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    The Return Of Medicine Woman

    By John Colanzi

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Do you believe that there are massive changes coming to return peace and harmony to our land?

    It seems hard to believe when we look at the world around us, but that's what a Lakota Sioux prophecy says is about to happen.

    The Lakota have a legend about a medicine woman on her death bed who proclaims she will come back as a white buffalo to bring peace and harmony.

    The legend seems hard to believe because the buffalo is an endangered species and the odds against a white buffalo being born are astronomical.

    Amazing as this prophecy would seem to the rational mind, a white buffalo was born on a 46-acre ranch in Wisconsin. The owners of the farm knew nothing about the prophecy, but did know the birth of the white buffalo was so rare, they named her "Miracle".

    Native Americans heard about the birth and traveled by the thousands to see Miracle with their own eyes.

    The rancher and his wife asked the Lakota of all the places for Miracle to be born, why would it happen on their ranch?

    The Lakota told the rancher and his wife that their ranch was chosen because it was a sacred place. The perfect spot for Miracle to be born, because the ranch had so many different types of animals all living in harmony.

    Is this the "Return Of Medicine Woman"?

    Ponder these facts and decide for yourself:

    Medicine Woman said she would return as a white buffalo. The white buffalo on the ranch was a female.

    She said she would return to bring massive changes resulting in peace and harmony. The day after Miracle was born, three warring tribes signed peace treaties.

    The legend says the buffalo will change color three times before going back to it's original white color. Miracle has already changed from gray to white.

    Miracle was born on a ranch where animals that don't live well together in nature, are living in peace and harmony.

    The rancher knew nothing about the Lakota legend when he named the white buffalo "Miracle."

    Do miracles really occur?

    Are we moving towards massive changes leading to peace and harmony?

    I don't know. But I pray that Medicine Woman has returned.

    We could use a Miracle.

    Copyright (c) John Colanzi.

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