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    from the 'Skyscraping' Newsletter

    By Philip Sedgwick

    Mercury turned retrograde on June 7th in the sign of Cancer. He backs into Gemini while his gears are in reverse, and turns direct again on July 1st.

    I remain a huge fan of live life and do things even if Mercury is retrograde, especially if you are experiencing transits from other influences that outweigh Mercury's influence. However, I recommend doing life things while heeding Mercury's tendency to trip the mental trap when he backs up.


    Check facts and figures on everything.

    Make sure you did not transpose numbers in that online transaction.

    Take your time when dealing with printers, faxes and such. Often the failure or breakdown of communication devices during Mercury retrograde is a function of a person on the run, or behind schedule, who then rushes the process.

    Remember that minds change after Mercury goes direct. Buyers' remorse, taking the job remorse, hiring that person remorse can kick in. If it does, be clear, articulate concerns and amend the arrangement, contract or deal.

    Allow a third or so more time when in local transit. That way, you'll likely be on time. If it's going to take 20 minutes, figure a half hour.

    Do NOT function as a distracted driver or pedestrian, though you feel that one last text on the run is a must.

    Always carry pocket change and have your debit card at the ready. Never leave home without it. Or your keys.

    Maybe remove your cell phone's battery. Let it sit for a few minutes and reinsert. Sometimes it makes a difference in getting automatic updates properly in place.

    If you must sign a contract or nail down a big deal, go for the Mercury-Earth-Sun alignment midway in Mercury retrograde. This time that alignment forms on June 19th.

    When Mercury retrogrades involving the signs Gemini or Virgo, given his rulership affiliation with those signs, there seems to be more potency in the passage. When retrograding in rulership signs, certainly astrologers give it more conscious attention; the collective gives it more unconscious attention.

    So, enjoy the upcoming retrograde. Dust off some books or DVDs or things in your electronic queue and get around to what you've been wanting to do. The retro starts in Cancer. Why not stay home and catch up on some things that feed your psyche and soul?

    While you're at it, how about getting one of those one of a kind Galactic Reports? Or the newly updated Galactic Trilogy CD? Or a relationship report? By the way, those are not rhetorical questions. Might as well get ordering. More soon.

    Philip Sedgwick is the author of The Sun At The Center: A Primer on Heliocentric Astrology, Astrology of Deep Space, and The Astrology of Transcendence: Leaps and Bounds in Geocosmic Study.

    Book a consultation/Ask Quick Questions by contacting Philip at: 520.888.1920 or Email galactic@philipsedgwick.com; www.PhilipSedgwick.com

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