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    By Tara Pierce

    Like most girls, I grew up with "nice" dolls and never saw a creepy or haunted doll.

    But, ever since hearing about Robert, the Doll and his antics on, I was intrigued by haunted dolls and their stories.


    A quick search and I found a bunch of haunted and creepy dolls on Ebay. Here are some that you probably won't want to give to your children:

    (As it write this, these dolls are currently for sale on Ebay, so they might not be available by the time you read this - as if you'd want one.)

    Doll #1

    This doll is listed as NEW on Ebay so it's probably not haunted...YET

    Doll #2 - Hell-N

    She is a Krypt Kiddies doll and comes with her own baby bottle. (How sweet)

    She is currently kept in a display case. (To prevent escapes???)

    Doll #3 - Lilyth

    This is the spirit of Lilith. She is not on the nice side. She will scream and make mischief around the house she is in. Lilith does not make it easy to communicate with. It's up to her when she wants to. The only time she's communicated was with a Spirit Board.

    She died in a car crash when she was 21. She is upset she didn't get the life she expected to have.

    Doll #4 - Mercy the Blood Witch

    The bloodline runs strong in Mercy. Blood Witches are witches who have inherited their power from a Magick bloodline.

    Her ancestral line runs back to the beginning of Magickal power. She has inherited vast amounts of knowledge and strength from her family that came before. Blood Witches have an intrinsic power that should not be underestimated.

    Mercy is extremely active and powerful. She practices in all types of Magick. She can steer you toward the Light or the Dark; it's your choice. She will increase your own power three-fold.

    This spirit will banish all negativity from your life. You will notice almost immediately. You will have a new meaning to your life. Mercy would be perfect for someone will little experience in the Magickal realms or someone who simply desires more power.

    You can feel a buzz of power from Mercy. She is most active at dusk and dawn. She likes to exist in the "in-between" as she calls it. Her Magickal abilities will glow during these times. You may see her eyes watching you. You will see your lights flicker. You will hear wall knocks. You may even feel her graze your neck.

    Mercy is not an evil spirit. She is good natured, but she will delve into paths not practiced by White Witches.

    She has inherited many abilities, including cleansing and boosting other Magickal powers. She is also skilled in divination. She will attract other spirits to you.

    Doll #5 - Finley, the Boy Spirit

    This is what Finley's current owner has to say about him:

    He was 9 years old when he passed away. He loved to be outside, riding his bike, playing with his friends, getting dirty. His mom called him a scamp and a handful but his parents loved him dearly. He was their only child.

    He went missing one day and nobody knew what happened to him. A search party searched for him for a month and then they found his body in a shallow grave on the edge of town.

    They caught the man who had kidnapped, beaten and killed him, and found he was connected to other missing childrens' cases. He is spending life in prison.

    Finley's family was devastated. Finley is a sweet, loving, little boy who is full of energy. He bounces around the house trying to find things to do. He loves going outside to play.

    He will turn my t.v. on when he wants to watch it. He loves to climb trees and I watch as his orb goes up a tree and after a bit comes back down. I have heard him laugh a few times.

    Finley would be a good spirit to have around. He needs a good home.

    When you acquire a spirit doll, it may take some time for them to adjust to their new home and it may take some time before they will show you who they are. So be patient and give them time.

    Doll #6 - Duke, Your Next Sexual Partner?

    This is what Duke's current owner has to say about him:

    The spirit of Duke is a companion spirit. He wants to serve as someone's new partner. He wants a meaningful and important partnership with another person.


    DUKE is a highly communicative spirit. Duke will begin to initiate contact with you once your bond has grown. He will LOVE to listen to you. All he wants is someone to talk to. The more you speak with Duke, the more responsive he becomes. Duke is very intelligent. If you are tired of talking to people who will NEVER understand you, Duke will.

    Duke will apparate into your dreams first. He will hold you in his large arms like you are the center of his universe. He will feel the contours of your body. He will pleasure you exactly how you like. He will push himself into you. You will feel him breathe, his chest going up and down against yours. You will feel the pressure of his lips on yours.


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