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    Previous Morsels Saved from the Main Page

    June 2005

    Helping Ram Dass an appeal from Neale Donald Walsh, author of
         Conversations with God and What God Wants

    September 2003

    August had 400 UFO Sightings, the most in a year.

    August 2003

    Got Milk? - Dairy products are a health hazard.
    They contain no fiber or complex carbohydrates and are laden with saturated fat and cholesterol. They are contaminated with cow's blood and pus and are frequently contaminated with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

    Dairy products are linked to allergies, constipation, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Get your stomach churning by reading more at

    Prepare to get goose bumps. Here is a beautiful photo of an Angel in the Sky.

    July 2003

    Recycle Tip of the Moment - Greeting Cards

    - Use as bookmarks.

    - Make into gift tags by cutting an old card with pinking shears, punching a hole in the corner, and tying the pieces together.

    - Cut off the side with the picture (if there is no writing on the reverse side) and reuse as a post card. Pay only postcard postage!

    Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen
    The book, The Phoenix Project documents why and how hydrogen, with its related technologies, can and must replace oil in order for our planet to survive. Author Harry Braun says this needs to happen with wartime speed.

    Harry Braun will discuss hydrogen fuel for tonight's topic on the radio show Coast To Coast am with George Noory. To find your local am station, click here.

    Something Special About July's Full Moon
    The exact date and time portrayed in the famous painting, "Moonrise" (sometimes called "Rising Moon") by Vincent Van Gogh has been determined by an astronomer at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. It is July 13, 1889 at 9:08 p.m.

    You can see the moon rise exactly as Van Gogh saw it 114 years ago when the moon is full on July 13, 2003!

    Van Gogh painted "Moonrise" in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in southern France, and the exact moment he depicts in the landscape has confounded art historians. Until now. "We're the first to bring astronomical evidence to bear on this," astronomer Donald Olson told Nature News Service.

    The Texas team traveled to southern France and identified the landmarks in the painting, including an overhanging cliff and a distant double-roofed house. After figuring out where Van Gogh was standing while he painted, the team measured the compass direction along which the Moon appeared to him and the height of the cliff above the horizon, notes Nature News.

    Lunar tables and astronomy software were used to calculate the time and dates at which a rising full Moon would have appeared in that spot: May 16, 1889 and July 13, 1889.

    The last clue nailed the date: The wheat in the painting is golden and harvested so it must have been July. While the Moon is full every month, it comes back to the same point in the sky once every 19 years. That means "Moonrise" will be recreated this summer when it emerges behind the cliff--just as Van Gogh painted.

    The year he painted "Moonrise" was the last year of Van Gogh's life and one of his most prolific. It was during this time he painted the famous "Starry Night." He died the following July.

    June 2003

    East Sussex, England Has Third 2003 Crop Formation
    Crop Circle
    S-shaped pattern on left was discovered May 25, 2003, next to the ring with tail of circles first reported on May 14, 2003. The field is on Newmarket Hill near Woodingdean, East Sussex. Aerial photograph © 2003 by David Russell.

    May 2003

    Partial Eclipse of the Sun
    Saturday, May 31, an eclipse of the Sun will be visible in parts of North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event could be quite spectacular at sunrise in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. The extreme northern track of the Moon's shadow will likely make this one of the most unusual solar eclipses that will occur in the 21st century.

    Solar Eclipse in Gemini

    Never look directly at a Solar Eclipse - the sun's rays could permanently damage your retina, causing blindness.

    So, will the world end by June 1st?
    90% of the world's populace will die sometime between May 15th and June 1st because of a catastrophic pole shift. This is a prediction since 1980 by Nancy Lieder who claims to channel the Zetas, highly evolved aliens from another galaxy. Click for more info.

    Or go to the Planet X page at Phil Plait's site As an astronomer and scientist, he clearly debunks Nancy Lieder's Planet X and pole shift predictions. Then look for "Planet X" on the bulletin board to read the heated discussions and continuing least until the end of this month.

    Update May 27th: This is THE DAY that Nancy Lieder has predicted in her update as date of the pole shift. "...rotation stoppage happens when the Atlantic Rift is fixed facing the approaching Planet X, we know that the end point of the time line should be May 27th."

    According to Nancy, the recent earthquakes are evidence of pole shift stoppage. It's now 10:30 pm Pacific Time. As the hours stretch on, we wait...either to watch as Nancy Lieder loses her credibility or that she's a tad late and we get a hefty jolt at the last minute that knocks 90% of us loose from our human body through myriad calamities.

    Fish do feel pain, scientists say
    The first conclusive evidence of pain perception in fish is said to have been found by UK scientists. Click to read the article.

