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    Lucky Days Software
    I've been recommending this software for 2 decades! It was tested successfully on the BBC for accuracy.

    It's THE best software to calculate to the day your luckiest and unluckiest days. No astrology knowledge is needed! Go back into your history (unlimited) and see the correlation of lucky and unlucky days that you've experienced with what the software forecasted. You'll be impressed. Then test it during the free 3-month trial and maximize your luck for the days ahead. Download here: Lucky Days Software

    Books on Luck

    365 Ways to Attract Good Luck: Simple Steps to Take Control of Chance and Improve Your Future

    Beginning Magic Money: A Course in Creating Abundance, Book One

    How to Get Lucky
    13 techniques for discovering and taking advantage of life's good breaks

    How Lucky Can You Get? How You Can Attract Good Luck by Responding to Everyday Opportunities

    How To Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction:
    Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques (Manifest Your Millions!)

    The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them

    Luck: Understanding Luck and Improving the Odds

    Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career


    Understanding and Calculating the Odds

    Spell For Good Luck: Raise Your Good Fortunes

    Think and Grow Rich
    An updated classic by Napoleon Hill that many successful and lucky people have read.

    Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!
    (I used this book's methods and it truly has worked in my life - Tara)

    Wall Street and Witchcraft:
    An investigation into extreme and unusual investment techniques.

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    New Age Shops

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