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    Gifts for Libra

    September 22 - October 22

    Gift Ideas for Libra

    logo Watches - Libras like them for their appearance rather than time-keeping ability. Get a watch that's elegant and sophisticated with sleek the traits Libras exhibit. Baby Boomer Libras will appreciate one with large numbers. Watches for Men, Watches for Women

    logo Swarovski Crystals - Elegant bling accessories and jewelry.

    logo Birthday Flowers - Just make sure a more permanent gift accompanies the flowers you send.

    Handmade Bracelet Set made of gemstones traditionally advised for those born under Libra Sign (The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall) or for those with Libra Ascendant. Lapis Lazuli, Opal and Jade Gemstones with a Libra charm. A sense of beauty and proportion, tactful, seeks balance and harmony.

    * LAPIS LAZULI: Lapis is said to foster harmony in relationships -- always a priority for significant-other-oriented Libra. Lapis supports expressing your authentic self and inner truth, which can sometimes be challenging for this peace-seeking sign. Good for balancing the Throat Chakra, Lapis reminds Libras of the power of the spoken word, fosters full verbal expression, and clears problems caused by "swallowing your tongue." For confrontation-phobic Libras who do not speak up for themselves for fear of creating disharmony, Lapis encourages clear expression when sharing information with others, including easier communication of anger.

    * OPAL: Opal allows Libras to make decisions and take action rather than second guessing themselves. Pink Opal can keep you calm and centered. Opal also encourages and supports a positive outlook, as your image and looking good is important to you. So, if your self worth is low, Opal can raise it to a level where you feel better about yourself.

    * JADE: The kidneys, the lumbar region and the endocrine areas are Libra's weak spots. Jade is great for the kidneys since it cleanses, purifies and energizes the kidneys. Jade offers vitality and health to Libra. It strengthens the immune system. It dissolves blockages and allows Libra to put her thoughts and feelings in order. Buy at Amazon.

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