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    2012 - What Will Happen?

    By Christine Hoeflich

    Website - www.WhatEveryoneBelieved.com/

    There is much speculation (and misinformation) about the events that may transpire during December 2012. Some refer to this time as the "Great Shift" in consciousness, the "Ascension;" others call this time the "Rapture," the beginning of the "Golden Age." This sounds like good news, yet many are frightened. Although it's true we may be living through the most challenging time in the evolution of this planet, it's challenging because we must let go of things (even though we are letting go of the things that don't work - the systems that are unsustainable).

    Dr. Eric Pearl (known for his work "The Reconnection") says the following about December 21, 2012: "We will wake up that morning and still be able to see ourselves in a mirror." I agree, and offer some of my own insights.

    We are in the process of "raising our consciousness" about our entire human experience. In plain language: we are finally becoming clear about the big picture "human story" - our history on this planet. We are gaining clarity about who we are, from where we originally came, what our purpose and intent for being in a state of "lowered consciousness" was, and we are also assessing whether we have successfully completed our original intent and have kept our soul agreements each with other. We are remembering who we are from aeons ago, and this remembering (the synthesizing of wisdom and information from our heart and soul) will clarify and transform our understanding of every single aspect of our lives. Transforming our understanding will then change our outer reality--ultimately in a very good way.

    I feel the most important part of this process is to consciously (deliberately and methodically) shift your consciousness from the level of your human self (considered "normal" or "lower" consciousness) to include the level of your higher self ("superconsciousness"). This is why this process is called "conscious evolution," and why we are currently navigating through an "evolution in consciousness."

    Here is another clue: Many teachers and channelers speak about the end of a cycle of human experience and that this will be the first time people will be able to "ascend with their physical body intact." (Normally, you "ascend" when you die. You leave your body behind and return to the consciousness of your soul, your higher self.)

    This time though, you will be able to ascend with your body. This means you will shift (raise your consciousness) by reconnecting to your higher self while still in your physical body. You will then access your higher self's wisdom (your wisdom from all time) without needing to die. You will gain the understanding of why you are here on this planet, why you chose what you chose (including your challenges and hardships), and gain clarity about your entire journey while you're still human.

    Although the reconnecting process is simple, it is not very easy and it doesn't happen overnight. Reconnecting consists of 1. learning to distinguish your inner guidance from mental conditions and societal expectations (your higher-level consciousness from your human-level consciousness) and 2. learning to trust that connection enough to promptly and consistently follow through. To follow through is of utmost importance. Seeing the results of those actions is the most effective way to learn to trust your higher self so that you can gain new insights about your life and purpose and begin to "move mountains."

    By the way, your higher self is not the "Source" but the gateway to Source. Your higher self is your access point to Source. You will access the higher-level wisdom and understanding little by little. It will not happen "spontaneously." (A "blink of an eye" in evolutionary terms, though...)

    You can reconnect to your higher self and even learn to trust it in a relatively short time period, but it takes time to put all the pieces of the puzzle of your life together and integrate the wisdom and the understanding, especially since you'll probably need to let go of old beliefs and mental conditionings that will block the emergence of your new world view.

    Jesus Christ possessed this higher-level consciousness. Through his higher self he was able to access his wisdom from all time. He understood who he was; he understood his mission and his purpose. He understood how he fit into the divine plan. (This is why he said, "The kingdom of heaven is within," which simply meant that the "God spark," the "God aspect" of yourself is within; your higher self is within.) But because you cannot force higher-level consciousness into a human-level mind without losing important understanding, he was both misunderstood and misrepresented by those who founded a religion in his name.

    Each of us is preparing for the year 2012 by activating our consciousness so that we understand what Christ understood, and lived, 2000 years ago. You raise your consciousness by reconnecting to that higher aspect of yourself. By reconnecting to your higher self and gaining a higher-level perspective, you will be able to put the pieces together of your life and make sense of it so you understand your place in the divine plan. You will gain knowledge of your place in the universe, your higher life purpose, and you will actually fulfill your purpose by following the step-by-step guidance of your higher self. The key to all this is reconnecting to your higher self.

    Are you ready to experience 2012? Are you ready to reconnect and experience your higher life purpose? Subscribe at www.WhatEveryoneBelieved.com and receive a 7-page report (gratis) on reconnecting to your higher self--which will help transform your life experience at the most powerful level. Christine Hoeflich is the author of What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening, a 2008 USA Book News award-winning finalist that helps reconnect you to your higher self.

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