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    FOR OCTOBER 2023

    (November 21 - December 21)

    Horoscopes are based on Eastern Time.

    Your Luck Factor:

    10 - Most planets auspiciously aspect your sun sign. Good luck abounds. It's rare.
    9 - Extremely lucky. Don't miss this opportunity!
    8 - Very lucky!
    7 - Odds are definitely still on your side.
    6 - Lucky enough to at least try.
    5 - Neutral luck.
    4 - A shade unlucky.
    3 - Fairly unlucky but there's still hope.
    2 - Downright unlucky.
    1 - Extremely unlucky. Caution.
    0 - Nothing is ever this bleak. There's always light in darkness. As bad as anything gets, the pendulum does swing again. Cycles.


    Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, and people born under this sign are known for their adventurous and optimistic nature. Here are some things to keep in mind for Sagittarius in October:

    Adventure and Exploration: Sagittarians often have a strong desire for adventure and exploration. In October, you may find yourself seeking new experiences, whether through travel, outdoor activities, or simply trying new things in your everyday life. Embrace your adventurous spirit and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

    Optimism: Sagittarians tend to have a naturally optimistic outlook on life. This positive mindset can serve you well in October, helping you overcome challenges and stay focused on your goals. Use your optimism to inspire and motivate yourself and those around you.

    Communication: Mercury, the planet of communication, influences how you express yourself. With Mercury in three different signs this month, you should pay attention to your communication style now. Clear and open communication will help you avoid misunderstandings and strengthen your relationships with others.

    Freedom and Independence: Sagittarius individuals value their freedom and independence. During October, make sure you have the space and time you need to pursue your interests and personal growth. Avoid feeling trapped in any situation that restricts your autonomy. It's a good time to adopt a new pet with Jupiter in your Solar 6th house.

    Social Connections: Your sociable nature may lead you to connect with a diverse group of people in October. Embrace these connections, as they can offer valuable insights and new perspectives. Networking could also be beneficial for your personal and professional life.

    Sagittarius Lucky Horoscope for OCTOBER 2023:

  • The Luckiest Sagittarians this month were born December 14-21.
    (Venus in Leo/Mars in Libra)
    Your Luck Factor is 7/8 on your Luckiest Days this month:
    October 1-10.

  • There are NO Unluckiest Sagittarians this month with a Luck Factor below 5.

  • All Other Sagittarians:
    Your Luck Factor is 6/7 on your Luckiest Days this month:
    October 1-23.
    (Sun in Libra)

  • Sagittarius Lucky Numbers for October:
    4, 9, 19, 23, 33, 43, 49.
    Or, use your personal Daily Numerology Lucky Numbers Calculator (Recommended)

  • Sagittarius Lucky Numbers are typically considered to be 3, 7, 9, and 12.

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