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    Neptune in Aquarius Goes Direct October 22, 2003

    What Does It Mean?

    By Dr. Eileen Nauman DHM(UK)


    With permission. © Copyright 2003 Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved.

    When you place a water element planet in a fixed air sign, something has to give. Perhaps we can look at Aquarius like a stout cardboard box, and Neptune the water that silently runs toward it, encloses it, wets the material and finally, weakens the entire structure over time until the cardboard material dissolves without a whimper into the watery embrace of this nebulous, diffused planet's energy and purpose. These two remind me of a new pair of shoes, one size too small for your feet and yet, you have to wear 'em, stretch them, suffer some pain, certainly some adjustment, until the shoes accommodate you. And when Neptune goes direct (backward motion, seemingly, in the sky--it isn't really, it just looks that way from our perspective here on Earth...) the shoes that were tight widen out and we go "ahhhh" and relax a little because things have given away, stretched and our feet are smiling once again.

    Each planet is an energy expression and vibration. Each zodiac sign also has its resonation, too. You can sort of look or evaluate them like different radio frequencies on your FM or AM radio. Each is a "station" that pulsates its endless signals toward us. HOW we respond to them is up to each of us; and the reactions and actions are going to be as diverse as raindrops sparkling in sunlight to create a colorful rainbow.

    Neptune goes DIRECT on October 22, 2003 at 10 degrees Aquarius (10 Leo by opposition). Those born between January 27 through February 2nd Aquarians, are going to be the MOST affected by this Direct motion, especially those born on January 30th. By be most affected by this transit, especially those born on August 10th. Those directly who have a planet at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13 degrees of ANY sign, may be affected by Neptune's direct motion, as well. You need to consult your professional astrologer for more, specific information on how it will affect you. You can always contact Carol B. Willis at: , and make an appointment with her.

    WHAT NEPTUNE RULES--does it affect you?

    Using the keywords of Neptune, which I've posted, let's look at what it rules and how it may affect you. With terrorism in high gear, and Neptune ruling gases, bacteria, spores and viruses, what comes to mind is biological and chemical warfare being loosed around the world, including on the USA, by terrorists. This is a particularly chaotic, uneven and destabilizing time with Neptune turning direct with Saturn going direct 3 days later. My advice to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is that this period between now and when Neptune goes direct, to EXPECT a time of chaos--and be prepared for it. There is no question in my mind that around the 22nd, there may be a presidential assassination attempt (transiting Saturn turns direct on George Bush's sun). The last time I said there would be an assassination, there was one: in Sweden. President Bush may not be so lucky this time around. At worst, there is an attempt. At best, he gets shown to be the liar and deceiver he truly is.


    Actors and actresses--time for drama kings and queens to put their act away (finally)!!

    Alcohol--you may drink a little too much in celebration; so watch the amount. You will ease off the liquor, generally speaking.

    Artists--you'll find your creativity coming back! yippee!

    Ambiguities--someone that tried to pull the wool over your eyes--is going to be caught in the manipulation they tried on you--and you will see it--clearly. No more confusion on who is your enemy and who are your supporters. The truth will begin to emerge about bin Laden and the terrorist cells.

    Anesthesia (bad reaction to--allergic reaction)--very bad for surgeries scheduled around this time. Especially any time during the next 2 weeks. Do not schedule a surgery for the day Neptune goes direct; try to wait. If you do, then you should not have any of the above affect you.

    Bacteria--SARS--yes--may raise its ugly head and become a Pandemic about now...and if that virus isn't your cup of tea you can always pick up something real easy--staph, Strep, AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis--wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and wash your food off well before preparation, as well as cooking meat WELL done. You are more "bug-impervious" now and less likely to catch one of these nasty little critters! Your immune system is going to get stronger and be able to ward them off, now. This includes the dispursement of chemical and biological assaults by terrorists on any country in the world right now.

    Beaches--great place to be for destressing--run, don't walk, to the nearest one shouting, "Thank you, God! or...Goddess!" for surviving this retrograde period.

    Beverages--drink lots of water during this period to flush out--don't be consuming a lot of alcoholic or sugar-content fluids. Wanting more water now that it is going direct will take over.

