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    The TAURUS Page

    How the Pluto Transit through Aquarius Affects Taurus

    Pluto is in Aquarius from March 23, 2023 to March 8, 2043.

    This post is only about Pluto transiting the Sun Sign of a natal chart. It can be quite a doozy if it effects other personal planets on your chart such as Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. But that would call for a much longer and complex article.

    (For Those Born April 19-24)

    Taurus, being an earth sign, values stability and security in their relationships and social connections. However, with Pluto in Aquarius, Taurus individuals may experience challenges or upheavals in these areas, potentially leading you to reassess your priorities and reevaluate your relationships.

    When Pluto transits your solar 10th house, it can bring significant changes and transformations to career, reputation, and public image. The 10th house represents one's social status, career goals, achievements, and how they are seen by others in society.

    During this transit, you may experience intense pressure and power struggles in your professional life. You may feel a strong urge to take control of your career and become more ambitious, but you may also face challenges and obstacles that make it difficult to achieve your goals. It is important to remain focused and persistent, but also flexible and adaptable to changes.

    This transit can also bring a deep need for transformation and growth in your public image and reputation. You may feel a strong desire to be seen as more authentic and true to yourself, but you may also need to confront any fears or insecurities that have been holding you back from expressing your true self.

    It is also possible that this transit may prompt Taurus individuals to embrace new technologies, ideas and ways of thinking, as Aquarius is associated with innovation and progress. In this way, Pluto in Aquarius may challenge Taurus to break out of their comfort zones and embrace change in order to grow and evolve.

    Parental or authority figures may provide lessons for deep, personal growth.

    For Taurus individuals, Pluto in Aquarius could also bring changes and challenges related to your values, finances, and sense of security. You may feel pressure to adapt to new ideas and ways of thinking, or to reassess your relationship with money and material possessions.

    However, this transit can also provide opportunities for growth and transformation, especially if Taurus is willing to embrace change.

    It is a time to confront any fears, limitations, or outdated patterns and embrace change, growth, and empowerment in your career and public image.

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