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    International and National Predictions 2015

    Based on Numerology

    By Lynn Buess MA, EdS


    The universal year for 2015 is an eight year (2+0+1+5=8).

    Eight is the number of authority, power, finances, and to a large extent commerce and business. On a global scale eight pertains to institutional activities and administration. Eight embodies application of the highest spiritual and universal laws of manifestation as applied to the mundane world. The ever increasing frequency of light entering the planet does offer hope for eventual transition of the planet into a cooperative and peaceful participant in the galactic community.

    This year can prove to be one of the most troubling and challenging for mankind in recent history. Opposing forces that have been building for eons reach a stage of dramatic tension. The conflict has been variously described as good vs. evil, light vs. dark, angels vs. demons, or Buddhists/Krishna's/Christians vs. devils, satanists, lucifers etc. At this point it comes down to the few who have smugly controlled money, media and mind, and the many who have been subliminally subjugated and propagandized into ignorance and indifference.

    It would be nice to be able to say that this year will result in some sort of conclusion, but that is not easy to foresee. Perhaps one of the most pressing questions of the year is, will humanity collectively wake up and take individual social responsibility for self and contribute to the next stage of evolution? As one watches the entertainment industry dispense and promote dysfunctional human relationships and behavior through virtually every media, it raises doubt about the likelihood for a year of enlightenment of the masses. Since that is what we get, that is how most of the indulgent and unaware behave.

    Fortunately, the bright spots, such as the incredibly aware children who are appearing on reality talent shows and other platforms, give some hope to the future. Are these children indigos or beyond? Their incredible genius, enormous abilities and complete openness are an inspiration in these troubled times. Expect more of these emissaries of the future to appear and help show us the way into a new harmony of living. The improvement of channeling techniques, increased intuitive thinking, surge of brilliant inventions and connection to uplifting artistic expression of an inter-dimensional kind contribute to an awakening of many to the possibility of a genuine new world (sans order and controlling self-interests).

    Expect many long hidden secrets of the dark side to come into light this year because more whistle-blowers and insiders will no longer tolerate the criminal and insane activity of those who have controlled the planet for so long. Many more are now willing to risk their lives to reveal the truth. Perhaps this will be the year that the ill-informed and ignorant start to realize that it is not a conspiracy when it is true. Unfortunately scams and disinformation will also continue to cloud the scene for a time to come.

    Technological and social information gained from contact with other life forms will be increasingly implemented into terrestrial living. Russia and China join other nations who have already become more open with disclosure about technology and other information received from contact with extraterrestrial sources. That leaves the United States looking rather sheepish and awkward from having been the greatest source of denial and cover up that has been going on for generations.

    One of the biggest abuses of power is atomic energy. High radiation levels from Fukushima, as predicted years ago, continue to soar to dangerous levels. This, plus the leakage of atomic reactors around the globe and military misuse add to the seriousness of the issue. The west coast is particularly hard hit, and above the safety limit readings occur throughout the states. The massive radiation exposure and break out of illness to the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan serve as a barometer of things to come.

    This and the continuing death of millions of fish, sea lions, birds, star fish, polar bears, clams, oysters, scallops and other sea life from Alaska to San Diego reveal an issue that is most likely not going to go away for decades or more to come. The Pacific Ocean will struggle for its life, with the massive leakage of radiation and its already overworked immunity reaction to other pollutants that have been dumped into it for decades. Expect increased symptoms of radiation poisoning. With world radiation counts going up, along with the dosage from our entry into the photon belt, the likelihood of alteration of human DNA is heightened. This leads to the increased likelihood of mutation and challenges the aware to take steps toward making it transmutation and transformation.

    Pollution-free energies that have been hidden in black ops programs or buried in the archives of the patent office will began to see application. I thought they would come out sooner, but control is another issue with the number eight. Enough information leaks out now to free some of them, and independent inventors will be offering so many new advanced systems that it will be nearly impossible to suppress everything as before. Soon, already developed free energy systems, anti-gravity, time travel, hydrogen and water propulsion and more will become available for public use. Advances in medical, education and commercial technology stagger the mind and contribute to the coming transformation of the planet.

    Old areas of power influence around the globe reappear in new forms:

  • The Austrian empire of old reawakens with subtle influence upon the world arena.
  • Holland has increased influence in global issues.
  • Memories of the old Ottoman Empire arise as Turkey asserts itself in regional and global events.
  • Spanish speaking populations are more vocal and influential in world politics.
  • Japan and Korea form a closer economic and political union.
  • Orchestrated tension between Christians and Muslims is increased.
  • Israel's intrusive political policies attract growing global ire.
  • Russia asserts itself more aggressively than any time since the cold war era.
  • China's expanding global influence continues, particularly in the financial sector with its BRIC alliance. As BRIC members and allies, along with Germany, England, and Saudi Arabia go off of the petrodollar, the fiat Federal Reserve notes go into rapid decline (see 2014 predictions).
  • Likely changes of power, policy and leadership occur in Japan, the Vatican, France, Holland, Israel, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • Scotland continues a push toward independence.
  • Stress arises in the Mongolian region of China.
  • Earthquakes of consequence occur in diverse places such as New England, Peru. China and the west coast of the US.

    Astronomical discoveries of this year may alter the perception of our relationship to the grand universe forever.

    The United States struggles mightily with economic issues and loss of national identity. A diminished national will, along with misdirected leadership, leaves a vacuum for unrest and confusion. Growing resistance from many nations to our long time policy of global domination becomes more apparent at this time. An administration of regulation through executive orders and closed-door diplomacy creates growing unease. The massive intrusion of government into every corner of the citizens' lives raises heightened concern regarding the loss of individual rights and neglect of the constitution.

    The month of June looks to bring a time of transformation, transmigration and/or transfiguration. That prepares those who are ready for July, which may be a time of planetary and personal despair on a large scale. The suggestion is tragedy or possible catastrophe for many. This is a universal year when it is particularly important to clear out your dark side fears and issues. For those who do there comes a greater universal understanding of the chaos and calamity of change without the fear like those who stay attached to the illusion and mundane. You will be able to assist rather than panic. You will be an inspiration and leader to those who are lost and struggling.

    Numerologist Lynn Buess, MA, EdS is also an international author and speaker, wellness innovator and therapist. Visit his website at

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