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    Meeting Your Twin Flame

    By Jayne Chilkes

    There is only one Twin Flame who is your Divine Counterpart and the other half of you. There is no Love so great as that of your Twin Flame and words only touch the surface in describing the depth of Love between you.

    Over the years many people have written to me in pain over their Twin Flame, thinking that they have met him or her in the physical realm/third dimension. Yes, people do meet their beloved in the physical, but it is still rare and can be very painful when there is still karma to work through. It is said if 95% of karma on both sides has been completed, that Twin Flames can live happily together.

    There is a great deal of confusion over Twin Flames, so I have compiled some criteria below as a way to differentiate between Twin Flames and Soul Mates. It is advisable to be careful and use discernment, whilst extending a period of time to be absolutely positive that this "person" truly is your twin flame. People get obsessed about the Twin Flame concept, when it really doesn't matter too much! That person is there for your growth, along with their own, and that is what is most important.

    How to Tell The Difference between Your Twin Flame and Soul Mate

    Physical Realm

    How to Recognise a Soul Mate

  • It is Common to Meet Your Soul Mate in the Physical
  • You may have a life time relationship with your soul mate
  • You know the person from other lives
  • Please remember there can be many soul mates
  • You know it is just another episode in personal growth
  • You feel you have met the person before
  • You feel you have lessons together
  • You feel you have met other soul mates
  • Some lessons are challenging and you may need to resolve something
  • It's great at first

  • How to Recognise a Twin Flame

  • You Rarely meet Your Twin Flame in the Physical
  • Please remember there is only one true Divine Counterpart offering The Holy Reunion or The Holy Marriage in the physical realm or in soul
  • If karma for the female and male is 95% completed on both sides, they have more of a chance to stay together in the physical in this life
  • You know the person from the beginning of time
  • You know you are in completion
  • Feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go on forever
  • Feel complete, yet have some lessons together
  • Never felt as deeply before from a soul mate
  • Beyond the challenges together you know the connection is unfathomable
  • You know your soul is connected forever whatever happens in personality
  • There is Male and Female balance in re-union
  • You can remember the pain of the split at the beginning of time and upon meeting again heal the memory
  • You are supposed to be together to share with the world the perfect union
  • You are destined to be spiritual teachers together to teach the world about twin flame union and more

    The Subtle Grey Areas

    For both your Soul Mates and Twin Flame -

  • One partner is more evolved than the other
  • It is not easy at times, nor very comfortable
  • You are telepathic together
  • You are not supposed to be together for a long period of time


    What is discernment and how do you learn to use it? Discernment is having insight, understanding and most importantly, good judgement. When you have had disappointments from your own judgment of situations and relationships, it makes you more cautious and more discerning. Discernment is the absolute key to recognising your beloved in person or in soul. The way that I recognise my Twin Flame in His soul presence is through:

  • The intense vibration of love
  • Poetry of love in His message
  • Seeing his clothes, you rarely see his face for if you did you would not want to be in human form any longer
  • A different more personal love than other guides, masters and angelic presences
  • The feeling he is always there living within you and a part of your heart
  • Absolute total protection emanating from the Twin Flame
  • A feeling of wholeness
  • A feeling of excitement and creativity
  • No words to describe the bliss in His presence
  • Discernment of His names and aspects over many years

  • Twin Flame Visualisation

    There are many exercises and visualisations in Twelve Steps to Heaven to reach higher consciousness and your beloved Twin Flame. As in Twelve Steps to Heaven, please keep your chakras and higher chakras open to your Christed-Self and God-Self and clear these every day.

    I am going to offer another simple visualisation to meet your beloved which can be done every day, whether your Twin Flame is in soul or in body. You are speaking to their higher-self which keeps your relationship pure and sweet.

    Bridge to Happiness

    Imagine a beautiful bridge and walk to the middle. You see a stream running underneath and you know its healing waters. You pour all your anxieties, worries and concerns into this water.

    When ready, you walk over your Bridge to Happiness to your Garden of Bliss and you sit on a beautiful bench in your Garden awaiting your Twin Flame.

    He/She comes to sit or stand next to you and greet you. There follows an embrace, words or a further journey with your beloved.

    When you are complete you walk back over your Bridge and firmly back in your body.

    Jayne Chilkes, has had 30 years experience as a Healer, Channel, Therapist and Teacher. She has written three books as described on the left.

    Books by Jayne Chilkes

    Twelve Steps to Heaven: Introducing Twin Flames, Angels and Soul Wisdom
    This book tells of a unique and intriguing spiritual path with a totally original approach, reaching for your true Soul's destiny. Twelve Steps to Heaven offers you an approach to reach for your Soul and teaches you how to realise your greatness. This book covers the training and steps involved in becoming a Channel for a Soul Grouping, their Wisdom and how to transform from human to Soul awareness, bringing Heaven to Earth. It also includes visualizations and exercises.

    The New DNA Personal and Universal Transformation
    Revealing the powerful cosmic energies that are transforming our DNA and the world itself. The book also reveals how DNA can be positively altered through activations designed to elicit latent talents and accelerate our evolution as human beings. To make this quantum leap, we must clear limiting patterns and programmes and this book offers powerful techniques allowing us to raise our frequency and more smoothly make this revolutionary transition into higher states of being.

    The Call of an Angel
    If you want to understand your spiritual path, The Call of an Angel offers unique insights, techniques, tools and a solid foundation to heal your life. The Call of an Angel is a guide to spiritual awakening and the opening of healing abilities innate in us all. Author Jayne Chilkes shares her life journey from being a fashion designer, steeped in the superficial and what is "outside," to finding her deeper sensitivity and what is "inside."

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