    Boats--a nice place to least now you won't get lost in one or capsize in it with Neptune going direct. Enjoy a great day sailing...the weather and Mother Ocean will cooperate with you .

    Clairvoyant--you may become more so for a couple of weeks--pay strict attention to your intuition during this period--it can save your butt :-)--your intuition is finally coming thought you'd lost it under this retrograde! Nope. Now, it's back "on" and your "360 degree all-terrain radar" is up and running normally once again--whew! :-)

    Coma--you may feel like you're in one until after it turns direct. Now that it's going direct, you'll feel like someone has removed the cotton between your ears and life is looking far more sharper and in focus.

    Compassion--practice it--daily. It was tough to do this during this retrograde, but now, you are feeling far more generous now that you feel hooked back up to the the Cosmos yourself. Your tests are over for now.

    Confusion--You will see the scams and sidestep them. Always get a signed contract, anyway. And now, so many people won't be lying to you as before. You'll get more honest, truthful communication from those around you. The veil of "bs" is going to be lifted. More truth will emerge from the shadows of illusionary Neptune. It is "gloves off" now. All the players will be accounted for and seen for who and what they are--and are not.

    Codependent--will probably kick in stronger than usual during this time frame, but with Neptune going direct, you're going to feel stronger and freerer about taking self-right action for you--as it should be.

    Creative--you will be "on" now, and the ideas will flow once again--hooray!

    Dancing--absolutely! What a great way to de-stress and give your body a wonderful work out--plus it will ground you, which is what you need on this direct motion.

    Deception--who is lying to us? How do we lie to ourselves? You found out or will shortly. With Neptune going direct, the liars are seen and found out. Those who have deceived you will be shown for who and what they are, too. Pay attention.

    Delusion (by ourselves toward ourselves or others)--what we're fooling ourselves about may rear its ugly head on this planet going direct--so pay attention to what you see. The truth is out there.... Chances are, you were deceived in some way....or you did it to yourself (you know how we all lie to ourselves....)...well, it's over for now. We are no so easily disillusioned now. Our eyes are open, the fog has dissipated and we see people and their games for what they matter how sneaky or manipulative they try to be, we will find them out!

    Dreams--more of them....keep a journal...see the pattern of how your subconscious is talking to you....hopefully you did keep a journal. Now go back and read it all and see the significance of the symbology of your life--you'll be able to perceive it quite easily now--more black and white than the muddled gray of before during the retrograde. Dreams will also be more clear in their meaning to you, as well. Be particularly aware of pre-cog, precognitive dreams during this time between now and Neptune turning direct.

    Drug addiction--this is a great time to stop smoking! Or stop recreational drug use. Just do it! A homeopathic remedy known as Caladium is well known to stop the craving for cigarettes. A low potency, 6C, taken on an "as needed basis" when the craving hits, will do amazing things to help you stop.

    Drugs (hypersensitive to)--watch out for allergy reaction. You won't be as prone to this under the direct motion.

    Drugs (allergy reaction to)--yes. You will be less likely to this now.

    Energy defrayed (feels tired, exhausted)--absolutely...everyone could use a little Curly Dock flower essence to bump up their energy and quit feeling like they're dragging around a ball and chain on their feet :-). Well, if you took Curly Dock, you got through this period in a lot better physical frame than those who didn't. With Neptune moving forward, we'll slowly take back our vitality and in about 3-4 weeks, feel like our old selves again and we won't have to take any more of this wonderful essence.

    Epidemics--very possible...somewhere... Well, yes, we did....the West Nile Virus exploded in Colorado this year and Arizona has had its first cases. SARS is our big worry. I hope you have your homeopathic kit and have read my article on SARS? Now that its going direct, you'll see the epidemic winding up to take off (think planes here, folks). Other epidemics, such as bio-terrorism type, are going to be a very real possibility, so stay alert to "what is out of place" in your area where you live. City folks are at a lot bigger risk than country folks--by a country mile....

    Forgery--buyer can be fooled big time right now. I hope you weren't; but the chances are there that you might have. Now you will find out about the forgery!

    Fishing--another destressing idea. You'll catch fish now that it's going direct--before, you couldn't.

