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    By Michael Katz


    at Amazon

    The Mission of Bloodstone

    Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body’s needs. Bloodstone’s energy empowers certain microorganisms in your bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function. This empowerment uplifts the overall quality of your body’s energy, making your body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds. Bloodstone also removes burdens from your immune system as it facilitates the removal of toxins and enhances your cells’ absorption of nutrients.

    Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Bloodstone Necklace

    You can wear a Bloodstone necklace when you wish to do any of the following:

    • Bolster your immunity to infection
    • Strengthen your entire immune system

    You can also use a Breanna necklace to help resolve any of the following conditions:

    • An acute ailment, such as a cold or flu
    • Allergies
    • Environmental sensitivities
    • Weak or sluggish immune system
    • An immune system disorder or dysfunction
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Overall toxicity, particularly in the blood
    • Difficulty absorbing nutrients

    Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Bloodstone Necklace

    Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert and responsive to your body’s needs. Bloodstone’s energy empowers certain microorganisms in your bloodstream that are vital to optimal immune function, making your body an incompatible environment for infections of all kinds. Bloodstone also facilitates the removal of toxins from your body and enhances your cells’ absorption of nutrients.

    To understand Bloodstone's special role in boosting immune function requires an understanding of certain components of the blood and their role in promoting health. Today, microbiologists are describing newly discovered sub-cellular components essential to the body’s healthy functioning. Bloodstone has a natural affinity with certain of these components. Through its effects on them, Bloodstone profoundly benefits the immune system.

    When you wear a necklace of Bloodstone spheres, Bloodstone energy collects in certain sub-cellular components in your blood that we may call mutable bodies. These microscopic, plant-like organisms are part of your immune system's early-warning mechanism and are essential for life. Mutable bodies have both physical and more purely energetic components. The center of a mutable body is comprised of energy with a higher vibration than physical matter, thus allowing the center to transcend certain physical laws. This center is surrounded by a layer of physical vibrations, which manifest as protein molecules and can be compared to a plant’s cell wall. The dual nature of the mutable bodies┬żi.e., their physical and nonphysical components┬żallows them to provide a vital service to the immune system.

    Mutable bodies share certain characteristics of plants. Just as plants absorb both nutrients and toxins from the soil in which they are planted, mutable bodies absorb nutrients and toxins from the blood. Like plants, mutable bodies also convert metallic forms of nutrients into colloidal forms. Vitamins and minerals occur naturally in both metallic and colloidal forms in the plants we eat, but the body can use only the colloidal forms for nourishment. Not only do mutable bodies convert metallic nutrients into their colloidal forms, they also deliver these nutrients directly to the cells that need them. Mutable bodies also absorb toxins, such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals, from your blood and cells. These toxin-laden mutable bodies then exit your body through your organs of elimination.

    Any change occurring in your body, no matter how small, is reflected in the vibratory quality of your blood. A change in blood quality can be caused by many things, such as the ingestion of a certain food, a sad or happy thought, a trauma, a therapy, or an infection. Mutable bodies, which live in your blood fluid, are sensitive to the vibrations of their environment. Changes that significantly alter the chemistry and vibrations of your blood affect them directly. When such a change occurs, the mutable bodies' walls mutate to reflect the change. For example, when you have a healing or joyful experience, your body's vibration rises. In response, the mutable bodies'walls change to reflect the higher vibration. This allows their centers to express more of their energies through the walls. The resulting infusion of higher energy into your bloodstream leaves you feeling vital, uplifted, and energized.

    The ability of mutable bodies to reflect their environment is key to how they work for the immune system. Another example of how mutable bodies reflect changes in the blood is their response to a bacterial invasion. In this case, the mutable body walls quickly take on the appearance and characteristics of the invading bacteria. The result is that, in the early stages of an infection, your blood will appear to contain more bacteria than it actually does. This illusion of bacterial abundance is normal and, in fact, essential to your health, it alerts your immune system to the infection much more swiftly than if only real bacteria were present.

    When your body has successfully overcome the infection, the mutable bodies respond by resuming their plant-like forms. This is important, because it is only when mutable bodies are in plant-like form that they can bring nutrients to your cells, remove toxins, pass higher energies into your body, and alert your immune system to new invaders.

    A healthy immune-system response depends on the optimal functioning of the mutable bodies. If they are weakened or otherwise unhealthy, the immune response becomes compromised, and illness can set in more easily. Mutable bodies can become unhealthy when your body is constantly overworked, excited, agitated, stressed, or dosed with caffeine.

