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    The Romantic Love Compatibility of

    By Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed

    Elite Singles
    Intelligent Matchmaking

    for finding
    lasting love.

    Love Cards: What Your
    Birthday Reveals About
    You and Your
    Personal Relationships

    Taurus finds Libra a warm, romantic, vibrant partner. Libra was born to charm and titillate. Steady Taurus balances Libra's indecisiveness. Money may be a problem, for Libra doesn't share Taurus's reverential attitude toward a dollar, but both tend to be acquisitive and like to collect beautiful things. Both signs are ruled by Venus and have sensual natures, but each expresses this quality differently. In time, Libra's fickleness and casual air toward love can drive Taurus wild; and Libra will certainly resent Taurus's possessiveness. This romantic pairing may not last long.

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