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    The CANCER Page

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    Romantic Compatibility of Cancer through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of
    Cancer with Capricorn

    By Amy E. Ellis

    There is more chemistry here than people imagine. This will be a powerful and exciting relationship that gets more concrete and sexier over time. They think identically and can build both a future and a family together.

    Cancer will bring affection and honesty to Capricorn. Capricorn will bring stability and adoring love that Cancer has been wishing for. Problems could occur when dark moods hit at the same time.

    Cancer will be aroused first by Capricorn's work ethic. This paves the wave for hot sex. Both are turned on by hard-work and having a bunch of cash stashed away. These two signs will appreciate the other's interest in frugality. Bedroom talk may often sound more like boardroom talk, and these two will thrive on material security as a priority in life. Cancer would like more affection than Capricorn can give. But Cancer won't feel neglected as long as Capricorn has proven to be a trustworthy partner and has a good job.


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