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    The CANCER Page

    Related Article -
    Romantic Compatibility of Cancer through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of
    Cancer with Gemini

    By Amy E. Ellis

    These two meet and feel fortunate from their very first chat. A forceful physical attraction could lead to a sexual relationship.

    The key to making this relationship work is both must be keen to forgive and forget. Gemini needs space and variety always, whereas Cancer concentrates on one person, place or condition at a time.

    Cancer may mistake Gemini's requirement for outside encouragement as a sign of sexual refusal and Gemini will get annoyed by Cancer's emotional arguments and become disturbed quickly.

    On the reverse, Gemini can expel Cancer depression while Cancer provides warmth and security to Gemini. Either way, this attraction is, if anything, a very good learning experience for Cancer and an emotional experience for Gemini.

    Gemini can be quite talkative during the sexual act. Cancer won't like that unless they have their natal Venus or Mars in Gemini. A compatible moon sign will go a long way to smooth over for little sexual disagreements, of which there could be many.

    Gemini wants to talk about sex; Cancer typically would rather not and might even prefer sex with the lights out.

    Neither sign is very kinky. Cancer wants a soft bed while Gemini will do it anywhere.


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