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    Moon Affirmations

    Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phase

    Under the moon and stars one night, the book Moon Affirmations - Daily Meditations - Using the Moon Phase to Focus Your Energy was born. While meditating with a friend, Eileen was inspired by the phases of the moon to create a book explaining how the different phases of the moon affect our own energy.

    Unlike other books on the market incorporating the moon theme, Moon Affirmations is unique in content and in format. It is a simple book taking the cycle of the moon from dark to waxing through to full and waning back to dark to focus the reader's mind on an internal journey of self-discovery.

    As the moon cycles through twenty-eight nights of change, the reader journeys through an inner voyage of self-discovery. An affirmative poem and meditation guides the reader to tap into the energy of the moon phase. The chapters progress through the eight phases of the moon and how the energy links to a different phase within the reader's life. The meditations range from visualization to craft projects to dancing.

    Eileen has been contributing to Circle Magazine for more than ten years with articles and poems. She has also been published in the 2008 Witches Companion, The American Tarot Association Quarterly Journal and the Unicorn. Moon Affirmations is her debut book for the New Age community.

    If you are interested in purchasing the book contact: Eileen Troemel at |

    Book resellers may apply for an account by visiting

    Eileen is also the author of Secret Past and Moments in Nature

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