    Idealism and what one idealizes--is now back in vogue. Your harsh pessimism or 'dark cloud' mentality will go 'poof' like fog does when the sunlight touches it.

    Illumination--you'll feel far more connected with this force than before.

    Illusion--what you see is not necessarily what you'll get. If you meet someone during this time--they are NOT what they seem to be--watch, be patient and sooner or later, this person will reveal their true selves to you--and you probably will be very jilted and unhappy about what you see. Under a direct Neptune, you'll find out who and what is an illusion. REALITY about these illusions sets in now. With the lies that Bush told to go to war with Iraq knee-jerk denial will stop being effective. But with Neptune going direct, people are going to be more sensible, more pragmatic and more realistic about it and stop being in so much denial about it. People will begin to take practical and common sensed steps about the war in Iraq which is VIETNAM all over again for us who have "been there and seen it." More of America will wake up to this fact.

    Imagination--is on the increase! Use it!

    Liars--will get their come uppance. Bush for one. Cheny, Rumsfield and Wolfowitz will too. The kid gloves come off now. There's a lot of secret in this dirty little kingdom in DC right now....but Neptune is going to come along and rip the mask off and hopefully Americans will "get it" and run to the polls in 2004 and vote someone who has better intentions for the world at that time.

    Manipulated by others--most definitely. Put up healthy boundaries and learn to say "no" instead of being abused/used/manipulated. You probably were, but now with it going direct, you aren't going to be so easily moved around like a pawn on the chessboard of Life. You will be able to say "no" and mean it and stand your ground.

    Music--yes! Listen to it. Play it. A de-stressor

    Obligations and serving--absolutely. Do your karmic responsibility right now. We all did. Now, we get a breather, and maybe a few rewards and a little pat on the head for a 'well done'.

    Pantothenic Acid (B-5)--may need 100 mgs. a day between now and when it goes direct on October 22nd--it feeds the adrenal glands--your flight or fight mechanism and you may be under a lot of stress right now--so it will help you through this. Now, you can stop taking aren't going to feel so stressed and beat up by Life.

    Poisons of all kinds--Have Poison Control Center phone number handy. You or your family can be poisoned by air, water or food. Less chance of this now since its going direct.

    Psychic--yes, you will tune in more clearly during this period. Listen.

    Sacrifice--yes, you will be asked to help. So, do it. We all made sacrifices, now, we get a breather from this, too. Whew.

    Sensitivity--all your 5 senses are turned up to an excruciating degree--find silence. Find being alone or more quiet to escape this phenomena. Now, our 5 senses are going to turn down to 'normal' once again. And the need for quiet and being alone won't be so urgent.

    Spirituality--wonderful time for it. Find time to be alone, quiet and meditate.

    Suffering--yes, some of us will during this time frame. Do it for the right reasons. Learn to practice the Art of Compassion. If you suffered during this period, then cheer up--your suffering is at an end. You past the test. Congratulations.

    Vagueness--everyone is going to be this way. You won't get a straight answer. Better to wait until after Neptune turns direct and try again...things will be more clear. Things clear up a lot now!

    Victim--you can become one. Your choice. Put up your boundaries--learn to say "no." You will now.

    Virus--yep, they're around. Now, they're going to hibernate for awhile and wait until the next Neptune retrograde to awaken and do more damage.

    Weak (as in an organ or system of the body)--mostly ankles and calves for you Aquarians and heart/circulation for you Leo's. Your ankles and hearts and circulation improve remarkably now.


    Tools for destressing such as meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Quong, acupuncture, massage, swimming, reflexology, polarity therapy, flower and gem essences, homeopathy, taking a quiet walk, working in a garden, shamanic journeying, communing with Nature, listening to classical music, taking trips into isolated and beautiful natural power spots around our globe, learning to commune and then open up to Mother Earth (and understanding she, too, is a LIVING being), and going to health and spiritual-oriented spas will become "in."

