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    The Circle of the Living Breath Is Shared with All Life on Earth

    September 25, 2007

    Messages from God through Yael and Doug Powell at Circle of Light

    It is ever and always in the circle of our shared breath that All I Am is known and loved, for as you breathe Me in and you accept this Love, you give Me the gift of allowing Me to give All That I Am. All that I have of Myself, I give to you.

    In your awakening to this Love in yourself, the recognition that you are the heart of God – in this you accept this gift that I give and return it back to Me, grown, amplified, expanded in a deepening of My awareness of Love and forever exploding in this magnificent moment that is the living Now, the deep and ever-lasting communion that I have with you, My heart.

    You, beloved ones, are each a shimmering part of the glorious heart of God that is endless. You are scintillating life that is pulsing in and out as you breathe Me in during your deep moments of accepting. Then you breathe out your Love for Me that is your fluid and your nourishment as you take in your identity as the heart of God again. This creates the atomic power, the charge that keeps the explosion of life continuous.

    In everything I Am you are reflected as I Am reflected in you and as you also are reflected in you, and as you also are reflected in every other shimmering cell in the glorious heart of God, the living center. So any time you look upon each other, your brothers and sisters of the heart, beloved ones, you must know that you are looking deep into yourself. All of you accept this breath of life together and breathe it back to Me each Now Moment.

    Oh, that I could explain to you this miracle of Love and what you give to Me, beloved ones, by your presence in allowing Me to give the truth of All I Am. I pour it forth in the great explosion that is the whole of My being passionately and glorious giving, that all that lives within Me may be perfect in the expression of the Love I Am, ever-grown and expanded by the miracle of My great and glorious heart.

    We are so close that we do share one breath. The life and light of Love is truly endless. So when I say to you that we are the living hologram, that Love is whole, seamless and perfect, you can understand how it is we breathe into each other the expansion of this Love that is the truth of God and thus, beloved ones, the truth of you. Just so do you breathe in the Twin Flame of your heart, that each of you reflects this dance of Love I Am and just as we are so close that there is only here and only Now and only this shared breath exchanging nourishment – so too is the reflection of My heart before you and the proof of Love I Am as your own.

    How does this translate to your life in the world and the service that you are here to give? It translates, beloved ones, because I ask you to remember this shared breath, this deep and powerful communion and the eternal Now Moment so deeply that this is always present in your consciousness and living itself through you as you become the instrument of Love in this world.

    It is true that it is simply the choice to believe in separation – to believe that there could be Love and something else that creates this world of illusion and duality. It is also true, beloved ones, that it is simple to mend it. It is as simple as recognizing that you also share one breath with every other being on this planet – the one breath of God exchanged in Love. Every breath is the proof that God is giving Love each Now Moment and receiving Love from you.

    That is the circle of life, pure and perfect, and it acts in every moment in this great communion that is life. In this hologram of perfect Love, this living, breathing present, it is the Real relationship that you share with everyone. It is only the dream of the ego mind played upon that perfect backdrop that makes you believe in something else than this breath of Love we share.

    All the while you believe the dream and you live these lives of stress and fear, anger and sorrow and that deep reaching from within you – all the while, My dearest ones, the one breath continues in and out, in and out. The Love of God received, amplified and given, be this from Me to you, from you to your Twin Flame or between you and any being that is part of this great life. Because I Am one and therefore all you touch is Me. Every life can prove to you that you are Love and nothing else and that you and I are one.

    This cannot be done through the ego mind and this, dear ones, is important, because no matter how many affirmations you say, no matter how many prayers you utter, until you can feel this one shared breath you will only believe in separation. The moment that you come into this breathing life of the living whole, everything changes. Dearest ones, you return to the living center and you return to your heart’s deep awareness that you and I are ever One and that you are embracing All That I Am as My heart and thus, My instrument for sharing the Love I Am and being this shared breath.

    In other words, in this world, beloved ones, you are Me. You, My heart, are that which brings this Love I Am here. Therefore, every life you see, you are the breath they breathe that says to them, “I Am God and I Am loving you.” You, in return, breathe them back in and accept the Love that they give as it is amplified in each as this great circle of life.

    But you must remember in your heart that which you are – the heart of God, the center. Therefore, you are My presence as the Christ heart in the world. All other beings shall feel this one breath as it emanates, beloved ones, from you, through you, through them and back again each Now Moment forever.

