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    Nancy Matz, Northern California Psychic

    Predicts for the New Millennium

    Nancy Matz is a popular Northern California psychic who has "read" more than 20,000 people. She's known as the "busiest psychic in Sacramento." Her schedule also includes giving group readings, conducting weddings (she's an ordained minister), consulting for individuals, and writing books.

    At this time of year, though, you're likely to find her jumping over tombstones with the local spirits (and us real people) at the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento. It's where I first met Nancy three years ago. I had already heard how "good" she was as a psychic. I was further impressed with her psychic information about the spirits wandering around our group. She knew what they were thinking, the histories of their death, and even some of their present concerns as spirit. And her psychic impressions were confirmed by the cemetery's caretaker who accompanied us from one active spirit to the next. Nancy says the spirits are grateful for the attention they receive at her tours and have a lot to say given the chance.

    I decided shortly after the Cemetery Psychic Tour, that I would call Nancy for my next reading. Sensing an affinity with her, and ever the inquisitive (nosey) astrologer, I asked for her birthday. It turned out that she and my mother share the same birthday, although not the same year.

          Interview with Nancy Matz, September 8, 1999

    Tara: At the turn of the millennium, is there anything you'd like all to know to help prepare us for the future?

    Nancy: To take the responsibility to be "absolute" in truth. To declare that "I" have the answers would be a responsibility I'd not want to have. Yes, I see very clearly, but the final outcome only God knows. I know of only one person who could walk on water, and I do not want to wear those shoes! So, part of all our lessons is to be given information but to take charge and want to be ultimately responsible for our own lives.

    Tara: Are deceased spirits capable of reading our thoughts, say someone is thinking, "I'm glad he's dead and gone," or anything you'd like to be kept private from that person now in spirit.?

    Nancy: Now remember, I have no prior birth memory as spirit knowing whether or not I could listen to spouses thoughts! My perception is "'no," they can not hear our thoughts. Well, one of you may be thinking right now, "What about our prayers, we say them in our minds!" I believe that our individual thoughts can create actions. Also, as in prayer our bodies vibration reflects a need, and the theory that we attract 'like for like' is set in motion. A prayer for help, guidance, money, love sets up our vibrations separately for each thought and the universe sends to us what we want to attract. Now that could set up endless hours of debate!

    Another idea I believe in, is that our thoughts stay with us for an undetermined amount of time. You have a thought of a "red ball", I walk near you and pick up a "red ball" even an hour or day later. I'm not sure how long our thoughts say in our energy band. At many lectures, and groups, I've often repeated words, and thoughts that were said either that day or even minutes earlier. How many of you have walked or been near someone and instantly felt uncomfortable? You learn later that they had been in a fight with a partner, or that they had said something unpleasant either about you or someone else. The thoughts or words they said earlier were unconsciously picked up by you and felt though not knowing their meaning. Another endless hours of debate material!

    Tara: Getting back to the idea that some people believe spirits are omnipotent .... Say your spouse has died and you then take up with someone else in HIS bed. Does the spirit know about it and perhaps see his replacement in the bed, get jealous, have an etheric temper tantrum?

    Sometimes you just need to get another bed! Perhaps both partners feel uncomfortable. Could be that the new partner can still feel the "imprint" of the deceased person. One widow said she could feel her deceased partner watching her with her new mate. Changing the bed wouldn't necessarily help. Some of us do have spouses that would be upset. There of course would need to be a "recover period" for the newly deceased. We sometimes need to asked for our loved ones to have more time in recovery or to asked our guides and angels to give us the privacy we deserve. This is a lengthy and involved process, describing all the conditions.

    Tara: How does information about the future come to you, whether it's for individuals or about world events?

    Nancy: It is exciting and fun to see my readings fold out with others, and ourselves. It's complex to wonder how much free will there is. I've come to the conclusion that information I give about others to a client, when they are not told of my answers, seems to happen in an order given. But answers given can be affected by time. I can give information about events to happen in the spring (or a certain month) and all events happen but one could be an entire year off.

    Also, interesting to me in regard to time, is that time appears to be folded like a folded hand-held fan. Closed up time is shortened. Opened up you seen the true expanse of time. Sometimes we can jump decades and see only the end result. One example of this is the flooding of the Western United States, particularly California. I personally can see the Mississippi flood and expand during the next 150 years. But the flooding of California is more than 200 to 250 years for it just to start! I also see volcanos coming back to life in Northern California, a couple in Mexico in the next 10 years, but not ultimate destruction for California. I have a marvelous gift that allows me to watch our children grow up to adult hood. I have talked to thousands of people here in California who are going to grow very old. I am very confident that all of us reading these questions will outlive any terrible prediction.

    Tara: Before we go on, what's happened with JFK JR and Lady Di since their deaths?

    Nancy: JFK JR was greeted by his mother, with father stepped to one side. Of course, he was surprised and emotional. He was immediately joined by his wife. He has been with his pre-deceased family members since the accident. Lady Di - Not unexpectedly, she has spent much time with her children since her passing.

    More Predictions:
  • Next election process I see a man and woman competing. The man will win with a smaller margin and expected.
  • The Russian leader will step aside and disappear from public view. The new leader will appear to be on a side of democracy. I want to give caution here, his motives are not what they appear. Not that he will take over the world, but he'll want a much tighter control over his own people. It will not be who the current leader is expecting to succeed him. That country is headed for a huge transition. There will be complete uprising in and around Moscow. We will hear it over the air ways, and the leader of that country will not want that to get out. After the new uprising a new leader will take over (a lighter haired man). He will be working for the general peace of his people.
  • The worries of China and what they are planning. That country is much weaker than it appears to us. The country is divided into 3-4 pieces. To have world war, the leaders of that country would need to have full backing from its citizens, and this will not happen. The citizens of that country would not back a war effort; they have been without too long. The accessibility of the citizens to see the truth by travel and media has harmed the efforts of world war for their leaders. Their leaders are too weak to have unification. Now the crime groups of the country are growing larger and larger. If I were to give a warning it would be that the crime leaders are moving into all the Asian markets and have the power to control and change the larger money market groups.
  • Clintons - I believe that Mrs. Clinton will run for senator. Almost want to say... she is wanting to practice what Bill learned in office. She wants her name in history. I do not see her running for President. I do feel that a divorce is heading their way. She is setting up her future. I believe that President Clinton will make a lot of money on the talk circuit when he is out of office. The country is just going to want to see that guy.

    Nancy's book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Borders, or through this link at Amazon: Two Worlds : Developing Your Psychic Skills

    To check Nancy's calendar for upcoming book signings, psychic tours, and her other events, please visit her website at www.NancyMatz.com.

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