    Mercury's Occultation
    Today, May 7th, Mercury makes a rare and precise alignment between the Earth and Sun. This eclipse-like effect is known as Mercury crossing the Solar Disk. The last such happening was November 15, 1999, and the next will be November 8, 2006.

    The giant planet Jupiter has been nearing the Beehive Cluster for more than a month. This week they are as close as they're going to get--only 1 degree apart. The pair are easy to find and a beautiful sight through binoculars. Visit for pictures and sky maps.

    March 2003

    Whitley Strieber
    Every Saturday afternoon, 3pm Central Time, Whitley Strieber hosts Dreamland with a guest of the paranormal - science, UFOs, crop circles, unknown archaeology, prophecy, and other edge topics.

    February 2003

    Tribute to the Space Shuttle Columbia

    Harvard prof takes alien abduction seriously.
    Prof. John Mack profiled. --Las Vegas Mercury

    World Sound Healing Day - February 14th, 2003
    "The Sound Heard Around the World" Sounding an "AH" for planetary peace

    Webcast: Jonathan Goldman, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heartsound "AH" filled with the intention of Peace and Love

    WHEN: February 14, 2003, at 11:30am (NY time) log on to

    Sound coupled with intention has the ability to heal and transform. We will sound an "AH" sending a "Wave" of Sound that will resonate throughout the planet. You can be part of the Celestial Choir and resonate together for World Sound Healing Day. We can create major positive shifts on our beloved planet. Through sounding together we will make a difference.

    October 2002

    Halloween Asteroid
    Near-Earth asteroid 1997 XF11, which briefly scared astronomers five years ago, passes by Earth again this week on Halloween.

    September 2002

    Bats on New 37 Cent Stamp
    In an environmentally-friendly move last week, the US Post Office issued four colorful American bats on first-class stamps.

    Long misunderstood, bats are essential to nature. Bats consume billions of insect pests (such as mosquitoes), pollinate flowers and carry seeds to new locations.

    To show your support for an animal that often gets undeserved bad press, consider buying bat stamps at your local post office or online at If the bat stamps are well-received by the public, the post office will continue to print them.

    More than 50 percent of American bat species are in severe decline or already listed as endangered. Losses are occurring at alarming rates worldwide.

    To learn more about these quiet and gentle do-gooders of the night, visit The Basically Bats Wildlife Conservation Society or Bat Conservation International.

    August 2002

    The Latest Crop Circle

    alien face

    Alien Face.
    UK near Winchester, Hampshire.
    Reported August 15th .

    (photo: Steve Alexander)

    The Jesus Tree
    A tree in an Illinois cemetery seems to have an image of Jesus growing on the trunk. See if you think so, too.

    November 2001

    Arson Destroys Astrologer's Bookstore
    BERKLEY, MI - Well-known astrologer Robert Thibodeau has successfully predicted everything from the election of U.S. President George W. Bush to earthquake disasters in Los Angeles and Japan. But he had no idea an arsonist was bent on destroying his Mayflower Bookstore until he got a call at home from police. Thibodeau said he was shocked to learn of the arson. to read more.

    September 2001

    Vampire Caught in Jar
    In Sabak Bernam (Selangor), a bomoh, who claims that he has caught a shape-changing 'vampire' the size of two tennis balls near a cotton tree, made prime-time television and Malaysian newspaper reports yesterday.

    Vampire in a JarThe vampire, which resembles a big wad of cotton with a little face, was captured by spiritual healer, Hairul Hambali. He said he took about an hour to catch the creature, whose body was covered with what looked like cotton. The vampire, or langsuir, was capable of changing forms, he said.

    He has kept the creature in a jar. The langsuir would eventually be thrown into the sea to prevent it from harassing humans, he added. The story and pictures of Mr Hairul and the captured creature were featured in TV3's prime-time news on Wednesday night.

    Submitted by Robert Warwick. Information source: Straits Times Interactive

    August 2001

    Sex-mad 'Ghost' Scares Zanzibaris
    Fear has struck residents of the Zanzibar Islands after rumours of the re-emergence of a sexually voracious ghost that attacks people while they sleep in their beds at night. Many Zanzibaris are now refusing to sleep in their houses as they believe it only preys on people in the comfort of their own beds.

    The ghost or genie goes by the name of Popo Bawa and people believe that it sodomises its victims, most of whom are men.

    In recent years the residents on the semi-autonomous Tanzanian islands claimed that Popo Bawa only visited the islanders during voting, such as in the contentious general elections in 1980 and 2000.

