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    Jupiter Into Virgo, Order Prevails

    August 11, 2015 - September 9th, 2016

    from the 'Skyscraping' Newsletter

    By Heliocentric Astrologer Philip Sedgwick

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    Jupiter is now in Virgo. Given Jupiter stands for huge objectives, grand goals, and the greatest of aspirations, coming to the sign of order, organization and details, this should be amazing!

    In mythology, Jupiter frequently dispatched Mercury, ruler of Virgo, to deliver his most important messages, this should be a great thing. It is also true that Jupiter required that Mercury deliver the terms of any and all convoluted conditions that pleased Jupiter. Truly, Jupiter seeks outcomes that meet his standards and please his sensibilities. After all, he is closest to the Sun when in Aries - and it is all about him. Given Jupiter's north node lives in Cancer, it works out well for those who play by his rules; enduring support will be rendered to those who uphold all that is Jupiter. So much is so, he holds ultimate dominion over the other planets - all of them.

    To swiftly, smoothly and precisely navigate the furrowed paths during Jupiter's tenure in Virgo, perhaps a refresh of some Jupiter in Virgo parameters might be in order.

    First, Virgo refers to words and the logical orders therein; Jupiter refers to the letter of the law. Jupiter in Virgo holds no tolerance for those who bend rules or attempt to construe the meaning of his rules and regulations to their benefit. Jupiter, though often outside the doctrines he proclaims as unwavering, will not put up with the nonsense of another (as in a mortal) working the words of one of his protocols so they can have it their way or both ways.

    Jupiter rules truth. Virgo impeccability. Added together, this makes for a fabulously interesting Presidential debate season here in the United States. Should you be looking for a part time gig, perhaps political fact checker would be a sure bet. Again, word smiths might meld the implication of what the founding fathers intended in the constitution. The final result will be (or should be) what is written in black or white. But hey, if what's written does not work anymore, given how much society and humankind seem to have evolved, then go through the protocols to make changes, improvements and upgrades whether the terms and conditions of apps on your phone, corporate doctrines, or society guiding doctrines.

    How does planning best occur with Jupiter in Virgo? Should details and facts first be compiled to build the flow of a major life campaign? Should a block diagram concept work its way backward to developing the details behind the big deal in play? Either/or. You can engineer or reverse engineer - just as you can with troubleshooting - with equal success. What lies beneath both constructs is the downloading an impeccable inspiration prior to taking either path of pursuit.

    No matter what business of life one might be conducting, perhaps a few guidelines can be kept in mind for the Jupiter in Virgo transit:

    Most important: Assassinate your inner critic. The diminishing, doubting mental chatter offers little when cultivating. Develop an instinct-gut check system. Find where you hold your best instincts. Is it the brow? Solar plexus? When that area pings, something deserves a double check. Creative instincts often live in the belly. When the belly knows it's working, it's correct. Conversely, when it's not working, the belly will churn. A cultivated Virgo will report there's a fine line in the stomach between butterflies in the belly and outright nausea.

    Then there's those external critics. If you trust someone's intellect and know they have no axe to grind or competitive edge regarding what you need reviewed, cool. If someone is an expert in the field of pursuit and you seek out professional consultation, cool. Regarding those who are trolls or the self-appointed new idea police, or those who run life from a point of view of jealousy or negativity, buy some ear plugs. Yes, there's the occasional passerby who looks at the problem you've been staring at for hours and makes a correct assessment - the keyword: occasional.

    Should you make a presentation and receive a barrage of questions, this may not be an attempt to trash your idea. Simply, it may be a request for more information. Figure out what is being asked and answer it.

    When discussing problems, work from a solution-oriented point of view. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, must orbit the Sun three times for its surface to receive sunlight - or total symbolic lightening - or objectivity. Offer three solutions for each issue you perceive.

    Jupiter's enthusiasm can work against the organization of details and temporary scaffolding around critical stages of development. Remind the big guy (Jupiter) that you are seeking as perfect and as efficient a path as humanly possible. If he demonstrates a little patience instead of asking for ongoing or continuous updates, you might get there faster.

    Take your time. Review thoroughly at all planned checkpoints. Since Virgo is involved, work to see situations and checkpoints from at least three points of view.

    Develop a concept of nominal range. If things work from a range of q through t, then working at q, r, s or t is more than fine.

    There's the knowing exactly what you will to come your way. There's the timely and efficient execution of a plan when it does comes your way. Ready yourself. Be prepared. Always ready. When you get to the fork in the road, take it!

    Jupiter is in Virgo. Right now, so is Mercury. Soon Mars, the Sun and Venus will support Jupiter's agenda for perfect, big gains by sharing hands-on transits in Virgo. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands churning the dough and feet stomping the grapes. The next weeks are big for those perfectly intent on progress. Are you ready? Order prevails... as in those with well-ordered plans prevail and grab the grandest gains.

    More soon.

    It's a perfect time for a consultation. It's a perfect time for ordering a Galactic Report. The links below permit fast, efficient steps toward making those realities perfectly executed!

    Philip can be reached at his website, PhilipSedgwick.com, Email Philip, Book a consultation or quick question with Philip, PH 520.888.1920.     (c) 2001-2021, Philip Sedgwick, All Rights Reserved

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