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    Six Sure-Fire Steps to Become a Love Magnet

    By Rinatta Paries

    Do you want to attract true love or improve your relationship so that it turns into true love? Then you may want to become a love magnet.

    You deserve to be loved! I will show you how to attract true love by looking and growing within yourself.

    Although you're seeking love from another person, you will be more likely to get the love and attention you deserve by first growing within.

    Here are the six steps you need to take to help you grow in just the right way. The steps will groom you to attract and engender love.

    1. Figure out your relationship patterns.

    If you are not attracting the right partners or not getting enough love in your relationship, it's probably not the first time in your life. If that's the case, then it's likely you have relationship patterns that are preventing you from attracting the right partner or preventing you from behaving in a way that causes love. Get to know your relationship pattern and your love life will improve.

    2. Let go of your past.

    Most people collect unpleasantness without realizing it. Every time something unpleasant happens to you, it goes into a huge sack of other unpleasantness weighing heavily on your back. You can't move forward in life -- and especially in relationships -- with this baggage. You can't move forward emotionally any better than if you had a real sack weighing 100 pounds on your back. Even if you don't feel the weight most of the time, you will feel it in relationships. It feels like excessive anger, excessive need to control others, fear, and anxiety. Want to drop this weight? Learn to let go of the unpleasantness in your life and in your past.

    3. Delve into your needs.

    Everyone has needs -- that's a part of human nature. In fact, our needs create relationships. The giver and the receiver both feel better and more connected when each other's needs are voiced and met. Yet most of us are uncomfortable asking others to meet our needs. At the same time, we enter relationships to get our needs met. See the paradox? Figure out your needs, and then figure out which ones need to be met by your partner and which ones need to be met by other people. Get them met!

    4. Draw your boundaries.

    Boundaries are there to protect you and to help you honor your needs and wants. You know you have boundaries when you can choose to say yes or no to something, someone, or a situation. You know you have boundaries when you can stop a situation that is hurting you. You know you have boundaries when you know your needs and ask others to respect them. Having boundaries makes you discerning, gives you self-respect, and inspires others to both respect you and treat you well. This is valuable skill to learn.

    5. Know what you want.

    Know what you want in a partner and in a relationship. Be careful that what you want is not a fantasy, unrealistic standards of perfection, or a set of low expectations. Look at the relationships you value most and model your love relationship after those. Keep out people who are not a match, invite in those who are. Stop doing behaviors that sabotage what you want in your relationship and instead take action to create what you want.

    6. Get connected.

    Build a community. Get people into your life to meet your needs, to support you, to nourish you. Many people want to simply find "the one" or hope they have found "the one," and then proceed to isolate themselves. What a stress on a relationship! Can you put all of your needs, wants, desires, and interests on one person? Do you think all of your needs will somehow be met by your Prince or Princess Charming? We all need community. We have too many needs for one person to meet them all. Get connected, and stay connected.

    Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

    Relationship Coaching Services
    Rinatta Paries, Relationship Coach, Master Certified Coach
    P.O. Box 87742, Vancouver, WA 98687, USA
    US Toll Free 1-888-215-6033

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