrest record, she said, "They don't get caught. They are smooth. They can talk anybody into anything." So maybe Sagittarius has a low arrest rate not because this sign commits fewer crimes, but because he simply gets caught less. The cunning centaur is certainly capable of flying under the radar.

    Can We Predict Behavior From Sun Signs Alone?

    Many professional astrologers are suspicious about the reliability of making predictive claims about other people using the information garnered from a person's sun sign alone.

    Some astrologers argue that a comparison of both birth date as well as year of birth would be more revealing than just looking at sun signs.

    Janet Markham, studying for a master's degree in cosmology from the University of Wales says, "I don't know how you would say that one sign is more aligned to criminality than another. If you are looking at criminals, you might be better to look at their whole horoscope."

    While astrological data will probably never hold up in a court of law, a person's sign can still reveal interesting information about values, habits, and compatibility. We will surely see more research in this field in the coming years.

    Author byline - This is a guest post by Jessica Ruane, a San Diego blogger and cat lover. She writes about crime, women's issues, and safety tips at Blog.instantcheckmate.com.

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