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    Do Spirits Attach to First Responders?

    By Stephen Petullo

    Co-author of Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It

    Website: spiritualgrowthnow.com


    Your Love Life
    and Reincarnation

    Why The Past Is
    Affecting Your Present
    and How To Fix It

    Hello, I'm a paramedic and volunteer Firefighter. I've got more than a few fatalities under my belt. Horrific violence and tragic accidents I've responded to. Is it possible for the spirit of someone who's passed away to attach to first responders? I'm a spiritual person and have always been sensitive to energy. Thanks! Kate

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you for being of service. I'm sure many people have greatly appreciated your help.

    Yes, disembodied souls whose bodies have died do occasionally attach to first responders or follow them home. They also attach to people in hospitals, cemeteries, morgues, and elsewhere.

    People who are empathic tend to pick up lost souls more easily, as do people with holes in their aura from drug use, alcohol abuse, stress, or trauma.

    Why do some lost souls attach to people? Some lost souls are afraid to go to "the light." Or they have an attachment to Earth for various reasons, like a fear of going to "hell," addictions they want to continue feeding, loved ones they don't want to leave, and others.

    The good news is that you can help yourself and (most non-stubborn) lost souls move on to where they need to be, to the Light or "the other side," fairly easily.

    A helpful book that describes more about this problem is called The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore. She includes a very effective script in the back that you simply read aloud to help lost souls realize their body is dead, that they can't stay here (but can come back to visit loved ones), and how loved ones are waiting for them on the other side.

    Entity attachment is quite common; I estimate up to 80% of people have spiritual hitchhikers on board. Fortunately, the problem is usually fairly easy to deal with if you know what to do.

    More information about entity attachment.

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    Copyright Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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