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    Keeping Love Sacred

    By Chris Walker

    Website - www.ChrisWalkerOnline.com

    "Love is the ultimate guru. Where love does not exist, life cannot exist."

    Tired, frustrated, overweight, addicted, overworked, stressed with anxiety, driven by obsession, out of balance? If yes, this article may provide you with an amazing insight.

    Human spirit is another word for energy. There is no ghost or spirit controlling our vitality. What controls our vitality and energy is our love for life. When our mind, our heart or our spirit withdraws from something, so our energy withdraws. We begin to feel tired, exhausted, angry or simply disappointed.

    Tired is physical but its real origins are in the human heart.

    The soul thinks in pictures and when the pictures become fuzzy, so the soul goes on holiday. Soulless living means the dream is lost, the love is gone, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Love is food for the heart, energy for the spirit. Really, when you find an exhausted, tired person, you find a person who has lost love. They might even be in a relationship, but the love has gone out of it. They might be in a job, but the love has gone out of it. Because we are so afraid of change, sometimes we stay in relationships and jobs when the love goes out of it. We do it because our culture, society values staying higher than going. Then, if the love goes out of it, we have to find substitutes.

    Love cannot be forced. If love goes out of a relationship, it becomes a soulless union. Anything done, where the human spirit is lost, is done without soul. Then it is purely mechanical. There are many people who can deal with this mechanical life on the surface, but below the surface they have found a coping mechanism, a substitute for love, a way of supporting their spirit while it dies.

    The Four Substitutes are:


    Food as a substitute. This obsession reveals itself in obesity, preoccupation with flavour and cooking, eating disorders, and substance abuse including alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and sugar. Food is not limited to what we consume by mouth. Infatuation and upper emotions are food as well.

    Sex as a substitute. This obsession reveals itself in so many ways. Flirting, seeking approval, appetite for physical sex, masturbation, fantasy, affairs, to name a few. Sexual drive rises as a substitute for love, not always as a mirror of it. This can include the pleasure lust for spiritual enlightenment.

    Greed as a substitute. When love goes out, and therefore human spirit energy goes out of someone's life, greed comes in as a substitute. This greed is an appetite seen in blind ambition, obsessive saving, status and power in the form of cars, success, and righteous aggression,holding onto children, living vicariously.

    Righteousness as a substitute for love. The human ego thrives on blame. It wants to be right. The human ego is what grows to replace the human spirit when love is missing in someone's life. The human ego defends the individual from what they fear, creating a feeling of identity and self importance, energy.

    To change a circumstance in our life, it is wise to deal with cause, rather than effect. The cause of the need for substitutes is that LOVE is not held SACRED. When love is gone, Sacred is gone, spirit dies and we are left with no option but to fill our empty space with a substitute.

    Substitutes are responsible for: affairs, arthritis, arm ache, gangrene, heart attack, gum disease, ulcers, obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, suicide, car accidents, premature ejaculation, impotence, cancer, tinea, acne, bad moods, domestic violence, low productivity and more.

    Do what you love, love what you do.

    The loss of the human spirit is an epidemic that's spreading fast. Have you caught it. Are you going through the motions of a relationship that's dead, a job that's about money, an exercise program that's about how you look? Are you hooked on substitutes, righteousness about the world, greed about wanting, sex about acceptance, food about consumption? If so, it can all change if you prioritize love. Where love doesn't exist - substitutes do.

    Be you.

    Cultural norms make us stay where we don't need to be. They make us leave where we don't need to leave. Cultural norms suggest the length of our relationships are more important than the quality and integrity of them. Where love stops, hearts stop.

    The soul thinks in pictures. Can you see? With your inner eye? Are your dreams alive?

    Remember, tiredness, ageing, stress and frustration are just signs that love is gone and substitutes have crept in.

    Live with Spirit.

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