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    Virgo Professional Profile

    (August 23 - September 22)

    By C. Latrice

    Having a good idea of the most predominant qualities and character traits of people you conduct business with is a great start to communicating and connecting with them in ways that will result in successful interactions. Though it does not reveal everything, awareness of Sun Signs lead to better results in personal and professional exchanges if we are knowledgeable of the energy that was most expressed during the time one was born.

    Virgo is an interesting personality that will put you through a series of tests before warming up to you but will enlighten you to new ways of getting routine things done to bring about improvements.

    This is a naturally restless spirit who will seek to make things better, including you. The only way Virgo knows to do this is by identifying flaws in any system or anybody. They are quite good at telling others what they need to work on; but fair Virgo is just as critical of themselves, so do not take it personally. Their goal is not to point out shortcomings but to maximize the potential of a person, way or thing.

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    The Virgo boss will be very detail oriented so be prepared to receive a lecture on the importance of paying attention to the little things if you leave anything out or try to skip a step or two. Their overseeing nature will cause them to periodically check to ensure procedure is being followed and that everyone is on task.

    Follow instructions as they are given as changing this earth sign's method of operation is intolerable; and questioning their authority, punishable by death. Virgo feels they know the best way to get the job done and they are normally right.

    Virgo as a co-worker will be fun to interact with on a daily basis but will constantly feed you information on the new best way to do whatever their current obsession is. When they are into something, they must share it so that others become interested also.

    This is a focused worker who will seem to output more than excellent work almost effortlessly. After working through a natural self-consciousness, this individual is able to rise to any challenge and will use the opportunity to let their well-hidden brilliance shine through.

    Peace, Love & Success! Chanel Latrice | UniverSoulPower Network

    About the Author: C. Latrice is the author of "Success Astrology: Professional Profiles," a free ebook. As former manager of internationally outsourced teams of software quality analysts for Fortune500 companies, C. Latrice has traded in the corporate hat for entreprenuership which enables professional progress while helping others experience a sense of peace, success and wholeness. C. Latrice on Twitter

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