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    (November 21 - December 21)

    (Your Luck Factor description is below)
    Horoscopes are based on Eastern Standard Time.

    Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

    • The Luckiest Sagittarians this month were born November 21-24.
      (Jupiter in Aries)
      Your Luck Factor is 7/8 on your Luckiest Days this month:
      December 21-31.

    • There are No Unluckiest Sagittarians this month with a Luck Factor below 5.

    • All Other Sagittarians:
      Your Luck Factor is 7 on your Luckiest Days this month: December 1-11.
      (Sun/Venus in Sagittarius)

    • Sagittarius Lucky Numbers for December:
      5, 7, 14, 23, 29, 37. Or, use your personal Daily Numerology Lucky Numbers Calculator (Recommended)

    If you'd like more detailed forecasts than what I can provide here, I highly recommend Adrian Duncan's Lucky Days Software. Tailored to your unique birth chart, you'll get Daily Personal Lucky and Unlucky Days for Life for $79. Or get a future 3-Month Report for $19.95.

    Your Luck Factor:

    10 - All planets auspiciously aspect your sun sign. Good luck abounds. It's rare.
    9 - Extremely lucky. Don't miss this opportunity!
    8 - Very lucky!
    7 - Odds are definitely still on your side.
    6 - Lucky enough to at least try.
    5 - Neutral luck.
    4 - A shade unlucky.
    3 - Fairly unlucky but there's still hope.
    2 - Downright unlucky.
    1 - Extremely unlucky. Stay in bed, hide from the world.
    0 - I'll rarely commit to this bad luck factor. There's always light in darkness. As bad as anything gets, the pendulum does swing again. Cycles.

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