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  • Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - 2015

    January 21st through February 11th, 2015

    By Janet (Sparrow) Moon

    Website: www.SparrowMoon.com

    We will have three Mercury retrogrades this year, and all three will in air signs. It has been said that air signs are the "humane" signs, because they have humans representing them. (The symbol for Aquarius is the man carrying water. The symbol for Gemini are human twins, and the original symbol for Libra was a woman holding a scale.)

    Air signs stand for communication, relationship, and intellect. The air signs usually think at a higher level, and they find it very easy to communicate. Mercury doing his retrograde thing in air signs could bring mental paralysis and big misunderstandings. It is likely that Mercury's retrogrades this year will have us questioning our relationships and our own life's purpose. Social unrest is also more likely when Mercury retrogrades in an air sign, especially Aquarius. And, our first Mercury retrograde this year will be in Aquarius.

    Each planet rules specific aspects of our lives. The Sun rules our characters. Venus rules love and money, and Mercury is the governor of the mind. He rules our ability to think, communicate, and gather information. Mercury could be one of the most important planets in the zodiac, because he determines how we see and interact with our environments. When Mercury is traveling direct, which is about 80% of the time, our minds operate on a functional level, but the other 20% of the time when he is in retrograde, we move into more contemplation. When Mercury is direct our minds turn to perception, and when Mercury is in retrograde, awareness becomes dominate. We can stop dealing with our problems consciously and let our subconscious handle them. Ideas will find it easier to emerge from one's subconscious while Mercury is in retrograde.

    Natural human growth is in phase with Mercury. The more we can adjust our modern lives to live in sync with this planet, the more balanced our personalities will become. When Mercury is in retrograde, it is a time for reviewing our past. In fact, almost any word that begins with "re" will be compatible behavior for a retrograde. It is a time for repairing, renewing, and rejuvenating our lives. It is also the time to reconcile conflicts and reunite with lost loved ones.

    About half way through Mercury's retrograde, Mercury will cross in front of the Sun. After that, we should find that new ideas are abundant, and we may want to act on them. Beware! Any projects begun while under a Mercury retrograde could fail or take on a whole new direction. Also, Mercury is the trickster, and he just loves to stir up calamity when we get out of phase with his motions. It is ok to begin doing the research (another "re" word) on those new ideas while Mercury is still in retrograde. We could even do a little alpha testing, but we must not put them into action until after Mercury has turned direct. After Mercury has turned direct, then it will be time to launch those new ideas. But, we will probably not reap the fruits of our labors until after Mercury moves behind the Sun, about 5 or 6 weeks later. We will spend another 5 or 6 weeks seeing the results of our projects until Mercury's retrograde begins again.

    When this retrograde begins on January 21st, the Moon will be crossing in front of Mercury and Jupiter will be at an opposition to Mercury. Things will probably be tense and emotional a few days before and after Mercury turns retrograde. When Mercury is at his stations (the point where his retrograde begins and ends), his influence can be the most critical, and this will be an extra critical station with the Moon and Jupiter amplifying the problem. It is likely that we will hit travel delays and misunderstandings, but it is also likely that we encounter missed appointments, lost documents, faulty machinery, broken promises, well intentioned but misleading information, etc. This is possible throughout Mercury's retrograde, but especially on the stations. Remember this is a time for awareness, not action.

    Mercury will cross in front of the Sun on January 30th, which should stimulate our minds. Mars will also be shaking hands with Pluto on that day, arousing our energy. Venus and Saturn will be having an argument at the same time and that could increase our frustrations. Mars and Pluto may really encourage us to make some changes in our lives around that day, and Venus and Saturn may have us convinced that it is totally necessary. But, if we do, the Trickster" Mercury is guaranteed to foul up the works.

    The planets will be a bit calmer on the day Mercury turns direct (direct station) on February 11th, but there will always be a greater potential for computer crashes, detours and delays, and verbal misunderstandings. Mercury will exit the storm of his retrograde on February 19th, the Chinese New Year.

    If you want to be really on the safe side, schedule new projects to launch on this date. The Aquarius Super New Moon will help to ensure success, especially if any of your projects are related to technology. Also, because Mercury will still be in his storm (the storm is when Mercury is moving very slowly and staying in the same degree), Valentine's Day will go well for those who already have a partner, but it will not be a good time to find new love.

    Mercury's retrograde will begin at 17 degrees 3 minutes Aquarius. Get out your natal chart and find the house in which Mercury's retrograde will begin. This will probably be the area of your life that will get the biggest impact. Also check to see what houses begin in Gemini and Virgo (ruled by Mercury), because Mercury's retrograde will also influence those houses. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be.

    Author Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. www.sparrowmoon.com/

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