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    Horoscopes and Astrology Forecasts

    Predicting the future based on the positions of planets and signs of the Zodiac.

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    For a more extensive listing of current monthly horoscopes and older posts, see the Predictions page.
    by Tara Pierce

  • Lucky Horoscopes and Lucky Numbers Monthly
    by Tara Pierce

  • 2020 Video Horoscopes for Each Sign
    (approx 12 mins each)- by Barbara Goldsmith

  • 2020 Overall Annual Horoscope - Video
    - by Barbara Goldsmith

  • The Transit of Jupiter in Capricorn 2020
    - by Barbara Goldsmith

  • Free Personal Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
    by Sara Freder

    Weekly Horoscopes

    Kajama Horoscopes - Weekly Horoscope.
    Michael Lutin's Horoscopes
    20/20 Insight: - Read your weekly Numberscope.
    John Hayes - Read the weekly horoscope.
    Rob Brezsny's Weekly Newsletter - with horoscopes.
    Jonathan Cainer's Weekly Horoscopes
    Astral Reflections
    Georgia Nicols - Weekly horoscopes.
    Weekly Update by Eugenia Last - Read the weekly Horoscope for each Zodiac sign.

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