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    What is Unique about
    the Sun Sign Cancer?

    By Bhupesh Goyal

    Do you love a Cancerian? Or live with one? If you do, you must know that Cancer is fourth on list of zodiac signs, ruled by moon and has an extreme emotional side; it is symbolized by crab. Just like the appearance of a crab, Cancerians are soft, emotional and sensitive inside, but on the outside they appear to be very confident, extrovert, cool and composed; although this outer facade is not as evident when it comes to people they love and care about.

    Cancerians are attached toward their family and friends in a divine manner; they are content with even little resources if they have their family around. When hurt they are most likely to disappear and confine themselves to solitude for some time but they will soon return to their own. Cancerians forgive easily but it takes a lot of time for them to forget. However, Cancerians are less likely to hold a grudge or take revenge on people who hurt them; but if someone tries to hurt their family or friends they can be very dangerous, manipulative and unforgiving.

    Being born as a Cancerian and later credited as one by friends and family, I always wondered what is so unique about this sign that everyone seems to recognize so well. Often commented as a "Typical Cancerian" by people who I've met, the curiosity to find answers grew with time.

    After meeting a few more "Typical Cancerians" like me and researching more, I understood my zodiac sign in more detail and managed to jot down some of the unique traits of being a Cancerian.

    Here are some positive and negative characteristics which are uniquely Cancerian:

    1) Kind-Hearted - Cancerians are kind and nurturing by nature which makes them very unique in the list of zodiac signs. Unlike most other zodiac signs, Cancerians are empathetic toward the needs of others and their emotional side makes them sensitive enough to understand and help those in need. As they say, "Only a Cancer is fool enough to go out of his way to help you."

    2) Skillful and Creative - The extreme emotional and imaginative side of Cancerians make them one of the most creative and skillful people of all and they are more likely to opt for a career as a musician, artist, writer, etc. For example, whether it is "REMBRANDT VAN RIJN - A famous Dutch painter known for his painting 'The Night Watch'" or "HELEN KELLER - A famous American political activist and author who was the first deaf and blind person to successfully complete a Bachelor of Arts degree"; or the modern day "TOM HANKS - a successful actor, director, screenwriter, speaker and director," they all have proven to be outstanding in their respective fields.

    1) Moody - Cancerians are known for their mood swings, if you are a Cancer, you should note how many times you been told that you are a typical Cancer. While Cancer's emotional and sensitive side makes them highly skillful, creative and kind-hearted, at the same time it makes them moody and overly sensitive. They are fun to be around and full of humor, but when they're in a bad mood they can be short-tempered and stubborn.

    2) Vulnerable - The sense of empathy and sympathy toward other people makes them vulnerable. Cancerians are easily influenced by those who tend to take advantage of their compassion, sensitivity and kindness.

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