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    The VIRGO Page

    Gift Ideas for Virgo

    August 22 - September 22

    logo Virgo Fidget Spinner - This had to be made with Virgos (and Geminis) in mind. Both signs tend to be high strung and need an outlet for their nervous energy.
    logo Mushroom Kit - Small, edible, natural, healthy, mini garden - all in one kit. Virgos will love this!
    logo Bird Houses - Virgos like small critters to nurture, especially if they aren't making a mess in the house. Virgos are particularly fond of birds. Most members of the Audubon Society are probably Virgos.
    logo Only Natural Pet Store - An unbeatable combination for Virgo - Nature and small critters again.
    logo Organic Plants and Herbs - even better if you order some edible ones.
    logo Geeky Tshirts - Moreso the men, but make sure the geek T-shirt colors are black or earth tones.

    Virgo Earrings in Silver
    Infused with planetary energy - Virgo Earrings in Gold or Silver

    Designed with intention. Wear Virgo jewelry as a reminder to fullfil your destiny by focusing on your positive Virgo qualities of healing the body, discernment, organization, precision, and analysis.

    The VIRGO Page

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