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    Aquarius Professional Profile

    (January 21 - February 19)

    By C. Latrice

    ,br> Photo of C. Latrice

    Having a good idea of the most predominant qualities and character traits of people you conduct business with is a great start to communicating and connecting with them in ways that will result in successful interactions. Though it does not reveal everything, awareness of Sun Signs lead to better results in personal and professional exchanges if we are knowledgeable of the energy that was most expressed during the time one was born.

    The revolutionary nature of Aquarius inspires them to constantly conjure up imaginative and creative ideas that the majority can be happy with. Aquarius does not limit themselves to showing love and concern for the few but pride themselves on showing compassion and consideration for the masses. This independent idealist was born to make a difference in the world and knows it. This is why they seem to have an heir of superiority about themselves, but only in that they will not be restricted by ordinary things.

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    The Aquarian boss is a visionary who hopes to inspire the group they manage to think about how vital their work is to the success of the company as a whole. Someone of this sign probably coined the term there is no I in TEAM because working together to achieve a common goal is their central purpose.

    Instead of coming up with complicated master plans that include strict guidelines, Aquarius would rather take a free-flowing fantastic journey that is played by ear as a means of accomplishing goals. Their idea is, as long as each person brings something beneficial to the table, the vision will have no choice but to be achieved.

    When you have an Aquarian co-worker, you will see many sides of this eccentric character. These outgoing individual have no interest in keeping to themselves and will be more than interested in knowing the goings-on in the lives of their teammates. It's best that you strike up a conversation with them every once in awhile, if not, they will conclude that you are boring and will go out of their way to try to make something interesting out of you (either directly or behind your back). Aquarius is not mean; they just like each person to play an active role in the community and are offended when one does not.

    This kindhearted person is highly intellectual and is ready to approach any task in an open-minded way. If ever you have to pitch innovative ideas or close odds-are-against-us deals, thank your lucky stars when Aquarius is the decision-maker.

    Peace, Love & Success! Chanel Latrice | UniverSoulPower Network

    About the Author: C. Latrice is the author of "Success Astrology: Professional Profiles," a free ebook. As former manager of internationally outsourced teams of software quality analysts for Fortune 500 companies, C. Latrice has traded in the corporate hat for entreprenuership which enables professional progress while helping others experience a sense of peace, success and wholeness. C. Latrice on Twitter

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