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    Jupiter in Leo 2014-2015
    Astrology Forecast

    How You Can Benefit

    By Bracha Goldsmith

    Website: www.YourAstrologySigns.com

    Bracha Goldsmith photo

    Bracha Goldsmith has been a professional astrologer for more than 30 years. She contributes monthly forecasts on YouTube and has a wide audience. Author of: Astrology Made Easy - A Handy Reference Guide, Handbook for Surviving the Global Financial Crisis.

    She hosted her own show on Canterbury Television, Money Talks. She consults internationally with clients from all over the world by phone and on Skype. Contact Bracha at: www.YourAstrologySigns.com

    Jupiter is in Leo from July 16, 2014 - August 11, 2015

    This is very favorable as it will be making a beneficial trine aspect with Uranus in Aries bringing sudden, unexpected events and surprises. This is especially highlighted during the months of September 2014 and March and June of 2015 when this trine becomes exact.

    On a personal level, the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will definitely have a boost this year. For Leos especially, it will be a time of new beginnings, opportunities and growth. Check out your own chart because you may have some planets in Leo which will be activated by this transit.

    Leo rules the heart, so this is the time to open up and to feel the love inside of you and to share it with others. Think about Leo the lion: it's regal, it's very proud and it doesn't grovel. It's strong and self-assured.

    Become aware of your posture: are you standing tall? Are you breathing deeply and holding your head up high? As soon as you improve your posture, you become more positive and your attitude changes. When you slouch and look downwards, this can lead to depression and negative thoughts. When in doubt, just visualize the lion in the jungle and you'll regain your regal stance.

    Leo is the natural actor of the zodiac and it loves drama and excitement. This is a great time to change your style of dress, to stand out in the way you present yourself, to wear bright, royal colors. Instead of always going out in jeans and a t-shirt, decide to put on something that makes you feel wealthy and confident. If you are going out on a special date or to a party, put your glad rags on and spice yourself up! You never know who you might meet!

    This is a great time for manifesting whatever you want in your life. The key to new and exciting opportunities is triggered when you are feeling enthusiastic and inspired. Find your passion. What would make you get up in the morning with a spring in your step? I am very fortunate because I absolutely love astrology. In fact, when I wake up I am instantly thinking about my next video, article, newsletter, reading... and it's never boring because there's always more to learn.

    Maybe you have a new business idea you want to launch, maybe you have a hobby you really enjoy that you could turn into a career. There's a ton of free help out there: on the internet, companies and organizations who help you to set up your own business, grants and scholarships for study... this is the year to ignite your creative spark and to work in a field that gives you immense gratification.

    On a global level, there are several industries that will be positively affected by this transit of Jupiter in Leo:

  • Games - the gaming industry.
  • Comedy - jokes will abound, new comedians and impersonators will appear.
  • Entertainment - this is set to grow exponentially. If you are into acting, drama, music - this could be YOUR YEAR!
  • Entrepreneurs - we will see a huge growth in start-ups. If you've always wanted to start a business, this is the time to do it.
  • Romance and dating - this industry will blossom so if you're looking to meet someone new or you'd like a business with great potential, it could be your lucky time.
  • Children - anything connected with babies, children, teenagers will see growth e.g. gadgets, toys, clothes, education.
  • Gold is ruled by Leo so it's likely we'll see a surge in its price. You might want to buy a small amount now while the price is relatively low.
  • There are countries having many planets in Leo. Most notable are: India, Pakistan and Iraq. We will be hearing more of these countries in the news during this year.

    Keep in mind that Jupiter in Leo wants you to find your unique voice. When you shine, you draw to you all the good things in life. Follow your inspiration and your heart and be the STAR in your life.

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