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    What Your Birth Month Says About You


    Ambitious and serious

    Loves to teach and be taught

    Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses

    Likes to criticize

    Hardworking and productive

    Smart, neat and organized

    Sensitive and has deep thoughts

    Knows how to make others happy

    Quiet unless excited or tensed

    Rather reserved

    Highly attentive

    Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds

    Romantic but has difficulties expressing love

    Loves children

    Homely person


    Needs to improve social abilities

    Easily jealous

  • What Your DAY of Birth Says about You

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    Lucky Days Software - Based on your day and time of birth. Calculates your luckiest days to meet someone new, get married, start a new project, invest, etc... No astrology knowledge is needed. Free Evaluation. Tested successfully on the BBC.