    As a result of spiritual quests taking precedence as a matter of health in our lives as never before--and the traditional medicine people finally understanding that "parts are not parts", that we are a fully connected, viable organism that has a spirit that must also be taken into consideration in health matters, will evolve. Earth-based philosophies, mostly fueled by a powerful Native American resurgence in the last decade, will underwrite the understanding of connections and of connecting or learning how to reconnect. Speaking from personal experience as well as observing it too many times, I have seen Mother Earth heal others, animal as well as human. We will learn how to get into touch with her on this level for ourselves and for others more clearly and consciously with Neptune in Aquarius.

    Neptune rules the immune system. Allergies may have kicked up. Problems with vaccinations in children will flare up. Finally. Unfortunately, many millions of people will suffer with an impaired, over-sensitized immune system that sets them up, down the line, for many other forms of disease--unless they get help from homeopathy. All these things will turn down in volume with Neptune going direct.

    Homeopathy is ruled by Neptune, so you are going to watch as it enters a "golden age" in the next thirteen years under Aquarius' leadership. It will take its place at the head of all the alternative medicine modalities as "the" medicine or form of medicine to use. It can engage the immune system, when practiced carefully and safely, on a gentle, non-invasive level. No drug can create cure, but homeopathy can CURE. This is a good time for you to find your local homeopathic practitioner and get your constitutional case taken.


    Neptune has rulership over bacteria and viruses. Aquarius rules the air. We are going to see a number of deadly germs mutate into "airborne" status and cause major epidemics that will kill millions around the globe. We will see more bacterial and virus complaints starting--especially ones like SARS on the East coast will start under this planet going direct. And it sure did happen in spades last time. For those with a short memory: Hawaii was hit with a Dengue epidemic. And they thought they were safe....with SARS, nowhere in the world is safe and with Saturn going direct on its heels, look for a malevolent manifestation of this virus to go global.

    Neptune rules poisoning of any type and what we are at risk for is air pollution and water pollution. Bacterial assaults on our 
    sewage, the chlorinating efforts, etc., are going to backfire and city water is going to continue to become, literally, undrinkable. Poisons such as uranium and arsenic that leach or leak into the underground aquifers is going to happen more and more out in rural America and people who own wells should get their wells tested yearly for all the poisonous elements that are known to their area--especially those who live near chemical factories, landfills, mines or mining activity and the like.

    Because Neptune is subtle, the poisoning can go on for years before a person's health begins to deteriorate--and it won't be waving a red flag to get your attention, either. For instance, a leaky refrigerator can leak out its fumes and cause headaches over time each time the freezer portion is opened up. If the tubing isn't carefully checked, no one would suspect the person is slowly being poisoned in such a way--and yet, this is a typical Neptune way....and with Aquarius being the air element, such poisoning especially by carbon monoxide, is going to be epidemic in and of itself. This is a good time to go to your doctor and find out--have your water tested, too.

    Chemicals and all gasses are ruled by Neptune. Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, as well as chemical releases of VX nerve gas or Sarin, by bio-terrorist, is very real are going to be spotlighted for the insidious murderers that they are--and that these chemicals settle in the fat of our bodies. Or breathed into your lungs if dispersed in a closed area (subways...). Women, in particular, will find that the poisoning going on in them from what they eat, drink and breathe from farm water run-off carrying these deadly toxins, will eventually wind up in the fat and lymph of their breasts--and these will be found to be one of the main reasons why women have such a high incidence of breast cancer in this century. DDT was also a very Neptunian poison and until decades of careful tracking of it, did farmers and chemical makers finally understand how terrible an instrument it was on our environment and the creatures in it.

    The immune system (Neptune) is going to take a battering during the retrograde, but strengthen as it goes direct. Those who get more vaccinations are going to be at particular risk. Those who are in super-stressful jobs or environments (cities), are going to see their health begin to deteriorate unless they do something drastic (like leave the city and the stressful job). We are going to see immune-related disease leap to the top of the list of health problems--and the traditional medical people are going to wonder why--until they put it together with too many vaccinations. We are going to see arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other central and peripheral nervous system dis-eases become highlighted in our culture. Now is a good time to de-stress as Neptune goes direct. Look at the keywords above for some suggestions as to how--for instance, meditation or yoga, as examples.