    But to the surprise of many this current ghost has reappeared when there is no polling of any kind. Smoke and smells In the latest panic, he is said to be striking in the north of Zanzibar island as well as in central Pemba. People claim his presence in a house is revealed by an acrid smell and a puff of smoke.

    Victims then speak of being in a trance or dreamlike state as they are molested. And, so the story goes, if they do not reveal what has happened then Popo Bawa will strike the next night.

    A previous ghost, known for attacking children, was reported to have terrorised the islands for six months.

    Information Source: Ally Saleh in Zanzibar, submitted by Bob Warwick.

    July 2001

    South American Atlantis
    The Aymara people of the Bolivian highlands have long told stories of a lost underwater city: Wanaku, the Atlantis of South America. They have whispered tales of a mysterious island in Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, with a hidden entrance to underground passageways built by the Inca. Now researchers have found the first concrete evidence that those legends may be true.

    In August, divers with the Italian firm of Akakor Geographical Exploring conducted a series of 250 dives in Titicaca's murky waters. Led by a 2300-foot-long ancient road, now under water, they found the remains of a 660-foot-long and 160-foot-wide stone temple between 65 to100 feet below the water's surface. The team also discovered a terrace, a 2600-foot-long containing wall, along with a stone anchor, vases, and bones from cameloid animals such as llama or alpaca that may have been killed in a ritual sacrifice.

    The ruins lie in the waters between Bolivia's Copacabana Peninsula and Isla del Sol, home to the Temple of the Sun, where the Incan dynasty is said to have been born. They date to between 1,500 and 1,000 years ago, before the rise of the Incan Empire, when the Tiahuanaco people occupied the shores of Titicaca.

    The submerged ruins may be the remains of the Aymara's legendary city, or could have been assimilated by the Inca Empire itself. "The underground passageways were reputed to link many parts of the Incan Empire with the capital at Cuzco," says head diver Stefano Castelli. "Somebody else said he removed a stone from the bottom of the lake, and saw water going down inside the hole."

    Information Source: Kathy A. Svitil; DISCOVER Vol. 22 No. 1 (January 2001) ; Submitted by Bob Warwick.

    June 2001

    Unexpected Eruption of Sunspots

    sun Sunspots as of June 10, 2001.
    Sunspots are unexpectedly erupting all across the face of the sun today as the current solar max continues beyond the point where it was expected to subside. The predicted sunspot count for the height of the max was 150, but NASA places the present count at 250, far higher than expected.

    In addition, the cycle was supposed to be past its maximum, but it would appear that extensive solar activity remains a possibility in the near future. The number of sunspots now appearing on the face of the disk is unusual.

    Some scientific studies suggest that high levels of solar activity result in weather changes here on earth, and that these changes can sometimes be dramatic.

    To learn more about the sun, read Sten Odenwald's the 23rd Cycle.

    For up-to-the-minute information about the sun, go to

    Source: Whitley Strieber's
    Submitted by Robert Warwick.

    Herbal Charm to Attract Love
    by Myriam Maytorena

    Fill a circle of rose or red colored cloth with any of the following: Acacia, rose, myrtle, jasmine or lavender petals, in combination or singly.

    Add to this a red felt heart and a copper coin or ring. As you fill the bundle with your chosen items, visualize the type of lover you are looking for.

    Tie the cloth with blue thread or ribbon, in seven knots. As you tie the knots you may chant an incantation such as " Seven knots I tie above, Seven knots for me and love."

    May 2001

    Ghosts Protect Endangered Forests - May 10th, 2001
    The Indian government has discovered that the best way to protect their national reserves from human traffic is to scare people away with ghost stories. Locals who have been slashing forests and slaughtering wildlife will keep away from those areas if ghostly legends surround them. The Arunachal Pradesh government preys on the Nishi tribe's traditional fear of demonic eels in order to save Bek Senyik, a marshy lake that sustains a key bio-diversity zone in one of their districts. The Meghalays government has created a spirit called "ryngkiew" that is the savior of the Pdah Kyndeng Phud Umngei, a sacred forest that contains a cave filled with bats.

    Nagaland, which has been denuded by the lumber industry, also has government agencies and environmentalists creating mythical monsters to keep future foresters away. In Assam, ecologists have asked local "dainis" or witches to do the job.

    "We have documented instances of people claiming to be at the receiving end of evil spirits," says Arunachal Pradesh Education Minister Dera Natung. "We are publishing booklets to dissuade people from fishing in Bek Senyik or disturbing the forests."

    Natung admits that perhaps the government shouldn't rely on superstition in the age of science, but says, "We see no reason to complain if it provides a certain degree of immunity to the endangered lake."

