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    Don't Believe in Good Luck Charms?

    Science Says You Should Think Again

    When you believe in the power of a good luck charm, you are termed superstitious. This is because of your belief that an object can alter the future. Many people scoff at this mode of thinking but scientists have established the fact that good luck charms do work.

    How do Good Luck Charms Work?

    People who use good luck charms do so for a variety reasons. Some wear one to find a better job or find love. Others wear them when in casinos, or playing online casinos that accept PayPal like the ones listed here on It has been proven that such people can actually have luck on their side, stemming from their belief in the small item. Believing you are protected generally increases your confidence and makes you stronger psychologically.

    It turns out people who rely on good luck charms to land a better job and find a date really do have luck on their side. It all starts from a belief that a small item can help you perform better, the study says. Believing you are protected makes you stronger and increases your confidence.

    The sports world is most filled with athletes who believe in good luck charms. The scientific study states that athletes that were given a good luck charm generally performed better than those who weren't given the item.

    The Rational Aspect

    Depending on what good luck charm you choose to go with, some of them look beautiful and increase confidence by association. So even if you don't believe in lucky items, looking good and wearing something you like will make you more confident. Increased confidence helps you strive for higher goals and ensures you can carry on when you stumble along the way, making the right choice rather than giving in to the temptations along the wrong path. Often it is the harder choice, rather than the path of least resistance, that leads to the most fruitful results.

    Wearing a charm also blocks out the fear of failure for some. When there is no fear of failure, there is a greater chance of taking calculated risks and winning.

    This new found immunity to fear is known as self-efficacy according to Lysann Damisch a psychologist. She extensively highlighted the chain-link reactions of a talisman while speaking with the Association for Psychological Science.

    Which Good Luck Charms Work Best?

    If you are looking for a good luck charm, there are several options you can go with and each of them has their own meanings. You should focus on finding symbols that are lucky but not too cheesy. You don't want to look out of sync with the current realities of fashion as you try to force yourself to be lucky. Popular options include The Hamsa, Evil Eye, Dream Catcher, The Wish Bone and The Clover. However, you can actually choose to go with anything of your choosing. The belief in the charm is more important than the charm itself. Consider a mix Modern designers are going out of the norm to mix a collection of charms to be worn at once. This means you can find a charm that features all or some of the aforementioned good luck charms above to increase your luck even further.

    Now you can see that good luck charms actually work due to the psychological impact of your belief in them. Go on and find the best ones for you!

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