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    By T.S. Phillips

    Happy 2015 wishes to everyone! As we start off the new year, here are the main trends to be aware of in 2015. While I don't have a magic crystal ball, the probabilities are strong that these planetary cycles will play out in one form or another this year. Here are my predictions and forecast for 2015.

    To begin, the year 2015 is an "eight" year, numerologically. 2+0+1+5 = 8. The number "eight" is associated with money and power. This also relates to the sign of Scorpio and the planet Pluto. It is also a karmic year. It's important to guard against the misuse of money or power for selfish purposes or it can come right back at you this year. The best use of the "eight" symbolism is to tap into your own "inner power and spirituality" and make the best use of resources to accomplish goals. This energy can be used to make constructive changes in the world and in your personal life.

    The most dominant planetary cycle is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. On March 16th, the last of seven exact "squares" since 2012 will occur between this planetary pair. On March 11th, there is a Mars/Uranus conjunction in the sign of Aries. On March 20th is the Spring Equinox on the same day as a Solar Eclipse. The month of March is a time frame when major things can hit the fan in the mundane world, including military escalations and probably another plunge in the financial markets when volatility goes through the roof.

    The Uranus/Pluto cycle continuing in 2015 is a war cycle. Acts of war can take on many forms, not just militarily. Economic warfare is part of this cycle as well as currency wars. We just witnessed a form of economic warfare with the sanctions against Russia and the recent attack on its currency, the Ruble. Currency wars should continue this year as central banks around the world are in a race to see who can devalue their currencies the fastest in an attempt to increase exports. The problem with this strategy is it causes imports to be more expensive and inflation.

    The Uranus/Pluto cycle also represents a broken economy and banking system that is being kept on life support with zero percent interest rates and continuous "money printing." It is also a cycle when bubbles can begin to burst in financial markets. The biggest financial bubble of them all is in bond market which is over 100 trillion in size and growing ever month. An up-tick in interest rates is probably in the stars later this year that can begin to derail the bond market, cool the stock market, and housing market.

    Protests, civil unrest, or riots against the injustices in the world will continue to be the trend this year. There is much anger in the world, and the people's voice will only get louder. Peaceful solutions need to be sought.

    Positively, the Uranus/Pluto cycle will continue to bring major technological advancements and innovations in this fast changing world. On a personal level, it's a time to let go of old ways of doing things. It's a year to reinvent yourself and express more of your individuality. It's a time to be a pioneer, move into new unchartered territory, and redefine the way you do business.

    Regarding the stock market this year, if you like roller coasters, this is the place for you! The month of March looks to be one of the most turbulent times of the year in the markets. Since the March, 2009 low, any declines in the stock market have been like a beach ball submerged underneath the water. It can only stay down for so long before it bounces back. This is because it is a rigged market supported by the Fed. My outlook is this will begin to change during the second half of 2015 when we see interest rates rise. If there is a very significant decline in the stock market, the Fed will probably come to the rescue again before the year is over.

    There is a positive planetary cycle this year lasting through the month of June. New doors can open up and lucky breaks can happen for many people during this period. This cycle is Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries. This is one of the best cycles for creating new opportunities, expansion, and being an entrepreneur.

    As Jupiter continues to transit the sign of Leo until August 10th of this year, this usually favors the sectors in the stock market related to entertainment, children, leisure, gaming, and gold mining companies.

    2015 is the year I forecast a comeback in the price of Gold. It recently formed another bottom in November of 2014 and is set to resume a trend higher again. The price suppression scheme and intervention by central banks in the precious metals market may be beginning to come to an end as Saturn moved out of the sign of Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on Dec. 23rd, 2014.

    Another important trend to be aware of in 2015 is when Jupiter changes signs and enters Virgo on August 11th. Serious issues related to health care and Obamacare are going to probably begin to surface. This trend will carry into the year 2016.

    May we all embrace the challenges as well as the opportunities to make 2015 a great year!

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