    Thus, as the time of awakening comes fully into the world, this is the role you are playing – you who are My living heart. You are the vehicle through which all others can see the Moment of Creation itself. Or as a Twin Flame heart you are this and you already deeply know it. It is time for you to take this role seriously – to step into it, and to become the one living heart beat that is the truth of Love I Am.

    As you do so fully, you will recognize that which beloved Jesus came to show you blossoming in yourself, as you become your Real identity, breathing in from Me the truth of the Love that you are each Now, and breathing it out into the world to touch all life. Allow this Love to be received, amplified and then, for Me, breathing it back in as it is recognized and returned.

    As you become this living breath and the false identity of the ego mind leaves, you will discover, beloved ones, through you comes the healing, the transformation of the very lie of separation itself. Through you will come the recognition in others that they are a living part of this one breathing whole, and that they too have communion with Me here and Now.

    As this is accepted and the false world of the ego mind falls away, each blessed life can stand free from the dream of separation and fear and all the ways that duality has played upon them in their lives. Thus shall come miracle after miracle of transformation into the acceptance of this Love and of the deep and powerful communion of each life with Me, with God I Am.

    Through My living heart -- My heart in which you are a cell -- each cell is a perfect replication of the very Moment of Creation itself; and every cell is completely and perfectly connected in the Now to every other cell in My great and glorious heart.

    Just as the heart is not separate from the body itself, just so, beloved ones, you are not separate from Me, even though you have your own function as God, as the heart of God the center of All That I Am giving Love each Now Moment and then accepting it back in this circle, the one shared breath.

    I know that if you can deeply feel this living breath that you will understand, not with the little mind and ego but with your heart and consciousness together how deeply all life is connected and how important, irreplaceable it is to accept this breath that contains you – all that you are, your identity as perfect – and to give it forth to another exactly so, as the completely open and transparent heart of God, that in another it may be seen, accepted and amplified and given back to you.

    So, yes, there is both giving and receiving for it is impossible to have an out-breath without an in-breath. Yet, it is the giving that creates the receiving and therefore, the giving that must always have the access because it is the power behind the circle, behind Creation, behind this awareness of Love I Am exploding forth in this living Now Moment in everything all at once.

    As you accept this breath, you accept this communion because I then become the very essence of your life. Breathing Me out to another precious one is as necessary to you as life itself, for without it you are not alive and not in alignment with the wholeness of this Love. So you must have both the in-breath and the out-breath to make this circle of Love complete.

    As you go through your days now, beloved ones, first I ask you to accept our communion until it becomes more Real to you than anything in the world. Then, please explore the giving and the perfect exchange of Love, the sharing of this one holy breath which is shared by absolutely every life form on Earth – not to mention all the streams of life in the Real. But most importantly for now is this arena where you serve, where the dream of separation has been so strong that this deep and powerful and intuitive experience of sharing this unique breath of life will begin to align you with the truth of the Real as it is already living in this world behind the dream of separation, the dream of two powers, of Love and something other than Love.

    Beneath it all is the breath, for without it there is not life. As you tune into this breath you are returned to the Real life, the living whole and what that is expressing as you as a Twin Flame heart. Dearest ones, you will discover what a perfect world of beauty, of scintillating jewels of the cosmos and of the most tender of all experiences of Love are shared across all perceived boundaries as life celebrates the diversity of God I Am encompassed in the one shared breath.

    It may seem to you a contradiction to hear Me say I Am diversity, a diversity of life that is many-splendored and endless, and at the same time say to you, I Am One. Yet I promise you that when you understand the multi-layered truth of the Real, you will understand also your Twin Flame heart and how you can be this Love, shining forth in all perfection in millions of layers or dimensions at once because every one exists in the living Now. Each and every one of them is you, here in the Vertical in the Moment of Creation, in the acceptance of life itself.

    Dearest ones, life is one experience – multitudinous, glorious, exquisite. It is an orgasm beyond comprehension, beyond measure with literally trillions of shock waves of joy – one orgasm, that Moment of Creation, and yet every tiny wave of exquisite ecstasy is another expression of life. Each one is capable of experiencing the ecstasy of being both the wave form and the particle, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine together. Yet each one is simply part of this one great “shout” of joy that is the Love of God I Am, given forth and thus illuminating everything that is possible within Me. Oh, beloved ones, it is endless.

    So you must understand how totally beyond the little mind all of this is, and thus, recognize that anything that is in words must be by its nature overly simplistic. So, to say that you dissolve into the oneness when you return to the remembrance of who you are is to try to express the diamond-faceted heart of God by looking at a tiny little crystal.

