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    The TAURUS Page

    Sexual Compatibility of Taurus

    Taurus with Aries

    Aries needs to feel secure and Taurus will stick with Aries in good and bad times. Aries will surely enjoy this security. On the other hand, Taurus finds Aries independence very attractive. This is a pleasing combination that has both long and short-term probabilities. Before they know each other, they could fall madly in love. Taurus is serious and sensual and Aries is fiery and enthusiastic. They both can teach many lessons about love and relationship to each other.

    Taurus with Taurus

    These two signs can generate power together. There is physical magnetism and plenty of sensuality when these two link up. This has both long and short term potential. If a Taurus meets a Taurus, they could be madly in love or at the very least, feel that they have connected on a deep sexual level.

    Taurus and Gemini

    Taurus likes a challenge and Gemini is very sexy for Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign and grounded and needs security that Gemini may not provide over a long time. This can lead Taurus to a breaking point. To make this relationship work, Taurus should provide Gemini lots of liberty and Gemini will have to moderate careless ways. Sex can be either nasty or amazing. This combination is best for a one-night stand. Both have to make many compromises in a long-term tie.

    Taurus and Cancer

    Taurus tends to fulfill Cancer's secret sexual fantasies. It's a perfect combination for sex and romance. Both are exciting, sensual, and family oriented. Cancer has eventually found someone who can offer the right intensity. These two will travel and experience many pleasing pursuits. Music and sensual stimulation will always be apparent in this attraction. Taurus loves Cancer's emotional depth and would drop everything in order to hold on to this sexy and thrilling sign. Sex will be what attracts them and love will be what eventually keeps them together. Taurus will need to moderate stubbornness or Cancer will feel left out and become temperamental and moody.

    Taurus and Leo

    Leo finds sensuality and excitement with Taurus. These two will party, play, and share a strong companionship. They may have similar ideas about sex. Taurus is immediately attracted to extrovert Leo. Taurus also finds Leo's self-determination very attractive. This is a highly pleasing combination that has both long and short-term possibilities. Before they know it, they could fall intensely in love.

    Taurus and Virgo

    Both earth signs share the skill to communicate and appreciate one another intuitively. Their conversations improve over time and so does their relationship. There is a silent bond here, that once established, hardly ever gets broken down. They will provide each other with what the other person intuitively needs and wishes sexually. A strong attraction and devotion will keep these two together.

    Taurus and Libra

    Venus, planet of beauty, rules both these signs. Libra's natural beauty and social graces are what Taurus seeks in a partner. They will think alike and both value beauty and status. Taurus provides substance and power to Libra. Libra lifts Taurus into greater brightness. Libra could find Taurus' dark moods a bit severe and Taurus may feel the need for more consideration and dedication at times from Libra. If they give each other space, they can survive through rough waters.

    Taurus and Scorpio

    These two signs can generate power, wealth, and families together. A small flirtation could become major over time and that can lead to marriage. There is physical attraction and a lot of sensuality when these two link up. Taurus finds Scorpio's possessiveness very attractive. Scorpio demands loyalty from this relationship and so does Taurus. This is a pleasing combination that has both long and short term potential. Taurus is a sexual keeper and sexy Scorpio should ensure not to let this sign get away.

    Taurus and Sagittarius

    Taurus notices adventure in Sagittarius. They will have similar thoughts and share common goals. Sagittarius will be straight away attracted to sensual Taurus. Sagittarius will feel comfortable with Taurus and Taurus will find Sagittarius's freedom very attractive. This is an extremely rewarding blend that has both long and short term potential. Before they know it, they could fall intensely in love.

    Taurus and Capricorn

    These two will hook up in a constructive, loving way if they wish. Capricorn is mesmerized with Taurus and there is potential for a lasting love here. At last, both have met someone who matches their strength, both in and out of the bedroom. They will find that they share many things in common and their goals will be very identical. Sex could be explosive and will be reason to keep coming back to each other. Keep suspicion and games out of the scene or lose one's best companion forever. On the whole, the set-up looks very promising and sexual chemistry will always be obvious and satisfying.

    Taurus and Aquarius

    These two signs will enjoy, play, and be very good friends. They will have identical ideas and share common goals. Aquarius will be immediately attracted to sensual Taurus. Taurus is serious and sensual. Aquarius considers Taurus a keeper and friendship will always be apparent long after the magnetism has ended. A long-term association could result in marriage.

    Taurus and Pisces

    Money will play a vital role in this association. Taurus will take one look at Pisces and want to fritter away his or her life savings. There will be immense sex appeal and Taurus will love Pisces' figure. They will love going out together and will travel to exotic places. Food and music will also play significant roles in the association. Sex could be deep and may lead Pisces to commit. If both wish a long-lasting relationship, Taurus will need to be more inventive in the bedroom and Pisces will require spending some cash.

    About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA. To contact Amy, email her at Elleeaston@roadrunner.com

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