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Gift Ideas for Cancer

(June 20 - July 22)

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The Cancer talismans were assembled on the 7th of July at Sunrise which is the time of the greatest sun influence on Cancer.

It is a known astrological principle that we aspire to fully embody the energy of the sun - the generator of the life force of great inner power.

The bottom of the pendant contains the Lotus Flower which closes at night and opens to the sun during the day. It is a symbol of accepting the power of the sun. The talisman contains Silver which is the metal that represents the Cancer sign.

Cancer Stuffed - Big huggable stuffed animals remind Cancers of childhood comforts.

Cancer Baghaus - Cancers have a thing for fashionable purses.

Cancer - Cancers love sprucing up while they cook.

Cancer Rediscover the Magic of Childhood at HearthSong - Toys that Cancers enjoy as much as their kids do.

Cancer Psychics - Cancers are already intuitive but sometimes they just want validation.

Cancer Plow & Hearth - They have a gift center by price. Check the menu bar at the top of the page.

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