    Submitted by Bob Warwick

    April 2001

    Here is a shot of the entire earth at night from the new space station, showing just who is using the most electricity.

    March 2001

    The Cosmic Chill
    By Philip Sedgwick
    Philip's galactic-based horoscopes are at

    From the first day of spring on March 20th (the Vernal Equinox), you might expect Spring Fever to be itching just beneath your skin. While eagerness successfully disguises itself as irritation and tension, it might be good to get a grasp on the nature of the energy at hand.

    Again within the apex of the Sun's 11.08 cycle we frequently receive blasts of solar energy. Since last weekend we've been receiving such amplified radiation. And early on Monday (GMT) another CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) left the Sun. This energy presumes to heighten our awareness by activating our receptivity to more subtle energy fields. This is a good presumption, however, reality speaks a slightly different history.

    Over the past year or so when the solar emanations have surrounded Earth and its inhabitants, the tendency seems to be a little more worse case than the above assumption. Most folks experience extreme tiredness within energetic hyper-activity. Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and fear tend to come out of nowhere. Often panic-like episodes prevail. This is simply the influx of all this energy with no place to go. The solution actually is simple. Ground yourself and stay connected to your support system, soul and spiritual drill.

    Over the next few days we can expect increased solar energy bringing with it the need for all of us to cosmically chill. Be cool. Know your center and pause in the face of intensified reactions. Do a ceremony connecting yourself to Mother Earth. Experience nature (sorry, watching the Nature and Discovery Channels on TV does not count). Meanwhile, remember that everyone else might not have this heads up. Use a trifle more patience with such folks. We are the models of insight, after all, since we know this stuff, right?

    I also find it amusing that business folks are trying to find funds to keep Mir aloft. Funny, how it goes: economics trying to avert Peace returning to Earth. I don't really think that means anything (but I might be kidding). I just found it amusing. But not as amusing as the target placed in the Pacific by fast food taco company daring Mir to come down on it.

    Well, we all know our jobs. While you're trying to make an egg stand on end (and it will during the Equinox and here I'm not kidding) remember the fertility of your energy and its feed from the Sun. To activate and intensify your energy to its height, chill - it's a cool Cosmic Contradiction. ~ Happy Spring!

    Worldwide Prediction Registry Now Online
    How often has someone made the claim that 'they predicted' a certain event days, weeks, or months before it happened, only there is no independent verification to that prediction?

    Now, there is a simple, orderly format for the accurate RECORDING and subsequent Evaluation of predictions. Find out WHO is predicting what and when! And track who has been RIGHT. . . and most importantly, who has been WRONG.

    This is an entirely free site and service for the confidential posting of predictions. Neither names nor email addresses are posted, to allow a fair and impartial evaluation of the predictions and removing the chance of hate mail or flames.

    January 2001

    Art Bell Back on the Air Feb. 5, 2001
    Art Bell, the radio personality famous for his spontaneous and compelling conversations about all things unexplained, has announced his return to radio. Bell resumes his reign as host of the most listened to live overnight radio program, Coast to Coast AM on Feb. 5 from 1am to 6am ET. Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 430 stations nationwide.

    August 2000

    Product Testing on Animals
    Here is a list of companies in the U.S. and U.K. that are regularly testing their products on animals.

    July 2000

    "Things That It Took Me Years To Learn," by Dave Barry.

    1. You should not confuse your career with your life.
    2. A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
    3. The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.
    4. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.
    5. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.
    6. The main accomplishment of almost all organized protests is to annoy people who are not in them.
    7. No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.
    8. When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always someone who is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy.
    9. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
    10. Never lick a steak knife.
    11. Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
    12. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight-savings time.
    13. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11.
    14. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be "meetings."
    15. And when God, who created the entire universe with all of its glories, decides to deliver a message to humanity, He WILL NOT use, as His messenger, a person on cable TV with a bad hairstyle.
    16. Your true friends love you, anyway.

    Thank you to Melanie Byas for this submission.

    June 2000

    Summer Solstice - June 20
    This exercise is practiced on or shortly after the beginning of the season:

    Stand outdoors facing south. See red qi (qi is energy) swirling toward your body. Absorb it, by either inhaling the qi, or imagine it entering through either the the crown of the head or the pores of the skin. As red qi fills the body, the body is visualized as beautiful red jade.
    The Summer solstice exercise, like the other four seasonal change meditations (Spring equinox, Indian Summer, Autumn equinox, and Winter solstice) is practiced for five or ten minutes only, once at the beginning of each season. If you have difficulty maintaining balance, it is advisable to keep the eyes slightly open.
    Resistance to disease is lowered during times of transition.

