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    Capricorn with Gemini

    Sexual Compatibility

    By Amy E. Ellis

    Mutable (Gemini) and cardinal (Capricorn) signs can produce power, money and build a lifetime relationship together. There is physical attraction and plenty of stimulating conversation when these two hook up. Capricorn is someone who will stick with Gemini through good times and bad. This is a highly rewarding combination that combines intellectual curiosity with intense sexual chemistry.

    Capricorn is a keeper and Gemini should make sure they don't let this sexy sign get away. Capricorn can teach Gemini the value of quality versus quantity. Gemini can teach Capricorn to learn more about maintaining a free and easy going attitude. Both can benefit as long as the desire and attraction are there.

    About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA. To contact Amy, email her at

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