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    Music to Lull You to Sleep

    By Dr. Nathalie Fiset

    There are nights when as much as we want to drift off to sleep, we can't. It is said that slow and soft music can put individuals to sleep. Nothing tops the list better than New Age music.

    When talking about New Age music, artists who normally come to mind are Enya, Loreena McKennit and Clannad. Aside from these three Irish talents, there are other New Age artists making music who deserve to get an insomniac's attention.

    If you are one of the people having trouble sleeping, then you can resort to other kinds of music aside from New Age. Here are some suggestions.

    1. Theta Meditation
    Meditation can not only reduce a person's stress, it can also increase his health and assist in achieving a certain sense of balance and calmness. Recently conducted studies indicate that this state of meditation produces a vast amount of Theta brainwaves frequency.

    These pulses are embedded in the music, thereby activating the person's brainwaves. The result is a rejuvenating and restful meditation. If you go to music stores, surprisingly they have CDS for Theta Meditation. Theta Music at Amazon

    2. Ambient Music
    These are mostly background sounds like the soft wailing of the night wind, the rustling of leaves, the rolling of the waves at the beach and more sounds from nature. These have been clinically proven to help people to fall asleep faster and waking up refreshed. Ambient Music at Amazon

    3. Speed Sleep
    In Neuro Linguistic Programming, Frank Prince is the master practitioner. He is also a member of the National Sleep Foundation. He's the counselor and adviser of business leaders, students and professional athletes wanting to improve their sleeping habits. His recording Speed Sleep is a collection of all his work.

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    4. Brain Wave Suite
    By using inaudible pulses in sound behavior and brainwave patterns, this music is embedded with lush and ambient tunes, thereby triggering the pulses of the person's brain to produce the state he desires. Brain Wave Suite at Amazon.

    5. Journey to Dreams
    You will be able to discover the world of free thoughts which flows along the rivers of illusion and imagination that are forged from the melodies of a score so intriguing that it hooks your ears. Journey To Our Dreams at Amazon.

    This brings us to the usual question most people ask regarding the matter. What is the connection of this kind of music to an individual's sleeping habit? Does it bore one to sleep?

    The answer is no. However, the kinds of music enumerated earlier are so soothing that the individual will wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Above all, he is free of stress and worries. It really depends on the person what kind of music will help him rest.

    For those who are internet savvy, this technique has also been utilized over the web. Nowadays, one can download a nap software. Just like the CDs and tapes you buy at the store, these programs have music that will help your mind relax.

    The audio tracks primarily contain Neuro-Linguistic Programming and sound effects which help organize the elements needed to assist people in their sleeping habits. It is said that these trigger the nerves in our brains and therefore cause the person to feel more tired and ready to fall asleep anytime upon listening to music.

    Sleep is important because the energy a person needs to face the day's challenges depends on the amount of rest he was able to get the night before. If you find sleeping quite a problem, then these music options will be the answer.

    Notice that upon getting a good night's sleep, you are more energetic and feel better as opposed to spending last night tossing and turning. You are not the only person who finds sleeping difficult. That is why music for the insomniac is quite popular in stores.

    Nathalie Fiset M.D. is a family doctor, a certified hypnotherapist and an internet marketer. She is also a mother of four. Her passions are medicine, hypnosis, internet marketing, her family and helping others, among others.

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