    Thank you to Bob W. for submitting this Summer Solstice ritual.

    April 2000

    [IMAGE] I found this on the Art Bell site. The submitter is anonymous but writes, "I have been hearing you talk to some of your guests about seeing some kind of geometric pattern.  I too have carried around a 'symbol,' or patterns of sorts.  I gave it to just two other people, and they had a very strong reaction to it.  (Psychic reaction, one fearful, and the other VERY wonderful.)  It seems that everyone who has seen this symbol has had something happen to them." Click the symbol to see a larger image (54k).   Click a button on the main page once per day and funds from sponsors are used to purchase and preserve rain forest lands.

    March 2000

    What is a Soul Mate?   This is a new and fascinating article on Soul Mates at the AwareNet site.

    The Others
      The new show on tv has a website dedicated to the study of the paranormal. Learn paranormal terminology and find research resources

    December 1999

    World-renowned, psychological astrologist Dr. Liz Greene was asked what her predictions were for the turn of millennium. The article is at the Astrodienst web site. But you can get a good idea what she thinks about the hoopla from the title, 'Making a Mountain out of a Molehill.'
    October 1999

    Genius has historically been snubbed in favor of popular opinion. I am often asked by independent authors to add their books to the bookstore here. I'd love to, but unfortunately, I'm set up only with Amazon which doesn't contract with self-publishers. Because of that, we're missing a lot of good books and I'd like to change that.

    September 1999

    Latest observation: Little Caeser's Pizza has a ruler alongside the doorway of some of their establishments. It's not to measure how quickly kids grow from eating their pizzas but is used to help the employees measure a robber's height as he exits.

    I've been blessed over the years to have received many uplifting phrases, mantras, or prayers from people who have found certain pearls of wisdom helpful. Instead of hogging them for only my benefit, I've decided to finally put them online to share as I get a chance. One just might be that special boost that helps you get through a challenge or a very long day. One of my very favorites is 'Is Your Hut Burning?'

    August 1999

    Some of us who spent the eclipse in meditation felt the profound lack of "warmth" during those few minutes while the eclipse was in it's totality. Although I wasn't aware of the time ticking by as I meditated, I could feel the life-giving pranic rays of the sun being blocked to Earth during the total eclipse. It was one of the eeriest moments I've ever had. As I "warmed" up again, I couldn't help take a peek at the clock. Sure enough, that sense of cold foreboding occurred exactly during the two minutes of the total eclipse. With that shift of energy (and it didn't seem too subtle to any of us), we could now understand why the ancients considered eclipses to be catalysts for crises and change.

    Now that THAT is over, we're just beginning to adapt to this new release of energies. Another major shift in consciousness has begun. It's time to listen and act on our higher guidance to plan for our future. New life contracts are being made for us from the other side to help us build our lives at a higher and more spiritual level than ever before. Personal relationships are changing, as individuals from the same group soul are coming together. Also, expect the long-awaited reunion of many twin souls who are destined to work as a unit to better our world.
    July 1999

    Another cloud of sadness...
    Love Heart John F. Kennedy Jr.    November 25, 1960, 12:22 am EST. Washington D.C.     38n54 77W02.
    Love Heart Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.    January 7, 1966, 6:00 am White Plains, NY.     41N02 73W46.
    Love Heart Lauren Bessette.    I'm sorry. I don't have her birth data.
    Anagram Genius Server - Rearranging the letters of 'Madonna Louise Ciccone' gives 'Occasional nude income'?! Find out for what is hidden within YOUR name! Linda Goodman devotes an entire chapter in Star Signs on anagrams and one's destiny.
    In Memoriam - Suzanne Marie Reese A beautiful soul who will very much be missed. Our world needed her.
    June 20, 1948 - June 30, 1999.

    June 1999

    Lightworkers and Financial Struggle Read Chief Joseph's message about the dilemma between abundance and payment for spiritual work, as channeled through John Cali.

    Just for Fun
    It appears that George Lucas uses a formula to create all those names you see in the Star Wars trilogy and Phantom Menace (Jar Jar Bionics, Obi Wan, etc.). Well... I have gotten a hold of the formula! To see what your Star Wars name is, follow the steps below.

    Star Wars First Name
    1. Take the first 3 letters of your last name.
    2. Add to that, the First 2 Letters of your first name.

    Star Wars Last name
    1. Take the first 2 letters of your Mother's Maiden Name.
    2. Add to that, the first 3 Letters of the name of the town or city you were born in.

    There you go! There's your Star Wars name. - Pieta LaSac

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