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    Onyx to Amethyst -
    Matching Crystals with your Star Sign

    There are numerous benefits to wearing and owning crystals, and these can be enhanced by matching the right crystals to your star sign. Whether you seek health benefits or simply good fortune and luck, some crystals will be more potent if they are matched to the same element as that which corresponds to your star sign.

    Health Benefits

    Crystal healing is an ancient tradition common today for those seeking alternative forms of help, whether it is spiritual or physical. Quartz is often used in healing, and crystals are placed on the Chakras throughout the body to draw out negative and harmful energies. By finding out what crystals are attuned to your star sign, you might be able to further health benefits simply by wearing them. As crystals have different effects, it can be worth checking into which might be best suited for your problem. If you are trying to give up smoking for example, and you want something to work in addition to traditional methods of beating the addiction, then clear quartz can be a good choice, as according to some you are able to place your intentions into the crystal, which will then work to help you achieve them. Alternatively, Zeolites are reported to be very good at detoxification of the body, and there is also hematite, which can be useful in beating compulsive behaviour. All of these options could be useful if you are trying to beat smoking for example.

    Spiritual Benefits

    For problems of a more spiritual nature, crystals can be very helpful in this area too. There are a number of crystals that can help you gain confidence, activate latent talents, calm you in times of stress, and many others. Amber is thought to actively absorb negative energy for example, so is often used by crystal healers for clients suffering from a broken heart or relationships problems, but can be equally useful for anyone feeling a bit down or depressed. The various affects and purposes of crystals are very varied, so you are sure to find one that can help in day to day life whatever you might be looking for.

    Linking Crystals to your Star Sign

    Crystals can be linked to star signs as birth stones with variations in ancient and modern birthstones. Normally, they will correspond to the element of your star sign. The four elements are earth, water, wind and fire, and most crystals are linked to these elements. Aries for example, is a fire sign, and some of the stones and crystals associated with this sign are bloodstone, citrine and jasper. These particular examples may have added benefit to an Aries, as their effects may be stronger as a result. Bloodstone, for example, is commonly associated with all round vigor, and healthy blood flow. This can be of particular benefit for an Aries then, as many under this sign might have high blood pressure. You can use crystals then, to augment your star sign's natural strengths, and to combat spiritual weaknesses that may also be associated with them.

    Capricorns, as an example, might often suffer from colds or digestive problems. To help remedy these ailments or avoid them entirely, someone born under the Capricorn sign could wear a garnet, as these protect the body from infection and regulate the body. To enhance their talents, they might also consider having a ruby, which will help bring out their natural wisdom even further. Many stones and crystals do cross over to multiple star signs, so there are no real problems or conflicts when it comes to choosing a crystal for particular benefits that you might be looking for. Finding crystals that are aligned with your star sign will simply, as mentioned, enhance their effects, but there is no reason that you can't benefit from crystals in general.

    Overall, there are many benefits to be gained from linking your star sign with crystals. For a more in depth breakdown of what crystals are suitable for your star sign, as well as details about which birthstones are linked to you, there are various sources you can check before deciding which crystals will best augment your life and help keep you healthy, happy and successful.

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