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    Love is the Deepest Of Human Awakenings

    By Chris Walker

    Website - www.ChrisWalkerOnline.com

    Chris Walker photo

    Love is cumulative. It's the little things that count. Love is sacred, the key to health, happiness and success. Our relationships mean more to us than we wish to admit.

    In the eyes of our lover we can find God. One might say, "If we cannot see God in the eyes of our beloved, then we will never find Him elsewhere." Love is sacred and our obsession with relationships is justified. However, we are not really good at them; we fail, we break each other's hearts, we hurt and become selfish. All too often, we sabotage the most precious truth of our lives. In my book, Sacred Love, I make no apologies about linking the divine miracle of life to the essence of our relationships with our beloved.

    What is love but the deepest of human awakenings? It is the mark of all the great sages. Love and the depths of enlightenment are proven, not beneath a tree or in some temple, but in the warmth and generosity of our relationship with our beloved.

    Are we here, present with them in this moment? Are we here, thankful for and humbled by the gift of their time and effort? Have our material ambitions turned us into abusive, neglectful individuals? These questions are never more vital than in the moments of sacredness, when we are cumulatively building a sustainable, divine and sacred relationship with our beloved.

    Expectations kill love. Emotions destroy what the heart wants most. Delusions sabotage the soul's deepest yearning. Love is precious but so much of what we think is healthy contradicts our deepest meaning. Ambitions, expectations, projections, desires and fear-based self-obsession in the name of spirituality can corrupt the greatest treasure of our life. Our love is sacred, our expectations are corrupted.

    Universal law defines universal love. Chaos is only an experience we cannot comprehend. And comprehension is conditional on our perspective. To grow your love, to keep your honeymoon alive forever, your perspective must grow as your relationship must grow. From narrow, righteous and religious perspectives you must challenge your ideologies, icons and idols. Teachers are made to be stepped on not stopped on. Grow, and your love will thrive.

    Five steps to keeping your love sacred

    1. Expand your service to humanity; take more responsibility for the world, and in doing so master the ability to be still. Only in stillness, when nature calls to your inner being and silence enters your heart, can love thrive. All else is noise, expectation, emotion and abuse. Be still. Learn the art of stillness. Love without action.

    2. Link your dreams. Love is not the glue that binds lovers in a relationship. Shared dreams and visions beyond goals are the true magnetism that keep couples in love forever. Individuality kills the divine and feeds the ego. Sacred is the relationship that can share the depth of ever-expanding dreams. Review your vision for your life with your partner once a year, and merge the elements you share (only a third of your dreams need be mutual).

    3. Grow your love daily. The universal laws of nature reveal that love grows at the border of chaos and order, support and challenge. Do not interpret challenges as a symptom of your relationship's failure. Grow through the challenges; welcome them as you welcome your lover's support. Only the ego wants peace, warmth and support in isolation. Be strong in love and weak in ego. Welcome growth.

    4. Romance is part of love. Happiness is being romanced and appreciated. What good is love if it has no worthy expression? But if romantic actions are empty, devoid of truth or manipulative, then they can only temporarily blind people, and cannot sustain or communicate love. Only honest appreciation can cause a lover to deeply and sustainably yearn for you. The emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bonds between lovers are lubricated by appreciation. What you appreciate grows, and this is the key to the joy of lovers.

    5. Love is a lifestyle. Love is cumulative. To hold love sacred, your lifestyle must value love, your environment must be conducive to it, your actions, words, thoughts and feelings must mirror it. Instead of worshipping icons and idols, Gods and Goddesses, your lover becomes the mirror, a true reflection of the sacredness of life and all that creates it. Love is cumulative. It is the small things that add up to create sacred love, the daily, momentary actions. This is the key to a sacred relationship.

    BIO - Chris Walker - www.ChrisWalker.com.au - lifts people's spirits and opens their heart. He is the author of 10 best selling books including the The Laws of Nature for a Better Relationship and The Laws of Nature for a Better Business Chris is an international change agent and keynote speaker on self leadership and personal change. He is the first international change agent to bridge the gap between relationship and business. Proving without doubt they are linked and need to be considered that way. Walker runs treks to the Nepal Himalayas each year and this year he runs his 50th journey up to the High Himalayas leading groups and entrepreneurs on self-discovery journeys to the two highest trekking peaks in the world. Chris lives in Sydney Australia where you'll find him practising is natural meditation techniques out in Sydney Harbour on his racing ski or sea kayak. Chris Walker has also worked with the Indigenous communities in Canada.

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