    Aquarius rules the calves of the legs, our ankles and the rods and cones of our eyes. With Neptune there, you are going to see more glaucoma, blindness, macular degeneration and retinal detachment than ever before. Eyes stabilize under a direct Neptune.

    There may be central nervous system complaints involving the calves and ankles of those people who have planets in Aquarius or Leo, particularly those with Saturn, Uranus or Neptune in them--and with three or more hard aspects to them. Viruses or bacteria will attack this part of their body leaving them wheel chair bound or having to use crutches or other types of conveyances instead of being able to walk normally. Under a direct Neptune, your systems will stabilize once more.

    If you suspect eye problems, go see your ophthalmologist for the appropriate tests to check this out. Something will be done to help your eyes now.

    The opposite sign, Leo, rules the cardiovascular system and our heart. We are going to see a huge flare-up of rheumatic fever, scarlet fever and Strep throat (if not caught, can injure any of our major organs, including our heart). Weak hearts, congestive heart failure, angina are going to plague us for this next thirteen year period. This is a good time to see your doctor about your heart and your cholesterol levels. With Neptune going direct, there is a lot less chance of any of the above occurring.

    Problems with circulation are going to become highlighted, also. The easy answer to this is: get some exercise. Unfortunately, there's a lot of Baby Boomers who have turned into couch potatoes and it is that segment of our society that is going to have cold hands and feet, numbness, tingling or Raynaud's Disease, stalking them in earnest. Just puttering outside for an hour, or going for a walk around the block would help stave off this particular symptom. Getting a massage once a week will also help stop this condition. Even though Neptune is going direct, keep getting the massages, take the walks and stay ACTIVE!


    Our life, our reality, is what we make of it. Neptune in Aquarius promises us if we want to create our reality (which we do anyway) but know on a more conscious level that we're doing, is at hand. One might look at this door opening as the sorcerer's apprentice (the Walt Disney version of Mickey Mouse and the Night on Bald Mountain classical music playing in the background) working with the magician's tools while he's stepped away from the castle.

    Our health is in our hands. How we express our level of health is up to each of us and many of us will get more in touch with the why we are the way we are than ever before. The 'tools' of Aquarius are going to mind-blowing, mind-stretching, awe-inspiring, scary, unbelievable, frightening or miraculous--take your pick. Whatever your consciousness, whatever your attitude toward yourself and how you see yourself involved with Life's Spiral Dance, is up to each of us. As my mother sez, "If you get mud, Eileen, you damn well make mud pies and sell 'em!"

    Find out what your 'tools' of reference, of belief in, of perspective and reality are.



    actors and actresses
    anesthesia (bad reaction to--allergic reaction)
    chemical agents released by terrorists (VX gas, sarin, Mustard, etc.)
    delusion (by ourselves toward ourselves or others)
    drug addiction
    drugs (hypersensitive to)
    drugs (allergy reaction to)
    energy defrayed (feels tired, exhausted)
    epidemics of any kind, including terrorist acts
    idealism and what one idealizes
    manipulated by others
    obligations and serving
    Pantothenic Acid (B-5)
    poisons of all kinds
    Sarin gas
    VX gas
    weak (as in an organ or system of the body)

    Bio: Eileen Nauman is Eastern Cherokee Metis, on her father's side of the family. They are members of the Wolf Clan, according to her Great-great grandmother, who was pure Eastern Cherokee, and a medicine woman.

    Eileen went into training to become a shaman when she was 9 years old by her father. Since then, she has expanded into crystal and colored stones, as the Eastern Cherokee are the original crystal keepers of the Ark of Crystals.

    Her expertise has been gained over 45 years of experience and training. Academically as a homeopath for 33 years, she is holds a Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine from the British Institute of the United Kingdom. She has written four books on Homeopathy. In addition to this, she has written the Quartz Crystal information in: Clinician's Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Donald W. Novey, MD, editor), Mosby Publishing, St. Louis, Missouri, 2000. ISBN: 0-323-00755-4. She also is a teacher at the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Phoenix, Arizona, as well as teaching around the globe on healing tools that include, medical astrology, quartz crystal healing, natural world reconnection, colored stone healing, soul recovery and extraction (shamanism), flower essences and homeopathy.

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