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    Horoscopes and Predictions

    Nostradamus Predictions for 2024

    By Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker

    35 minutes with Time Stamps

    00:00 Introduction
    01:40 Politics
    01:57 Candice Owens Bid
    03:06 Kari Lake
    06:18 Trump Double Ticket
    06:52 Ron DeSantis
    08:04 Chinese Dirty Money
    08:38 Hunter Biden
    09:15 Nancy Pelosi
    09:59 White House Inquiry
    10:45 Iranian Plot
    10:57 Democrats Weakness
    11:11 Joe Biden
    11:32 Economic Crisis
    11:52 Kamala Harris
    12:23 Civil Unrest
    12:56 New Leader of Democrats
    13:23 Chinese Bribe
    13:41 Slump
    14:08 Property Crisis
    14:54 Crypto Currency Crash and Recovery
    15:16 Investments
    15:58 Taiwan
    16:17 Naval Conflict
    17:49 Riots
    18:04 Food Shortages in South America
    18:23 Migrants
    19:09 Climate
    19:54 Mexico Fires
    20:09 Dam Burst
    20:41 Tower Block Wind Tragedy
    21:11 New York Shaken
    22:04 Huge Oil Spill
    22:38 Secret Paper on Plane
    24:43 Better Times Ahead

    Books by Craig Hamilton-Parker

    What to Do When You Are Dead: Life After Death, Heaven and the Afterlife

    Psychic Protection

    - A beginner's guide to safe mediumship and clearing life's obstacles

    Your Secret Dream Meanings: Giant A-Z Dictionary

    Mystic Journey to India:
    The Key to Spiritual Awakening and Fixing Fate

    The Psychic Handbook: Discover and Enhance Your Hidden Psychic Powers

    Craig Hamilton-Parker and his wife Jane are Britain's most famous psychic couple.

    The press hails Craig Hamilton-Parker as the 'New Nostradamus'. Once a month he makes psychic predictions about the future of the world. Just like Nostradamus, Craig is startlingly accurate with his predictions of the future. He explores intriguing methods of prediction, including the mysterious Naadi leaves of India.

    Every week they release new videos about enlightenment, meditation and spiritual awareness.

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