    These stresses cause the mutable bodies to become overreactive and change form at the slightest change in blood vibrations. This, in turn, confuses the immune system and makes it respond unnecessarily. The immune system becomes like a group of firefighters who continually respond to false alarms; eventually, they stop paying attention and can miss a real fire. The immune system can start to ignore certain warnings and even certain kinds of infections. Furthermore, when mutable bodies are overreactive, the blood becomes filled with an excess of disguised mutable bodies, and not enough plant-like ones are available to perform their essential jobs. The resulting dysfunctions can include premature aging, low energy, allergies, environmental sensitivities, and diminished organ function.

    Enter Bloodstone. Although anything beneficial to the body can encourage mutable bodies to return to their original, plant-like forms, nothing does this as effectively as Bloodstone. Bloodstone helps mutable bodies reverse their overreactivity and better discriminate between a real need to mutate and a false one.

    The Bloodstone energy itself also distinguishes necessary mutable body disguises from excessive, unwarranted, or worn-out ones. Bloodstone energy collects around the mutable body walls. There, it clears away any unnecessary vibrations and dissolves the unnecessary disguises, allowing the mutable bodies to return to their plant-like forms. In this way, Bloodstone relieves your immune system of the burden of eliminating the excess mutations so that it can focus its energies on resolving the real infections.

    Bloodstone energy also fortifies mutable bodies in their plant-like form, making them robust and strong. Specifically, it strengthens their walls and the very nature of the mutable bodies themselves. Bloodstone empowers them to serve your immune system in a more proactive way and makes your body much less susceptible to infection. When enough mutable bodies are empowered, the overall vibration of your body is uplifted. This uplifted vibration is incompatible with that of bacteria, viruses, and other infectious agents, such as parasites. Existing infections die off, and external agents receive the message that they are not welcome. At the same time, your body becomes able to rid itself of toxins more easily.

    How to Wear Bloodstone

    It is particularly beneficial to wear a Bloodstone necklace so that it touches your skin. If Bloodstone is worn over clothing and not touching the skin, it will take much longer to work. This is because of the somewhat unique way in which Bloodstone works. When Bloodstone touches the skin, some of its energy radiates into the aura, but most moves directly into the body, where it starts working on the blood.

    Flushing Toxins

    If you are wearing Bloodstone and have a significant infection of parasites, yeast, viruses, or bacteria, much dead matter can build up in your body as these microorganisms die off. Such a buildup can be noxious to the body; dead parasites, in particular, can be quite toxic. Therefore, it is essential to keep your bowels moving during the time you are wearing Bloodstone. If drinking extra water isn't adequate to prevent constipation, temporarily use additional fiber or herbal laxatives and supplements that support the liver and organs of elimination.

    Bloodstone Palm Stone
    at Amazon

    Preventive Therapy

    Because wearing Bloodstone can help keep your immune system alert and resistant to infection, it can be helpful to wear a Bloodstone necklace when visiting a foreign country or places where contagious disease is present, such as a hospital.

    Supporting Aventurine's Work
    Bloodstone can support the work of Dark Green Aventurine, which strongly encourages the body’s organs to release stored toxins. Bloodstone can help flush the toxins released by Dark Green Aventurine in someone whose body is overburdened by drug or other toxic residues. Wearing a necklace of Bloodstone spheres whose size is nearly equal (within 2 mm) to those of the Aventurine can help the body handle the release of toxins more safely and efficiently. The Bloodstone will cause the mutable bodies to reveal their plant-like forms, which will readily absorb any toxins that Aventurine is releasing.

    How to Recognize Therapeutic-Quality Bloodstone

    The color of therapeutic Bloodstone is a distinct, rich, and consistent dark green. Therapeutic Bloodstone also contains red flecks and, occasionally, flecks of orange or yellow. Of these colors, red represents the highest quality, orange is next best, and yellow the next. Ideally, the flecks are distinct and appear either as tiny pinpoints or larger patches and do not dominate the green color. The presence of shiny pinpoints that look like translucent crystalline structures is beneficial. White flecks or patches are not desirable. Bloodstone spheres that are bluish or muddy or in which green does not dominate are not therapeutic.

    Bloodstone is best evaluated in direct sunlight, where one can assess the color, translucency, and flecks most accurately. The higher the quality of the Bloodstone, the more effective it is at enhancing the mutable bodies' ability to absorb toxins and transform vitamins and minerals in the blood into bioavailable forms.

    Gemisphere's Research Program

    Share Your Bloodstone Experiences
    As part of our ongoing effort to refine and advance the science of gemstone energy medicine, we are gathering information about the experiences of therapeutic gemstone users. If you own a Gemisphere Bloodstone necklace, we are eager to hear about your experiences with it. We will be compiling and publishing such experiences and other case histories in the near future. Of course, if we choose to publish your experiences, we will strictly protect your anonymity.

    To share your experiences with Bloodstone or any other Gemisphere gemstones, please call our office at 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with one of our Gemstone Advisors.

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