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    The Luckiest Days of the Week by Zodiac (Sun) Sign

    If you feel as if you are a person that never gets any luck, it could be because you are not actively looking for it. People who have received some good luck may tell you that they were feeling particularly lucky on that day. It is believed that there are certain star (Zodiac / Sun) signs that may find one day of the week luckier than others.

    Monday - Lucky for Cancer

    Monday is a day for new beginnings and is a lucky day for Cancer. People under the sign of Cancer are well known for getting hunches about certain situations, and following these hunches on a Monday can be even more productive than normal.

    Tuesday - Lucky for Aries and Scorpio

    Tuesday is a day that tends to be ruled by Mars and is lucky for Aries and Scorpio. This gives them a feeling of assertiveness which they find helps them complete any projects or tasks that may have been left over from the day before.

    Wednesday - Lucky for Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius

    Star signs that are believed to be intelligent will find Wednesday to be a lucky day because it is ruled by Mercury. As Wednesday is in the middle of the week it is no surprise that it is lucky for Gemini but the other two signs will also appreciate the grounding effects that this day can bring, and they will also find it a very good day for communicating.

    Thursday - Lucky for Pisces and Sagittarius

    Anticipation and optimism are two feelings that sum up Thursday which is why it is so lucky for Pisces and Sagittarius. Both of these signs will appreciate the sense of wisdom and broadening horizons that Thursdays bring, and this will give them more confidence in whatever activity they are undertaking.

    Friday - Lucky for Taurus and Libra

    Friday is lucky for Taurus and Libra because it is a day of love and celebration. Venus rules Friday and this gives these two star signs that feel-good feeling that makes Fridays so special and it also gives them a feeling of contentment.

    Saturday - Lucky for Capricorn

    Saturday is a great day for both starting and completing projects, which makes it lucky for Capricorn. They will enjoy tying up any loose ends that are left over from the beginning of the week, and Capricorns will also enjoy having a routine that they carry out every Saturday.

    Sunday - Lucky for Leo

    Leo's may find that they are able to express themselves more clearly on a Sunday than any other day of the week. They will enjoy spending time doing the things that they love and spending the day with the people that they choose.

    If there is anything that you have been putting off for a while, try tackling it on your lucky day and you may be surprised at the results that you get.

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