    And yet, there is no separation, it is true. But the little mind, being the author of duality, wants it to be “either” – “or.” Either there is oneness which means there is no distinction between the streams of life. There is only God, one amorphous whole. OR, there are individual lives, separate from God and autonomous. Ah, but the truth is so much bigger as you know. The truth of God I Am is not “either”--“or” which is duality. The truth of God is “both”-- “and” – both the one great living whole, breathing one breath in that breath of life AND the majestic presence of literally countless stream of light, every one of which is a unique and glorious expression of both the particle and the wave, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the great orgasmic experience of the living Now -- that every one is sharing this one breath, beloved ones, the one breath of God that is the whole.

    Breathing in My Love and breathing in your identity ever and always received directly from Me, and letting it awaken in you the great orgasmic “shout,” the perfect and magnificent Twin Flame heart – and then breathing it back to Me with all of your Love. Giving Me your whole being, your whole heart that I might receive it and amplify your preciousness, your purity, the wonder and the power of your Love and breathe it back to you again.

    You, My dear heart, accept from Me My giving and give Me this greatest of all gifts. As you allow Me the wonder of the experience of giving, you also give Me the gift of receiving, as you complete the breath, complete the sharing by giving Me your Love and the experience and the wonder continues.

    As you have come to Earth to bring about the healing, the transformation of the belief in separation from Me, you who can be the transparency are my one heart through which this great exchange is experienced by others, until this one breath is shared consciously by every life here. This means that once again the Real rhythm is established, the true rhythm of life in the Now Moment – the giving and receiving of identity in Love, the energy of life itself and the gift given back amplified giving those who receive it their spiritual food.

    As you open into this change, this transformation, this awakening, this joy, you will begin to see, beloved ones, that you can live on this breath. You can live, beloved ones, on this receiving. Every breath is like poetry to your deepest heart, your spirit. In it is your remembrance of accepting your life from Me in the miracle of Creation itself, this Now Moment forever.

    I Am loving you and I Am showing you how to love Me in a way that we create the power of the Moment of Creation itself. As you do this, you shall begin to live on Love and to feed your heart light that it may remember. You will find that it is this sharing, this giving and receiving of the living breath of Love I Am that will be what feeds you and what provides for you. Oh, but most of all, it is what returns you to the truth of Love you are – not once in a while, beloved ones, when you get there or when you meditate, but every single moment that you breathe.

    You are My heart and I want you now to feel this – to feel the magnificence and the splendor and thus to feel yourself.

    This breath is the foundation for everything and I have given it to you many times through the years and brought you this experience many times as well. But what is different now, beloved ones, is that the world is changing and realigning now with the opening in the veil so that each heart is feeling these vibrations of truth. More and more of you are ready to experience this great living breath, the Moment of Creation going forth -- the breath, the circle of Love that creates the exchange that is life, beloved ones, that is the exchange of My presence and this Love that will keep each of you expanding not only in your awareness but in your experience of being this Love.

    At this point, even more important is it will bring you your heart’s truth in a deep and powerful way that will change everything. That truth is that you share this breath with absolutely every life, which means you are, beloved ones, in deepest communion with every precious life form that you may find in the world. Each one is expressing an aspect of Myself. It may be covered up with the dream of separation but the dream is easily gone in the instant where the shared breath is remembered.

    Therefore I Am asking you to go forth and to breathe – to breathe in the wonder of each life and to share this powerful exchange. As you do, you will find the unity returning easily to the world and the dreams of separation easily ending as each heart recognizes the end to its journey and the power of its remembering and its return to a fully functioning cell of the living heart of God I Am through an expression of the LoveMaking that is Creation.

    Through this communion of the one shared breath, each life can know its value, its deep eternal value to Me – priceless treasures of the living Love I Am, given affirmation through your heart’s transparency that they may see My Love and feel it and breathe this breath in wonder, as I breathe it through you Now.

    Thank you, My dearest ones, for your heart’s sweet remembrance and thank you for reaching each moment for Me. Thank you, also, for allowing the old world to fall away that I might reveal to you the new expression of the splendor in the symbols of the world. This shall be what we name “Heaven on Earth” – the remembrance of the truth that you are in the symbols of the world.

    On Tuesday evenings Circle of Light holds their Tuesday Circle Meditations through Yael at 8 p.m. Central Time. The telephone number to hear these via the telephone bridge is (605) 772-3300, pin 679076#.

    In deepest Love and with heart-felt blessings to all, Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT

    Circle of Light
    3969 Mundell Road
    Eureka Springs, AR 72631

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