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Gifts for Libra

September 22 - October 22

Libra Pendant in Silver

Libra Talisman infused with optimal Libra energy

The Libra Talismans were assembled on the 12th of October between 11:34AM to 12:00 PM which is the time of the greatest sun influence on Libra.

The talisman contains Copper inside which is the metal that represents the Libra sign.

The bottom of the pendant contains the Lotus Flower which closes in the night and opens to the sun during the day. It is a symbol of accepting the power of the sun.

Gift Ideas for Libra

logo Design Toscano Gift Certificates - This place has just the unique and beautiful furnishings that Librans adore.

logo Watches - Libras like them for their appearance rather than time-keeping ability. Get one that's elegant and sophisticated with sleek the traits that Libras exhibit. Watches for Men, Watches for Women

logo Swarovski Crystals - Elegant bling accessories and jewelry.

logo Birthday Flowers - Just make sure a more permanent gift accompanies the flowers you send.

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